Goddess of Fire Episode 11: Jung Yi Returns to Being a Girl and Prepares to Leave for the Ming Dynasty

How can anyone keep a straight face acting out scenes from Goddess of Fire is beyond me. This is a talented and smart cast so I can imagine the eye-rolling and sighs when everyone gets a new script. Episode 11 finishes up the teacup that keeps tea warm story line by having Gwanghaegun switch out the Yook Do made one for the original Ming dynasty one and getting the douchey Ming envoy hoisted on his own petard. Kang Chun then offers up Jung Yi as the maker of the cup so that the Ming envoy can take her to the Ming dynasty ostensibly to study pottery but really to kill her. Tae Do finally convinces Jung Yi to walk away from her revenge and become the best potter aspirations and leave, and he’s all about to propose when Gwanghaegun interrupts like the useless third wheel he is. He also finds out from Hwa Ryung that Tae Pyung does not have a real older brother. Dun dun dun. Jung Yi hears about the Ming opportunity and goes for it without thinking through the ramifications. A totally headdesk worthy Pygmalion scene occurs when Gwanghaegun dresses Jung Yi like a girl and gives her etiquette lessons so she can head to the Ming and not embarrass herself and all of Joseon. Giving her new clothes doesn’t help, she needs a new brain if she’s not going to be an embarrassment. Tae Do’s dad wants to set him up and tells him to take a wife, and Tae Do is all smiles and says “hells no, I’ve got a girl already.” Tae Do gets permission and then tells Jung Yi that he’s going to the Ming dynasty with her, because he’ll continue to be awesome beyond compare and be supportive of anything she wants to do. Yook Do feels guilty that Jung Yi is being sent like a lamb to the slaughter in lieu of him so he tells Hwa Ryung, who finally tells Tae Do the truth after being jealous earlier when she sees Tae Do stroking Jung Yi on the cheek. Jung Yi continues to be stupider than an amoeba in not seeing what everyone else clearly sees, which is that her orabeoni loves her and not as a brother to a sister sort of way. Fauxcest FTW! Tae Do confronts Gwanghaegun about whether he knew Jung Yi was going to die once she got to the Ming dynasty, and then both guys are off to the races to rescue her.

Tae Do-Jung Yi cuts:


Goddess of Fire Episode 11: Jung Yi Returns to Being a Girl and Prepares to Leave for the Ming Dynasty — 18 Comments

  1. I guess in a relationship, all we need is one person to have the smarts…lol. Kim Bum continues to be awesome in his role and I love Moon’s transformation. This lovely couple just oozes sweetness when they are together.

    Next episode it seems like JY is falling for the Prince, hope that doesn’t reduce too much of my OTP screen time.

  2. omg she looks so pretty with the dress. i love the scenes with both actors, they really are a talented bunch. moon geun young and kim bum<3 <3 goddess of fire fighting! 🙂

  3. Orabeoni deserves better. So tired of clueless female leads. If the real historical figure was this stupid, there’s no way she could have survived that era right? Right? …… *sigh*

    • Agree, I dont get how Jung Yi could be so clueless(i guess that is in denial that tae do just treats her like a sis), but come on. How cant she not see his puppy eyes smile so kind to her and sudden disappears when she starts rambling about his highness.
      Tae do will go down to the history list of so kinds heart 3rd person ever, sigh. Tae Do should just gives up on his one sided love and be with Hwa Ryung(but then poor ceramist Lee). seeing Orabeoni like this is heart wrenching :((

    • Don’t hate on Moonie, she’s just following the script. BUT I love her scenes with Kim Bum they are just simply beautiful together <3<3

  4. “Stupider than an amoeba”! Oh, you crack me up. Why oh why do they make her so stupid? It makes me wonder at Tao Do’s taste. But then again we needed a Terry/Chris Wu figure to replace the one we had lost, did we not? His girl was dumber than a doorknob, too. Sigh.

    • Again, why do they make her so stupid. Moon Geun Young should start kicking the writer’s ass. Luckily Taedo makes up for the stupidity but for how long? Her character is so exasperating. Ooohh, BTW, I love that their clothes complement each other.

  5. I love your mini recap of this show. One of the most annoying yet common thing in k-dramas is that in the synopsis/description of the heroine she is portrayed as one with smarts and common sense (beauty with a brain). Yet as soon as the drama is aired it is otherwise or worse for this heroine – she gets “lost” as each episode is aired. I also wonder how the actors feel when they are given the introductory storyline of the characters making them appealing to sign on to play that person and when they had to do the real thing they find out otherwise. In doing the promotions they have to lie and not tell how they really feel about the show.

    What a way to get shafted and they cannot come out of the mess so easily.

    Despite all this stupidity the show is ranked #1 in ratings. So what does this say about us the viewer? “We are suckers for punishment and just love our actors”.

    Keep up the amazing work ockoala. Thanks again.

  6. Jung Yi more like stupid, she’s like a child. You need to constantly watch after her, she’s so innocent that looks stupid. But that cheek caress made my heart skip a beat. Gwanhae, you MoFo! He was about to propose!!! Agggg!!!

  7. Okay, there’s some inconsistency in the story line when the young JY was smarter than the older JY???!!! WTF? Plus, MGY, I love her and she a GREAT actress, but her GROUCHO MARX eyebrows are killing me!!!! I think it’s the severe hairstyle when she becomes a girl. Not everyone can wear a hair part smack dab down the middle of the head! Sorry, girl! You need a makeover AFTER the makeover! Just saying…..

  8. “Gwanghaegun interrupts like the useless third wheel he is.” OMG! I love your recaps Ms. Koala. Bummie is a soooo dreamy! I am enjoying every second of them. I can’t wait for more! I love you Bummie!

  9. I don’t know why you all are bashing the prince here…
    I think that he’s really charming and funny one!
    I like Lee Sang Yoon a thousand times better compared to Kim Bum with Moon Geun Young!

  10. Tae Do has been burning with love for Jung so brightly and for a long, long time. He is willing to sacrifice and do whatever it takes to fight for his girl. The prince is just discovering his feelings and is still reluctant and unsure of them.

    At this point, Tae Do’s passion definitely wins. It’s a pleasure to see him on screen. The prince, when compared to Tae Do, is a bit blah.

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