The Master’s Sun Releases Possibly the Best Long Preview EVER

Yup, there is no mincing words here, gotta call it like I see it. The Master’s Sun held a press conference yesterday and released a long 12-minute preview for the drama. I was all ready to write about the sartorial misses of the cast, but then I watched the long preview and every single thought flew out the window other than “Holy Mother of Drama Gods…….” Whatever the Hong sisters have in store for 16 episodes of The Master’s Sun I do not know, but I do know that this might be THE single best long preview I have ever watched for any K-drama. Ever. I was literally gasping, swooning, and hyperventilating with excitement as I watched, and the second the video ended I watched it all over again. So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin have chemistry that is going to be out of this world. Maybe out of this galaxy. Or out of this solar system. I have no clue, it’s just unreal, their chemistry and the amount of skinship to come with the OTP. Unless this is a drama about two leads stuck to each other, I don’t recall this much touching, hugging, grabbing, pulling, and general excuse for closeness as I saw in the preview. Gong Hyo Jin plays Tae Gong Shil (Taeyang – the sun or Ms. Tae), a formerly sunny woman turned fearful and shrinking since she started seeing ghosts 5 years ago. So Ji Sub is Joo Joong Won (Joogun – master or Mr. Joo), the arrogant and greedy president of Kingdom shopping mall. One fateful encounter on a rainy dark highway leads Taeyang to discover that anytime she touches Joogun she stops seeing the scary ghosts. So she finds every conceivable opportunity to get close to him culminating in getting herself a job at his shopping mall. Joogun appears to carry baggage from his youth that involves a dead girl, said dead girl only Taeyang can see. So there starts the crazy journey they will take together, and hopefully take us all along for the exhilarating ride. I have not been this excited for a K-drama in months and months, thank god this baby is premiering next week. Watch the long preview below and my full recap since its chock full of dialogue.

12-minute long preview for The Master’s Sun:

[tudou id=”_LmsNs5Avgw/” w=”650″ h=”450″]


Taeyang is cleaning an apartment building when a lady asks her to clean a certain apartment. Taeyang looks scared but goes up anyways. Once she enters, she sees a ghost in white that lurches towards her. Taeyang runs through the corridor and up the stairs to get away from the ghost.

Joogun is meeting with a land owner to buy his property so he can build a golf course. The man won’t sell since he believes his dead wife’s spirit is still in the house. Joogun takes scissors and gives the man 3 seconds to agree, and when he doesn’t Joogun snips a white rose at the stem that was placed right before a picture of the man and his dead wife. Ooh, bad idea, dude.

As Joogun is being driven back in the rain, his driver sees a woman in white trying to hitch a ride. Joogun tells him to keep driving but then a flash of light causes the driver to brake. Taeyang gets in the car. The driver wonders why she tried to wait for a car in a dark rainy night in the country road. Taeyang says an ahjumma told her that if she waited a car would pass by. The driver jokes that the ahjumma must be a god and Taeyang murmurs that she’s just a ghost. Taeyang sees Joogun reading files and asks if he’s the president of Kingdom Group?

Taeyang sees a ghost standing in the middle of the road and ghost lurches at Taeyang through the car window. She screams and grabs Joogun and suddenly the ghost vanishes. Joogun uses a finger and pushes Taeyang away. At a rest stop, Joogun sees Taeyang pouring soju out in the parking lot and seemingly talking to herself. She’s asking someone why he likes to drink so much and declining a drink herself. Taeyang sees Joogun leaving and runs after him, shooing the ghost away not to follow her. When she touches Joogun, the ghost disappears. She has found her savior but Joogun pries her hands off him and says goodbye.

A man (cameo by Jin Yi Han) is digging in a park under a tree. He asks where it is and throws dirt in frustration. Suddenly a ghost lurches towards him from above.

Taeyang wakes up wishing this would all pass soon. She doesn’t know when those folks will appear in front of her and its so scary. She tries to run away but they follow her, and in this world all she wants is one place where she can rest. Joogun walks through a wedding hall and hears about the upcoming wedding of the spokesmodel of his shopping mall. Since he’s paying for the wedding, he wants the wedding to also double as a CF opportunity, and he wants it done BIG.

Taeyang goes to the shopping mall and her friend won’t help her since she usually gets dragged away by police cars or ambulances. Taeyang says it won’t happen here since there is something special here, and then she giggles. Joogun sees her cleaning and asks why she’s here. She proudly says she works here and he asks again why she is working HERE? Taeyang points at him and says because this place has him. She giggles while he tells her to shoo and scram.

Taeyang grabs Joogun and says that if she does this then she won’t see it anymore. Does he understand now the reason she keeps bothering him? Joogun pushes her away and then later says this is a new excuse. Taeyang says its an urgent matter. She tries to touch him and says his information is always the latest. Joogun drives and Taeyang flags his car down and begs to get in. He says no and shoos her away.

Joogun asks if she is asking to sleep with him right now? Taeyang says just holding hands, on the sofa, just for a little bit. She tries to touch him and he parries her. She pouts and says she really likes this and points to him.

Taeyang smiles and wakes up in bed. She’s wearing a white sleeping gown and Joogun is sleeping next to her and they are hand in hand. The bright sunlight filters through the window. She laughs and thinks that she wants to sleep with this man so badly she’s dreaming it. She thinks this is a wonderful dream and doesn’t want to wake up. She wishes she could dream of her sister as well. Joogun suddenly wakes up and Taeyang calls him Joogun (instead of President) since she thinks this is just a dream. He says “Joogun?!?” and turns to stare at her. She giggles and says she wants to keep sleeping with him and not wake up yet. He tries to pull his hand out of hers but she is holding on so tightly he pulls her onto him. He asks who she is right now? Is she Tae Gong Shil?

Taeyang is sleeping on the roof and sees a shadow behind the sheet. She pushes it away and it turns out to be Kang Woo. He walks into her apartment and talks on the phone that the girl he was told to protect last time seems to have a special relationship with President Joo. He looks through all her photo albums and says he will find out what it is.

Joogun asks Taeyang if she knew Tae Yi Ryung from before? Then how did she know Hee Joo? Taeyang says she saw her, she saw that woman. Joogun says that is impossible and Taeyang finishes what he was going to say and asks if that woman is dead? Joogun confirms Hee Joo died a long time ago, so how can Taeyang see her? Taeyang says she saw Hee Joo standing next to Joogun. Taeyang says she can see dead people.

A police chase, a girl in a car that does down an embankment. The police ask if he never saw the face of the perp and that he answers that he didn’t. A young Joogun is tied up in a room, the dead girl is standing in front of him. Joogun asks Taeyang if she can call here the person she saw before. Taeyang asks why? Joogun tells her that he has something to say. Taeyang asks what, and Joogun leans in and says “bad woman”.

Taeyang cries and screams that because of him, everyone thinks she is crazy! Joogun reaches out his hand to Taeyang who is sitting on the ground. Taeyang runs towards Joogun and envelopes him in an embrace. Joogun can tell she’s absolutely scared shitless.

After their night together, Joogun sits with Taeyang and says that since she’s the only one who can see Hee Joo, then she’ll stay by his side and be his Hee Joo radar. If his money and Hee Joo’s money can find “it”, then he’ll give it to her, he’ll let her into this room. Taeyang happily agrees to be his radar. Joogun says ” to my friends who have left me….am I lonely?”

Taeyang looks very apologetic and Joogun tells her to scram. He calls her a piece of shit and tells her to get out NOW! Taeyang keeps apologizing, she just wanted him to enjoy himself. Joogun clenches his fist as she walks away, and Taeyang stops at the door and starts to tear up.

Kang Woo introduces himself as Kang Woo. He offers his arm to Taeyang and says that if she is scared, he’ll protect her. Kang Woo drags Yi Ryung off the car. Yi Ryung is impressed he bought dried squid. Yi Ryung looks at herself in the hand mirror and says that she is the most beautiful. A bunch of side characters are introduced. Taeyang smiles and squirms across the bed as Joogun scrambles off. She says last night she like it a lot. Joogun says he hated it.


The Master’s Sun Releases Possibly the Best Long Preview EVER — 42 Comments

  1. Best. Preview. EVER!! I can’t wait for next week now. This drama’s preview already had me squealing and gasping at every OTP moment. I’m officially addicted and feel in my bones that this is going to be my summer drama addiction. 😀

  2. *Jumping up and down in excitement*

    I was hoping they would have mind boggling chemistry… and oh my word, but they absolutely do! Love both of them individually, and now really just can’t wait for this drama to start.

    Thanks Koala.. the preview is amazing!

  3. I don’t like Hong sisters drama but but… this drama seems to be sooo good and I might like it a lot!

    I loved this long preview and can’t wait already!

    Liking SJS and GJ chemistry!! <3

  4. Kyah remind me not to watch it after midnight especially when you are frightened of ghosts.

    My heart rate went up to 200 within the first few minutes. In between moments of hysterical laughter. That is a seriously fast moving trailer. And those 2 together are comburstable.

  5. Btw the girl GHJ speaks to wanting help and then gigles is her sister from what i understand the dramawiki page;)

  6. I’m with you. This drama preview was amazing and atmospheric. I hope the show is all of this and more. I was only vaguely interested in tuning in for this show before I watched this, but now I’m on board.

  7. GHY is really selling the character, one of the few actresses who acts so naturally. And SJS, surprisingly, seems to match the genre. 🙂

  8. During the TV show prior tonight’s broadcasting of IHYV, a segment showed Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub being interviewed. Felt like watching two lovers bickering, what with skinship galore and verbal/non-verbal teasing. Another couple in the making?

  9. I already like this pairing wayyyy too much, there is so much chemistry there it makes Gong Hyo-jin’s pairing with Cha Seung-won in Best Love look insipid in comparison.

    • I’m with you there, pogo. But then, I never thoughts that GHJ and CSW had that much chemistry: he was too over-the-top, she was oddly stiff and distant. He did much better with Kim Sun Ah, and I think she is going to do much better with So Ji Sub.

  10. The moment i heard that these two would cast, i knew there was good reason to watch this show. I’m currently watching three dramas, this will be include in my list. i can’t wait to watch it. 🙂

  11. i’m gonna have to watch this is bright sunny mornings…even if it’s a rom-com…the ghostly characters still scares the s**t out of me

  12. Wow! Great couple. Are they really couple in the real life? I really hope so since as far I know, both of them are single. Wooow.

    Hope the rating can break 20%, or even 30%. Haha.

    Bring it on!

  13. Ms. Koala, a big thank you for the translation of the dialogue in the long preview. Even though I saw it without understanding a word, I knew that the preview is AWESOME, GOOD, GREAT!!! I had beeen looking for an English translation to know what was said. Muchas gracias!!!

  14. I’m so excited about this drama ! Best love was the only drama from the hong sisters that i really liked (Big was awesome visually but the storyline was such a mess) and TMS reminds me of it for a reason I can’t understand.
    I also really like the acting of the lead actress.
    I found this trailer on youtuve. I wonder if you’ve already seen it. There’s only a few cut that are new but well

  15. thanks for giving me an excuse to watch the preview again… i love it to pieces!!!! best preview ever!!! and this is my most anticipated drama of the year, next week can’t come too quickly
    thanks for the translations!!!

  16. I knew it. 🙂 the GHJ and SJS pairing would be refreshing and all sorts of hot. I just I still have to see the actual drama but I love the mature pairing here.

    Thanks capt k for the update. Hope this one is good 🙂

  17. WTH… shouldn’t of never watch the trailer at night, the ghosts part scared the crap out of me…. but I want watch this, this is on my watch list…

  18. Can I just say I am freakin’ excited by this drama ? I love Gong Hyo Jin since The Greatest Love and Pasta and I just watched So Ji Sub in Ghost but he is fine as hell lol. The story looks really interesting but the ghosts … I should remember not to watch this drama at night. Getting me goosebumps even though the ghosts aren’t that scary XD.
    Gosh’, I’m already shipping the security chief with the girl playing in Alice in C. I just saw her bickering in the parking lot and they looked so adorable LMAO.

    Oh and I have a question. Did you give up on Dating Agency Cyrano ? I tried to find other recaps but you only did episode 1 and 2. It’s a shame because I wanted to read more and more recaps about it.

  19. I agree completely with you! Love the chemistry between Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub. Can’t wait to see this fine and awesome drama!! ♥♥

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