So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin Go are a Tricolor Couple for The Master’s Sun

I might be jinxing the Hong Sisters by admitting that I’m pre-loving The Master’s Sun already on stills and previews alone, but I doubt my little fingers-crossed affection will really be the critical element as to whether this drama will suck or rock. Frankly I expect all their dramas to start off rocking and end up sucking, but even then I’m cool with that because I’ve had so much fun in the first half. The high problem with their original and sometimes far-out ideas is how hard it is to wrap it up in a way that makes sense and is satisfying. The latest stills from TMS come courtesy of a color coordinated photo shoot with the two leads So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin. I saw the BTS video of this photo shoot and both seemed to be having a blast posing together. What I wasn’t expecting was how good they look together. So Ji Sub is channeling a bit of the look Cha Seung Won had in Best Love, with similar haircuts and both have the same tall male model lithe frame. I liked but didn’t love Gong Hyo Jin and Cha Seung Won together in BL, here I already feel so much more chemistry between her and So Ji Sub. The three color photo shoot was intended to capture the three phases of birth, life, and death. White represents birth, with purity and innocence, red is life, blood and passionate, and black is death, darkness and silence. It’s funny that Gong Hyo Jin is smiling in all three pictures, but So Ji Sub goes from very awkward in the white picture to enduring in the red picture and finally in the black picture he’s nuzzling Gong Hyo Jin. Well done in providing a narrative already. An additional set of pictures was released even earlier showing Gong Hyo Jin and second male lead Seo In Guk doing laundry on a roof. Apparently his character moves into the same building as her and he encounters her for the first time on the roof. I wonder if she sleeps there during the day to get away from the spirits lurking in the building. The Hong Sisters usually create very compelling second male leads, my personal faves being Lee Jun Ki in My Girl, Jang Geun Seok in Hong Gil Dong, and Yoon Kye Sang in Best Love. But here I’ve already pre-boarded the sizzling OTP ship with the greedy department store president who can keep ghosts away from a poor beleaguered sleep deprived assistant.


So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin Go are a Tricolor Couple for The Master’s Sun — 23 Comments

  1. WOW!!!! Sizzling chemistry, they look so hot together. Can’t wait I have a feeling its going to be a good one from the Hong Sisters, bring it on.

  2. Agree about the chemistry between these two, as opposed to with Cha Seung Won. It’s really hard to keep your expectations in check at the rate these promos are going!

    • It HAS to be better than with Cha Seung Won. I was really hoping for a lot of fireworks from Best Love, esp. after how well CSW clicked with Kim Sun Ah in City Hall – but I always got the impression that they were painting by numbers and really didn’t like each other too much in real life. So I have hopes that this pairing will actually work.

  3. Haha. I love how those three pictures provide us their own story. Probably each of them represent the story in the drama as well.

    Both of them are soooo cute and going to hit the Dramaland this summer.
    Love their chemistry, particularly in the black-themed picture.

    Bring it on!

  4. I am a huge Gong fan and I have never seen So in anything so I am really looking forward to this. Any bets on whether I am a So Ji Sub fan by the end of this show?

  5. Oh gosh!! They look so gorgeous together! I like that Gong Hyo Jin looked vampy in the white theme and exuberant in black. Her expressions are such polar opposites of the color representations.

    And gaaahhhh!!!…i want to be GHJ in the black pose! Getting snuggled by So Ji Sub??!! Menboong~~♥

    Cant wait for this

  6. Hahaa. So Ji Sub looks unintentionally (?) uncomfortable in the white themed pictures. The black one is definitely the best, and the red one ain’t so bad either.
    See, TMS is a show i don’t mind hearing a bunch about, because it just amps up my hype, unlike a certain other show.

  7. Of the upcoming shows this is the one I’m most excited. I have just loved all the stills, teasers and previews (Ms. Koala, thank you for sharing them with us). They look great together. I have to agree that the black themed picture is my favorite. I dont’ want to admit it (for fear of being let-down) but I think I’m going to luv this drama. *crosses fingers*

  8. the white pic makes me think them as a married couple:D not because of the color but:D he looks like ‘omg. women like these things, i am just enduring for my wifey’ kinda look whereas GHJ seems to be enjoying the moment with her hubby:D LOL

  9. sjs looks so hot in the white pic, but the black one is AWESOME!!!! chemistry overloaded!!! can’t wait to see this drama i’ve already love it! and love the couple too!!!!!!
    thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. its a nice korean drama for me its better than who came from the another star.looking forward for the part 2 and wishing them to become a real couple. we love both of you gooo…fighting so ji sub

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