Kim Soo Hyun Goes on a Fashion Tour of Paris

I think I started liking Kim Soo Hyun way before most K-drama viewers. He first caught my eye in Will It Snow For Christmas playing a young Go Soo, and my affection for him was solidified when he played a young Park Sang Min in Giant, an epic drama with a long childhood sequence where all the kid actors were exceptional. When he hit leading man status in Dream High, I was over the moon to see him playing a high school student with big dreams and even bigger talent. All of that happened before he hit A-list status, which came about because of The Moon that Embraces the Sun, and that is where my love for him hit the skids, so to speak. The drama was overall terribly bland and listless, but his acting got lots of attention because it was so fiery. Contrasted with his co-star Han Ga In‘s emotionless blank wall, he was acting enough for the two of them at times. I thought he was fine in the drama, but when he started to get nominated for acting awards I was pretty amused. I thought why not, there have been even more inexplicable acting nominations in the past, and I like him enough that seeing him get some recognition, even if it was for the wrong drama and role, felt like karma of sorts. Then the Baeksang Awards happened last year, and when I saw that he took home the Best Actor award (over Han Seok Hyu in Tree with Deep Roots and Shin Ha Kyun in Brain), I did a face palm in the privacy of my own home. Forget that being a totally Pia Zadora moment, I also worried that he was peaking too quickly and too early. He’s still so young and now he’s a STAR and with that comes so much more scrutiny and expectation. His movie Secretly, Greatly opened to a fantastic box office despite the reviews being generally lackluster. I hope he doesn’t get swept away by the tidal wave of adulation and forget to pick projects wisely to develop his craft more. He’s expression the intent to do a drama this year so all eyes are on what he picks from what will surely be any script out there with a leading man focus. Last month he was in Paris for a photo shoot and the pictures are all, all of which wonderfully capture everything magical about Paris street life. I do have one little tee-hee observation to make – Kim Soo Hyun has really really large feet. I mean…wow.


Kim Soo Hyun Goes on a Fashion Tour of Paris — 17 Comments

  1. He looks good but some of his outfits are I first watched him through Dream High and i still remembered how crazy i like Samdong back then. HAHA.. Sadly, I couldnt finished TMTETS at all. I just lost interest in the middle of drama. I hope his next drama will be much better. Cant wait to find out who his next
    leading lady is.

    Speaking of DH, Soohyun and Suzy just went to Chamonix Mont Blanc for their Beanpole CF. Hehe…cant wait for it. They just released the teaser photo early this week. More photos will come out on late Aug and Suzy also did photoshoot at Paris after that.

  2. Every day, I find another reason to adore you, Captain Koala. I thought I was the only one who remembered Pia Zadora!

    • *nodding several times*
      ♪ And when the rain begins to fall… ♪
      I must have listened to this duet with Jermaine Jackson dozens of times after being gifted his record for my 9th or 10th birthday. Side B was Pia Zadora’s “Follow my heartbeat” which wasn’t bad. Nice walk down the memory lane, ladies.

      KSH has undoubtful acting crafts but his face scares me now.

  3. This pictorial was actually from the May issue of Marie Claire.
    Still, thank you for sharing! Any Kim Soo Hyun post always makes my day.

  4. What a nice looking guy 😀
    Thanks for sharing the photos!
    He’s got big feet but I think it’s prolly cuz he’s a pretty tall guy (at least it looks that way). Tall guys usually have big feet (well, the tall guys I know do!)…

    • He’sactually not that tall. If you’ve watch Running Man before, his height is the same as Yoo Jae Suk, which is pretty average for a guy.

      • Thanks for the info. I didn’t know how tall he actually was until you pointed it out and after Google it said that he’s about 5’11”, so you’re right, pretty average for a guy (altho closer to the tall side).

        In that case his feet are huge compared to his height 😀

  5. LOL He sure does have big feet. You can’t miss seeing them with all the colorful shoes he is wearing. It’s nice to see a destination photoshoot where you actually see pics of the location. Thanks for sharing.

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