Monstar Rewind: The Stylish First Fantasy Teaser Shows the Eclectic Cast Forming a Band

I still love Monstar and wanted to share some oldies but goodies from my treasure trove now that we’re in the final week of its run. The first teaser for Monstar was a stylish what-if fantasy sequence when the kids are sitting in the classroom and Se Yi strums her guitar and starts to sing, when the others hear her music it moves them and suddenly they form an indie rock band complete with too-cool hipster outfits. I love it. I confess K-pop and Korean music isn’t my cup of tea, I love K-songs when used in dramas or movies but stand alone I don’t follow Korean singers and definitely not idol groups. Other than when there is a cross over to acting. Occasionally I’ll fall for a charismatic young thing (like Shin Won Ho in Big) but not have any inclination to follow their other musical career. I’m finding my resolve tested inexplicably by Yong Jun Hyung who plays Yoon “I am a Star!” Seol Chan, and it has nothing to do with him being my dish. I’ve seen Ki Kwang and Doo Joon many times in multiple dramas but never had the urge to check out BEAST, who knew Jun Hyung would be the one to tempt me. He’s totally not my usual type, he looks funny and hardly would catch my eye but for the fact that he’s just so darn mesmerizing onscreen here. He radiates this energy and chemistry in every scene, and that sensation is amplified whenever he has a scene with either Se Yi or Sun Woo. I hope Color Bar doesn’t fall apart before they band together again and kick All for One six ways to Sunday at the duel to see which group wins at the Goddess Kiss showdown. Check out these lovely pics to save in your own stash and then rewatch the first awesome teaser. I can’t believe this cute little drama is ending this week, sniffles.

Teaser for Monstar:


Monstar Rewind: The Stylish First Fantasy Teaser Shows the Eclectic Cast Forming a Band — 20 Comments

  1. i feel like there is something wrong with me, because i normally eat up youth dramas like this, but i simply couldn’t get into monstar at all, no matter how many times i tried.

    • Huh, I’m the opposite. I tried my darndest to watch School 2013 and Dream High but just couldn’t do it. Monstar I LOVE. Watched each episode at least 4 times so far and still love it.

      Koala, you are totally in my head. I’m an ahjumma who never listened to kpop, but now I’m Beast’s biggest fan, because Junhyung is so …. arrrgh! Don’t know what it is about him, he’s not the best looking, his voice is pretty good but there are better ones out there, he’s ok as a rapper. But whatever that star x-factor is, he’s got it!

      Thanks for this post and your recaps!

    • I also agree. I watched till ep. 5 or 6, thought it was great, but it just doesn’t suck me in with the feels.

  2. Omg koala unnie ! When u love somthing u just LOVE it ! U r just like me and I love it !! Hhh ya I feel like my babies are bejng set on there own when this drama ends !

  3. I am enjoying this show a lot every episode brings its own special touch and I’m never bored. This show reminded me of Queen Inhyun’s Man, not in terms of quality but as a surprise hit that was so unexpected. Looking forward to the last episode which I’m sure is going to have a lot of visitors and comments.

  4. this was a beast song originally right? I was into k-pop with suju and love them all but music-wise I really love beast to the end! Their songs are really for my cup with their sound and air 😀 I listen them more than suju:D suju is just has more kinds of handsome guys:D

    I really like the outfits here! And SeYi’s hair looks really cool! also sung woo’s ! we need a special episode for this kinda fantasy groups they would be like for all genres 😀

    • yup, the song is “Beautiful Night”. I am a huge B2ST fan and when I heard that Junhyung was going to star on this drama, I was so excited coz I know he is a good actor =)

  5. Thanks for the link to the video. I don’t watch that many school dramas, but you raved so much about this one that I wound up checking it out about a month ago, and am really enjoying it. School 2013 was freaking addicting, and Monstar hasn’t reached the same level of crazy fandom for me, but I like to save the episodes for a treat :-).

    I’m not a Beast fan either, but I admit, Yong Jun Hyung made me check out a couple music videos. :-). When I first started running, I downloaded a crap load of fast-paced Kpop songs to keep me going, and I just realized a few Beast songs are in there!

  6. I usually get interested in Kpop groups if one of the members appears in drama that I watch. Dream High was the start for it, making me a fan of 2PM. (Not a big fan of Miss A, their song collections are not my favorite, and I dislike T-ara’s music)

    And Jun Hyung in Monstar made me check Beast’s discography a lot and I can’t stop squealing everytime he raps. LOL. Their music is good though, so I really recommend everyone to check them out. When they had a concert back few years ago in my country, I totally didn’t care when my sister was so thrilled and went to watch them. Now, I kinda regret it hahaha.

    Anyway, I read it in Seoulbeats that Jun Hyung has a big role in producing Beast’s new album. Could he be just as musically genius in real life as his role Seol Chan? My fangirling just went several levels up!

    I’m so sad Monstar is ending this week, and with so many unresolved threads, I kinda hope they have 2 hours airtime for the finale. Would miss this series so much.

  7. Totally agree with you Ms Koala, Junhyung definitely has the IT factor and I have actually downloaded Beast songs as well, so unlike me.

  8. Haha new beast’s ahjumma fans unite!! Never been into kpop and suddenly am a big beast fan thanks to jun hyung. I am in awe of his talents. Writing his music and the rap bits, with evocative lyrics. Complex melodies. Love a lot of their songs. Officially stepped into fangirl territory now with purchases from yesasia, watching everything beast, voting for them(roll eyes), worrying about them (double roll eyes)

  9. I didn’t care abt the existence of Beast until Monstar introduced Junhyung. Yep, he wasn’t the best looking or the best singer but HIS presence in every scene was electrifying. He really brought Seol Chan to life. A flawed and immature character which we happen to fall in love with. Very rare that we find a natural actor especially from a pool of idol stars. I am not into kpop music but Beast music esp frm their latest album surprisingly suits my palate. Been listening to them every day. Not forgetting Ha Yeon Soo who played Min Seyi in the drama. Her exotic look and clueless character are quite refreshing. I have come to love her as well. I am so glad that it was actually her in the Samsonite ad with SJK. In fact, all three main leads including Kang Ha Neul r balanced in terms of visuals and talents. My only regret is that too little screen time of Seol Chan’s character in the last few eps maybe due to Junhyung’s Beast’s activities. He started as the STAR but became a SHADOW towards the end. I really hope that the last episode we’ll see more of him and give him back the STAR status coz he really deserved it.

    • I was the same!! JH got me into Beast, heard of them but otherwise I couldnt care less about kpop and prefer to stay in my k-dramaland. lol how appropriate that you used SHADOW as a metaphor here because that’s the title of their new song! xD
      I have to say JH is a great lyricist, the lyrics to this song is really poetic and haunting:

      “Ever since you left, maybe my existence itself disappeared… I want to stay by your side so I can’t get any closer, so I can’t even look at you
      Because I’m a shadow, shadow, shadow”

  10. I so thoroughly enjoyed this drama and watched the earlier episodes again recently. This surprises even me. 🙂 I totally agree that Yong Jun Hyung has the IT or X factor…a very compelling actor.

  11. I’m glad Beast gain more fans because of monstar. I became fan of Beast since 2 years ago. At first I only like Ki kwang but after watching their performances I became addicted to all of them. And Thanks to you Koala I’m watching Monstar so glad that I watched this. Monstar is one the great drama this year.

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