Previews for Episode 11 of Goddess of Fire and More Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young Cuteness

Moon Geun Young is one of my favorite K-actresses, for her acting talent and real life smart and sensible personality. So it pains me to watch her in Goddess of Fire because her titular character is that horrifying combination of stupid and sassy. The directing for this drama is so ham-handed that watching Moon Geun Young act akin to miming is such a waste of her acting ability. Thankfully I’ve got Kim Bum to counter-balance it all, with his character totally swoonworthy and his performance wonderfully poignant. When he shows up onscreen, I feel like everything else just fades away and it’s just him and the camera. I also love his styling in this drama, his outfits in combinations of red, black, and blue are simple and smoldering. There is an odd feeling of deja vu in my experience watching GoF that mirrors the grind that went on to endure Missing You. I love Yoon Eun Hye but loathed her terribly written character in Missing You, but couldn’t stop watching for Yoo Seung Ho‘s performance and his chemistry with Yoon Eun Hye. Same thing here, and Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young are just on fire (har har) with this crazy awesome chemistry. They don’t have that many scenes together but each one makes me smile and sigh for how perfect they are together. Are fans already RL shipping these two? It’s been years since I’ve RL shipped any onscreen couples since electric chemistry is few and far between these days and this year tons of popular ships sank with the amount of surprising celebrity couples being outed. I saw some BTS screencaps from the GoF press conference and the camera caught Kim Bum staring adoringly at Moon Geun Young as she waved to her fans. So much cuteness I have no words. Moon Geun Young also posted a selca on her cyworld account today that reminds me of how utterly beautiful she looks in RL out of the horrible Jung Yi outfits in GoF. Her character is about to return to dressing like a girl in the drama so I hope that the writers keep writing more Tae Do-Jung Yi scenes and give me some more reason to keep following along with this silly drama.

Written preview for episode 11:

Gwanghaegun orders Kang Chun to let Jung Yi stay in the pottery department because of the work she accomplished. Gwanghaegun learns that Tae Do and Jung Yi are not real siblings. Yook Do faces trouble and Kang Chun tells King Seongjo and the Ming envoy that Jung Yi made the teacup. Tae Do wants to tell Jung Yi how he really feels about her, but Gwanghaegun sudden appears……

[Damn, Gwanghaegun isn’t just dull as beans, he’s also being a total cockblocker here. Grrrrrrr, Koala angry smash!]

Preview for episode 11:


Previews for Episode 11 of Goddess of Fire and More Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young Cuteness — 19 Comments

  1. Couldn’t have agree more on the horribly written character of jung yi and the story itself. MGY is one of the few K-actress with natural beauty and doesn’t all that make up to be beautiful.

  2. Looking forward to this & they really do suit each other well, i can’t wait for these two love birds. love this couple. thanks koala! goddess of fire fighting 😀

  3. Thank you Koala for your enduring generosity in sharing these BTS pictures of MGY and KB in Goddess of Fire…These 2 makes me smile whenever they are in a scene together…Now that one secret is out, I’m looking forward to more scenes between them, and hoping the coming episodes will show tougher and new challenges wherein Jung Yi shines, and Tae Do is by her side giving those admiring glances or smiles. (*^__^*)

  4. Woah!! How he stares at her!!! No wonder their chemistry onscreen ❤ I don’t wanna start shipping them RL ’cause it might disappoint me. But seriously, they’re sooo cute! I’m starting to get hopes.

  5. Oh KB’s smile *melts* The way he is looking at her, it’s just too adorable. I know I’m stating the obvious but KB is just soooo good looking.

  6. Kim Bum is looking quite suspicious here, always looking and smiling at our Mooonie…Lol.

    Moon is looking beautiful and the storyline is finally picking up. Anxiously waiting for Monday to come so I can see our lovely couple spark on screen.

  7. I’m not even following this drama but thank you, Ms. Koala, for your posts about this drama, since the stills are gorgeous and Kim Bum is looking positively dreamy! The period look he’s got here really suits him 😀

  8. Ms.Koala,we’re already shipping them!In fact,we already have a soompi thread and a Facebook fanpage just for them.Pls do try to visit them when you have time.kekeke

  9. Like I said, Kim Bum could be staring at a tree and have chemistry! I want to be that tree! His stare is smoldering hawtness!!!

  10. I saw the first two episodes but skipped episode 3 and 4 and saw the last few minutes of episode 5. I am on episode 6. The chemistry between KB and MGY is explosive.

  11. Wooah. Geun young looks so beautiful.. flawless.. and her big eyes is just daebak!! No wonder she fits the “nation little sister” title…

  12. MGY….you’re cute but need an eyebrow trim and pluck! Thick eyebrows make you look younger and she needs to look more mature, IMHO. Just saying 🙂

  13. I can’t take it anymore! (Squeals) Bummie is soooo hot! I love him so much! His smile melts my heart! Moon is doing such a great job of being JY although I really do not like how they made her character. But I hope we get more of those two in the weeks to come.

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