Age of Feeling is a Go with Kim Hyun Joong, Kim So Eun, Han Jung Woo, and Im Soo Hyang

Like it or not, this drama is actually happening. No, I’m not talking about the potentially cringe-worthy Beautiful Man with Jang Geun Seok, though this one might make the same timeslot double the pain for K-drama viewers. This casting has been just confirmed on the down low and not “official”, but this is going to be the final main cast for the upcoming period K-drama Age of Feeling (Inspiring Generation). After being burned by the halted production of City Conquest, Kim Hyun Joong isn’t going to let his general lack of acting prowess hold him back and he’s been confirmed to headline the drama that has lost two leading men in Lee Jun Ki (off to Two Weeks) and Kwon Sang Woo (taking a turn with Medical Top Team) already due to the delay in pre-production readiness. The drama is based on a manhwa of the same name by the author of the manhwa that was later adapted into the iconic fusion sageuk Damo. The story is centered around a Korean living in Shanghai in the 1930s and is a street hooligan who is secretly a patriot for Korean causes. The main cast has been lined up quietly with Kim Hyung Joon reuniting with his Boys Before Flowers cast mate Kim So Eun who will be playing his leading lady here. The other male leads are reliable stalwart Han Jung Soo (from Chuno and Prosecutor Princess) and fast rising Yoon Hyun Min from Cruel City (his Soo was the bromance of the year with Jung Kyung Ho). Rounding out the main cast will be Im Soo Hyang (New Tales of the Gisaeng and IRIS 2) as the second female lead. Directing will be the PD who did He Who Can’t Marry and Call of the Country. Age of Feeling will airing on KBS starting in late November following the melodrama Secret on Wed-Thurs. If all the line ups are confirmed, then this drama will go head-to-head with Man From Another Star starring Kim Soo Hyun on SBS and Beautiful Man starring Jang Geun Seok on MBC. People, just the thought of three major pretty boys in Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Soo Hyun, and Jang Geun Seok going up against each other for rating supremacy makes me die of the lulz. So you heard it here first, get ready for some epic……something to go down.


Age of Feeling is a Go with Kim Hyun Joong, Kim So Eun, Han Jung Woo, and Im Soo Hyang — 64 Comments

  1. Thanks for this news. Of the 3, I think I like more the story of “Age of Feeling”. And, maybe this is the time and the drama where Kim Hyun Joong will really show improvement. I also like 2 of his cast mates in 1) Kim So Eun who I thought almost stole the show in “Horse Healer” with her cute chemistry with the lead actor (sorry I forget his name), 2) and Im Soo Hyang, who I also thought almost stole the show in IRIS2 which her kick-ass fighting scenes and stunts. I think KHJ’s acting will benefit from these 2 capable actresses…So let the Battle begins!

  2. Kim so Eun with Kim Hyun Joong? Not bad…not bad at all. It gives me hope that she can reunite with Kim Bum in the future. Yes, you can throw tomatoes at me, but I’m still shipping them. :p

      • Yeah I think a lot of us had followed that drama because of the amazing chemistry between Kim Bum and Kim So Eun. I wonder how her chemistry with Kim Hyun Joong will be.

      • Oh yeah totally, me too! SoEul was the ONLY reason I stuck it out with BOF. I’m still waiting *tapping fingers on table* for Kim Bum and Kim So Eun to reunite for a rom-com! Which dramagod do I have to f-ing worship for this to come true?

      • @Okitat I would give everything just to see them together again. Kim Hyun Joong is fine, but nothing can ever take Kim Bum’s place when it comes to Kim So Eun.

      • @Mari – I think that story was the main reason why MOST people kept watching BOF (that and Lee Min-hotness, ha). Even me, which is surprising because I HATE those characters in every other version of Hana Yori Dango.

        And when all the BOF fanfiction sites show 3xmore fic for the second leads than the OTP, it’s pretty safe to say people love the second leads – no, effectively THIRD leads – way more than the OTP.

  3. I’m so looking forward to Kim Hyun Joong’s new drama offering…but so tired of ALL the bashing he gets from this blog!!!

    • I also am totally looking forward to KHJ’s new drama. WHY does he get bashed so much for his acting? He’s only had 2 roles & both were very similiar characters (ie BoF quiet & unassuming, in PlayfulKiss full on Aschberger’s) from mangas I hated – only reason I watched PK was KHJ – BoF was him & Kim Bum – & I’m thrilled that little girl will be in this new one as well). I totally think KHJ did a fine job distinguishing those 2 characters – not his fault if the writing was less than stellar for him, nor that Lee Min Ho (a fantastic acting talent) overshone everybody in that drama. KHJ outshines Min Ho onstage BTW so ~pftt~. All the hate towards KHJ – hey he’s really trying to dump that flower boy image anyway – he’s just flat-out HOT right now!

  4. “Get ready for some epic… something to go down.”

    Lol you are funny.. The premise was interesting but can Hyun Joong carry a heavy drama? Or is it comedy? (The story seems on the serious side..) I’ll watch it because I want to see his chemistry with Kim So Eun.

  5. NOOOOOOOOOOO. Kim Soeun paired with this dude? UGH. Just when she gets an actor her age again, finally, it has to be THIS guy. Frick’n…

    • I’m always up for mini-BOF reunions and he’s tolerable when placed with a more talented costar (liek Jung So-min) but judging by what we’ve seen he’s nowhere near being able to carry a show and I fear for this, even with So-eun.

  6. Kim So Eun with Kim Hyu Joong?!!!!
    I love her and while I’m not completely averse to him this will be a very uneven pairing acting wise, unless KHJ has improved by leaps and bounds…more pressing problem for me will be getting over the fact the Ga Eul will be romancing Ji Hoo sunbae…how does one get over the So-Eul mate couple and then root for this?…LOL
    Are we completely sure Im Soo Hyang is not the lead.?..I’m on casting doubt cuz Kim So Eun has never gotten this opportunity before no matter how much I’ve prayed (also a little wierd considering ISH has been the lead before)…so I’m still pinching myself right now!!!…now I would say that I really wish this show would be a hit even if its not great so she can get a leg up in her career…..except consdering the competition and the ratings bust that was KHJ’s last drama I’m keeping my hopes low
    As for the competition…I feel like Kim Soo Hyun’s drama might be the obvious rating lead cuz his spate of popularity is more recent in korea and also because of the Daesang win but you can never really tell especially considering what kind of dramas these might turn out to be

    • Ha ha! You are funny – Ji Hoo romancing Ga Eul! Why not? I couldn’t stand Jan Di anyway and loved the So-Eul couple.

      • I agree, Jandi was so f-ing irritating, I would rather watch a love triangle between SoEul and Jihoo. Even better let’s throw JunPyo in too for a love square-angle (not sure if that’s even a word) =P

  7. I’ve been a fan of KHJ, and he has a lot of improvement in his acting even though he has only 2 drama series in his cap. but he’s a determined person and is very much willing to learn, he never cease to amaze his fans he like to surprise us his fans, he learned a lot during “city Conquest” even though it was not shown, I believe in his capability, his acting is not the conventional style or the very technical way but he will act accordingly, he must have to be given a good director who can let his emotion out and lets
    give room for learning and he will do great. lets be positive.

  8. I love the premise but I don’t think KHJ can carry a drama by himself. KSE is good when she doesn’t overact, she’s such a lovely lady.
    Well, hopefully the better (acting wise) supporting cast will keep the story afloat.
    Im Soo Hyang is bland to me, she’s pretty but I don’t feel anything from her acting.

  9. Wow, this is a surprising pairing! But a pleasant surprise for me.
    I love both of them, and I can’t say anything about their chemistry yet but I think they’ll look good together.
    I’m looking forward to it!

  10. It’s almost certain that KSH will command the ratings in Korea unless the story just plain sucks, but I’m curious to see which drama will gain the greatest online fan base.

  11. I do think KSH’s show will prob steal the ratings… Its more a competition online than on tv. KSH along with SJK and LSG are probably the top 3 kdrama actors right now, and wouldn’t that be some competition??

    Anyway, I really like KSE, so if not for anyone, I hope this works out for her. KHJ’s acting though… I’d rather wait and watch.

  12. Jinjeung?

    I guess for me it’s one of those “Be careful what you wish for” dealios… I really prayed to see Soo again in anything, I didn’t think it would have to be with not one of my favorite actors as lead. I guess I should prepare myself that he will lose the girl.

    This cast is odd all mixed up together, but who says that is a bad thing? If the writing is good, it will be fun to watch Soo in saguek. Jinjeung fun.

  13. I strongly suspect that Im Soo Hyang is actually the female lead here – I’m torn because I really want her career to do well but on the other hand I also want Kim Hyun Joong to abandon acting completely… sigh.

  14. writing negatively! *nods *nods hats off to you! you should be proud many people keep on visiting this blog coz of ur crap writings! weLL done to u! KHJ WILL or WILL not have a drama in the future it doesn’t matter.. I just hate to encounter such a bLog Like this! I hate this one sided writing… CRAP!

    • You should just stick to visiting fansites of kim hyun joong if you can’t stand reading negative comments about your idol elsewhere. Why do you even visit here if you know well ahead of what you’ll encounter?
      She can say and write whatever she wants because it’s her blog. Why don’t you make your own then that way you have a place to put all of your poorly articulated ill feelings towards your idol’s critics?
      Acting has always been his weakness. Why can’t his fans acknowledge this, instead of being in total denial? Why do they waste their energy trying to defiantly negate opinions of others, instead of leaving optimistic comments of wishing him well, thus reflecting a positive image of kim hyun joong to non-fans online?

      • To poop,

        If the blogger can not accept criticism then they should not blog. It is a two way street. You open your blog to criticize certain actors and actresses but for the readers who don’t agree can argue to disagree with her. This is an open thread. Freedom of Speech.

      • @dragonlady
        there’s a difference between a constructive opinion/criticism and plain out bashing. The comment above me belonged to the latter. Anyway this isn’t my blog but it’s tiring to keep on seeing comments like these on every KHJ post not just here but on other blogs as well. Let’s just end this pointless convo, don’t want to start any fanwars because of this.

      • @Dragon Lady – did you even read the comment? That wasn’t a ‘disagreement’, that was some delusional fangirl having a tantrum because Koala dares to express an opinion that was different from hers – and it’s not even disagreement on the opinion itself, it’s bashing Koala.

    • Kim So Eun being the lead is just speculation on Ms. Koala’s part since these casting notices were confirmed on the downlow instead of via press releases.

  15. YES, SOO!!! I was worried we were going to have to wait a while to see him back on screen. But the drama gods have answered my prayers ^^

    This drama looks a mess but excited to see Kim So-eun and Han Jung-soo again (he was great in PP and Arang ^^)

  16. Oh dear. Am I going to be forced to watch this for my ILU? And I just dragged myself through She is Wow for him. Ah man. At least he stays busy!

  17. No! there goes my dream about her playing the lead in Kim Soo Hyun’s alien drama! I have been waiting for her to do a drama that I would actually want to watch and she has to act with Kim Hyun Joong. I liked him well enough in Playful Kiss and as a person and maybe he has improved, but from what I have seen he isn’t that good of an actor. He is kinda like Suzy for me. I like her, but I can’t say that she is a good actress. I will check this out for Kim So Eun though…

  18. Kyaaaa!!!! KSE finally a female lead?
    @wackylu I kinda agree wit u abit. . .IF this is her lead I hope KHJ doesnt show her up. . .
    @okitat my thought toooo’!!!!

  19. I would have preferred Kim So Eun to take the drama with Kim Soo Hyun instead 🙁 but, if she can have a breakthrough here, why not? 🙂

  20. noooooo …..
    SoEul foevaaaaaa …..
    thats the ONLY reason I watched BOF and read fanfics of them …
    hiks ..hiks … oh well …. for the love of So Eun I’ll see how the story goes … but …nothing is going to change my love for SoEul ….

    • Me too. However, I’m just feeling positive that she’ll be finally paired with someone her age. I agree with you though. SoEul is irreplaceable.

  21. Imagine the BIG FREAKING SMILE that made it to my face when I saw this news!!!!! Not only does my girl, Kim So Eun FINALLY gets a leading role but you add in two of my favorite actors, my Soo (yeah, I’m a RABID fan now), Yoon Hyun Min and my big love for Im Soo Hyang (since New Tales of Gisaeng), this just soared to the top of my list!! It’s like freaking Drama Christmas for me!! Please let YHM be KHJ’s buddy buddy! I want another bromance and more screen time!! KSE? well deserved! After she literally was the best thing in Horse Doctor, I was clamoring for her to have a lead!! This is great news!! Definitely going to share this info and pass it on!!

  22. I love Kim So Eun and I really like General Chao (Han Jung Woo) but Kim Hyun Joong? Sigh. I saw some City Conquest footage and, sigh, he hasn’t improved. I have such a dilemma.

  23. Hey am really happy KSE is in the drama but I guess she will not be the main lead… she is awesome and would love her to be the main lead in any series preferably with Kim Bum…BOF was tolerable

  24. Hey am really happy – I love KSE from the days of BOF, really want her to be a lead in a drama with Kim Bum… I guess she will not be the lead in this one too.

  25. i love kim hyunjoong….i think tv rating is not not big long we enjoy watching from philippines….playful kiss low rating in korea….but in philippines big hit…like love rain…also good drama…

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