Goddess of Fire Episode 16: Tae Do Decides to Wait for Jung Yi as Her Real Identity Gets Outed

I can sound like a broken record saying how much Goddess of Fire sucks, but numbers don’t lie. An MBC sageuk in the Mon-Tues slot with this cast, GoF’s ratings have been middling from the get go but it’s now dropped 1-2% an episode for the last 4 episodes straight. Ever since Gwanghaegun got more screen time and Tae Do less, and yes, that is an irrefutable correlation in my book. For an MBC sitcom to be pulling in 8% ratings on average, that is like getting the post-Super Bowl time slot and then getting ratings lower than the Puppy Bowl airing on Animal Planet. It’s a double whammy of shame, and I feel terrible for the truly talented cast who I advocate going on a team strike and refusing to act if the screenwriter isn’t sacked. Episode 16 involved really a really unappealling romantic development with Gwanghaegun falling for Jung Yi in ways that involve telling her to never leave his sight and then getting really turned on by her rosy lips and telling her to cover her mouth while talking. How about she bitch slap you with one hand and cover her mouth with the other, Gwanghaegun? Tae Do tells Jung Yi with a smile that he’ll always be her orabeoni even she has no brain and turned down his proposal for her quest to become a potter extraordinaire.

The pottery competition ends up going to Jung Yi’s team when they create a tea set that isn’t as glazed and slippery hence easier to use, as opposed to when an official picks up team Yook Do’s pretty cup and it slips and breaks. Ooops, and still so obvious in resolving an issue. Jung Yi’s side chooses not to kick Kang Chun and Yook Do out of the pottery department because the more talent the better. Tae Do mans up and tells Hwa Ryung directly that he proposed to Jung Yi but she wants to become a potter first so he’ll patiently wait for her, and apologizes to Hwa Ryung and tells her to give up on him. Tae Do – still the only person who thinks, talks, and acts like a smart rational adult in this drama. Yook Do hates Jung Yi now for beating him, and Hwa Ryung hates Jung Yi for always taking away what she loves (pottery, Tae Do), so she outs Jung Yi’s real identity to Kang Chun. At this point, Jung Yi’s general self-absorption and her stupid Tae Pyung ruse is so pathetic and aggravating I was cheering on Hwa Ryung all the way. I saw more Tae Do in the preview for episode 17, if he gets more screen time I may have no choice but to keep on this mind numbing endeavor to watch and discuss GoF.

I seriously was clapping like a baby seal when Hwa Ryung finally said enough is enough to every single time someone is asked to coddle Jung Yi and protect her and all she ever does is remain ever entitled to keep succeeding without realizing the number of people’s she’s stepping on. In many ways, Jung Yi really is Kang Chun’s daughter, LOL, oh the irony. Even better when the drama says Kang Chun is the villain and Jung Yi the so-called heroine. Ugh. I’m still Team Tae Do in the sense that I want him to get what he wants, even if he wants Jung Yi. But I look at her (mildly mentally challenged) and compare her to Hwa Ryung (whip smart and competent and self-sufficient), and I wonder what the fuck Tae Do sees in Jung Yi.

Tae Do cuts from episode 16:


Goddess of Fire Episode 16: Tae Do Decides to Wait for Jung Yi as Her Real Identity Gets Outed — 63 Comments

  1. Thank you Koala Unni!!! 🙂 In another note, when I post my comment on my iPhone 5. It show it is blocked of spam. Is there a way to fix it or I should post my comments on other devices?

  2. I wonder the same thing too? What does Tae Do sees in Jung Yi? Jung Yi is annoying, she steps on others and dosen’t care, she dosen’t think about anyone but herself. She acts like a child, she is clueless. She hasn’t changed or try to see what she wants.
    I gave up after episode 7. Thanks for the recaps.

  3. I cannot bring myself to watch the drama but I do enjoy reading your reviews. It is must more interesting than the Drama.

  4. I agree that for the past couple of episodes, since gwanghae got more screen time and tae do got less screen time, the ratings went down. Aside from the boring plot, if Tae Do is the main male character and Kim Bum is the leading actor instead of lee sang yoon, I think this drama would be better. I don’t get why KB is always the second lead. He’s been improving his acting skills and now he deserves to be the main lead for future dramas.

  5. One could hope that they are as flexible as people who did Princess Stand-in and reverse the male leads. Make Tae Bo the first lead, OTP and the ratings would go up.

  6. Well at least these episode got more Tae Do than the last one, and I got more GeunBum BTS so I’m ok. Next week begins the 2nd-half of GoF! DRAMA GODS! A MIRACLE PLEASE!!!! Just wishing this won’t be a waste of what CAN still be a good drama.

  7. I’m probably the only one but, I like the chemistry between Prince Kwanghae and Jung. I can feel the vibes from Taedo to Jung but not the other way around. Now since episode 14 the proximity game has become fiercer. Taedo did the fireworks thing and it was romantic and all but nothing compared to the atmosphere when Jung had ink on her face from the all-nighter with Kwanghae. I’m having problems suspending my disbelief that the Prince didn’t recognize his feelings earlier, that this prince would always let his idiot hyung get the best of him, and a number of other things.
    I don’t know why I watch anymore honestly…one cup making contest after another. *Sigh* Someone must have owed this screenwriter a favor or something.

    • I’ve seen recent behind the scenes photos of Kim Bum back hugging Angelababy in the upcoming Detective Dee movie. It’s so romantic! The firework scene in GOF when he hugged MGY is no match at all. Kim Bum looks way better with angelababy than with MGY. A really handsome and hot guy like Kim Bum deserves to be paired with a really pretty and hot girl like angelababy. They have chemistry and would make a perfect couple. Many fans think they should eventually go out in real life.

      • Even though Moon is not beautiful like Angelababy at least she’s real. Have you seen how Angelababy looked before all the plastic surgery she did.

      • It’s not completely certain whether or not she had plastic surgery. I’m glad Kim Bum is natural. He is BEAUTIFUL and drop dead gorgeous. On Facebook, American girls said that he is better looking than so many Asian guys and white guys.

      • MGY is beautiful but angelababy is drop dead gorgeous (weather natural or plastic) and even though KB and AB look good together I feel far more quemistry explosion with MGY. And while Tae Do is a one-sided love, his and Angela’s love line in Detective Dee is reciprocal.

      • Doesn’t really matter if she is real or not. She makes tons of money with her drop dead gorgeous look. She is not committing a crime or hurting anybody. Attitudes wise, she is okay to me. At least she never afraid to publicized her love and to be love with Huang Siao Ming.

      • This is NOT my opinion, but based on A LOT of comments from other people on Facebook, they said that MGY is not pretty because she looks like a 12 year old and she’s not a hottie. On the contrary, everyone thinks Kim Bum is (very) handsome and hot. Even though he’s a flower boy, he is “getting” manly as he gets older. A lot of people commented online that Kim Bum has more chemistry with Angelababy than MGY because KB and AB are both gorgeous hotties.

    • *howforwardsale, i do agree with your comment i feel that the prince and jung do have chemistry. i wish that kim bum has more scenes with moon geun young, the drama is starting to get a bit boring however i am watching it mainly cus of the cast. kim bum and moon geun young would make a lovely couple, i just hope moon geun young’s next drama is better 🙂

  8. They all make me mad. Hwa Ryung used to be one of my favorites, but now she just seems desperate. I agree Tae Do is much better matched with her, but if he’s already turned her down, she needs to grow up a little and accept it…it’s annoying when a character can’t do anything for herself, but it’s also frustrating when a character just doesn’t know hoe to quit.

  9. @ ockoala
    Episode 16 is pretty good…surprisingly. It’s about time GOF starts to get A LITTLE BIT better. Hwa Ryung betrays Jung Yi and Lee Yook Do hates her. The love triangle is getting more serious. I just wish the next 16 episodes will have more suspense and the 2nd half of the drama will be good…hopefully. Have you noticed there has not been any Tae Do fight scenes lately? I can’t wait until he finds the assassin and takes revenge for Yoo Eul dam.

  10. OMG! Thanks Ms. Koala for this recap. I am so sad to say that this drama sucks…. I hope my Bummie gets the better of prince charming and slap some common sense to moons character. I love how great they both are but this is killing me! My bummie deserves better. I still will cheer him on because I love him. Pretty soon this agony will end…….

    • @cristabel
      OMG…Kim Bum is SSOOOO HANDSOME!!!!! For Korean actors and other Asian guys I’ve seen, Kim Bum is the most flawless from head to toe. Among Asian guys, no one is better looking than KB. I can’t help but agree with other girls that he is beautiful, hot, and very cute. Since the day I watched boys over flowers, I became a huge fan of Kim Bum.

      • I know right, he has this vibe that makes your heart melt i starting not to care about this plot but as long as I can see Bummie I am more than happy 😉

      • yeah quite a few people around me noticed that..my cousin and my bro loves kim bum in bof while my focus in on LMH..haha how can i not realise that sooner:O

      • Me too. The main reason why I’m watching GOF is because of Kim Bum! Besides being very handsome, he is talented because he is a good singer with a nice, strong voice. I’ve heard him sing live. He’s good! I’m frustrated that he’s always the second lead for his dramas. Everyone knows that Kim Bum CAN act, but he just needs to keep working hard and keep improving. Eventually, he will be the leading actor for his next dramas.

      • @Lia
        Few people around you notice what?? Despite your opinion, Kim Bum was voted most handsome F4. Even Kim Hyun Joong said that KB is the best looking among them.

      • @cristabel @mylove
        I’ve been reading the news…The media is spreading rumors that Angelababy likes Kim Bum and wants to break up with Huang Xiao Ming.
        I’m not sure if that’s true. It’s possible that she’s starting to have feelings for Kim Bum…I’m not surprised.

      • @mylove Oh I meant to say alot of people around me(my cousin, my brother) preferred Kim Bum among the other flower boys..

      • @lia
        My cousin and friends like Kim Bum more than the other three F4 members too. Even though KB was the supporting actor, he gets so much attention. He is very handsome and he can act. KB keeps working hard and tries to improve his acting skills. In GOF, even though he’s the second lead, he’s getting more praise and more attention than the main leading actor, lee sang yoon.

      • Whoa…a lot of people hate hwa ryung now! Based on her character description, after she gets money and power, she tries to grasp whatever she wants. I knew since the beginning that her character is a “good girl gone bad”.

  11. I didn’t mind the 2 competitions so far between Jung-Yi and Lee Yuk-do, because in each competition, I saw a virtuous and admirable Jung-Yi. In the first competition, after she was lied to about the start time of the competition, and as a result did not receive the clay material needed to make the required clay body, she didn’t sulk or blamed others. Instead, she applied her resourcefulness and what she learned from her father (Eul Dam). Resourcefulness- because she herself (not Taedo, not the Prince, not anyone) looked for left-over clay all over Bunwon until she found the alternative to clay (sorry I forgot its name) material. When asked how she knew about the alternative clay, she explained she learned it from her father (Eul Dam). Then, despite the time constraint, she managed to complete (by herself) and submit the required clay body.

    In the second competition, which was shown in the latest episode, Jung-Yi showed her sensitivity to the end-user of the cups she’s going to make. When she came up with design for her cups, she was mindful of the banquet guests being elderly and frail and who are to receive the winning cups. If at first winning was important, Jung-Yi also realized ( and admitted to the Prince), that the needs of the users of the cups are more important. She knows how to and does think of others’ welfare too.

    But my most favorite virtue of Jung-Yi (shown in the second competition) is a virtue that clearly demonstrates she is not the same as her biological father. Jung-Yi would like not only herself to succeed as a ceramist but also others – even those who are mean to her, like the woman worker who lied to her about the start time of the first competition. Unlike her biological father who thinks he and his son are the only ones who have the right to become the Royal ceramists, Jung-Yi hopes she can prove that being a woman working near a Kiln will bring no harm so that other women can aspire to be and become ceramists too. She said this to her Teacher Munso and then invited that other woman worker to accompany her at the Kiln. Jung-Yi’s invitation was so sincere and thoughtful that the other woman worker was taken aback and had to pause before eventually declining it. That scene with Jung-Yi reaching out to the other woman worker, extending to her that invitation to join Jung-Yi at the kiln at a time discrimination against women ceramists was the norm, clearly shows Jung-Yi’s generosity, a trait she can only learn from her father (Eul Dam) and not from the biological father.

    I can’t help then but cheer for Jung-Yi’s character who is generous, is resourceful, is coachable, and is sensitive to the needs of others.
    Thanks to the 2 competitions for showing me these virtues of Jung-Yi.

    P.S. That Jung-Yi showed her sensitivity to the needs of others makes me confident she will come around for Tae Do. Jung-Yi Fighting! 🙂

    • I agree with you on that! I think Jung Yi has so much on her plate with trying to set her mind on one thing and it’s about her career. I admire her for that. Honestly most of us girls would loose focus as soon as we fall in love or have a relationship. I like that she said she need to keep focus on trying to be the best Ceramist. I know I sucks that Tae Do can’t be with her right when he asked to be but come on. This girl isn’t heart-less she loves Tae Do, If she didn’t she wouldn’t have kept his shoes all these years and she really only trust him. Jung Yi maybe innocent, not very smart when it comes to reading people, but none the less she is intelligent still because she was able to figure out how do become a ceramicist and solved all the problem along the way, well most of them. She’s not deceiving others, trying to bring other down for her own benefit, or take credit for other people; like the villains in the drama like Hwang and her biological father. I’m not just saying this because I’m a huge fan of Moonie, but she is a great actress, Remember she is playing a role. Moonie FIGHTING!!

    • Excellent, very well stated is your description of Jung Yi’s character. She is not definitely like her biological father.

  12. I totally agree with bashful. We can’t really blame Yi Jung. Tough childhood, tough loss… + she has a promise, something to fulfill. That’s why she can seem selfish sometimes.
    But come on everyone knows she has a pure and generous heart, that she wants others to succeed as well as her. She just wants to be an example to follow & she wants truth and justice too. That’s the difference between Yi Kang Cheon and Jung Yi his daughter. Tae Do already knows that and understands it, that’s why he cherishes Jung doesn’t want to give her up (although I think there’ll be a moment in the drama where he’ll give up).

    I’m saying this alghough sometimes Jung Yi’s characters is getting on my nerves… It’s just because I want her with Tae Do and not with the prince.
    Hwa Ryeong.. I never liked her. Even when she was a child, I never felt a good vibe coming from her. I was wary & you can tell that even back then she hated Jung, in a way. So sorry for Hwa Ryeong since she can’t overcome and have a new start (I think YukDoo and her are the same, they suit each other).

    I want more Tae Do !! More Tae Do !! And despite the low rakings I still believe in the story and in the drama. I feel like it will get better now (with more Tae Do I hope). Also, what do you think of episode 17 preview ? Will Tae Do take Jung to Bin in order to save her or something ?

    For me, it’s not time to think ’bout Detective Dee and Angelababy. we’ll talk about that in a few months or idk when (when the movie is out). Let’s focus on Bummie and Moonie’s chemistry behind the scenes and in the drama.

  13. When I watch The Winter That Wind Blow, I didn’t realized KB’s existence because I pay too much attention on Song Hye Kyo and the lead actor. Honestly there a too many good looking K-actors now days that is hard to stand out from the rest. Usually I just watch and forget them no matter how good looking they are but not until I watch GOF, KB really caught my attention. Then I also watched his movie Psychometry, he is really good. He got this mysterious look that he is very suitable for thriller, fiction movie that involved a lot of thinking. He got this vibes similar to Aaron Kwok, Leon Lai and Andy Lau. In my opinion, he will do better than Lee Min Ho(mianhae to Lee Min Ho).

    • From what I’ve seen, a lot of Korean actors are not that cute. They’re just hot. Some actors either had nose jobs or double eyelid surgery…trust me,.there are certain actors who stand more than others because of their good looks. For me, the best looking actors are Kim Bum, song seung hun, and jang dong gun.

    • did you know The Winter That Wind Blow is a remake of the movie Love Me Not. Guess who star in that movie. Moon geun young. LOL It’s funny how he was in the remake of her movie now they are acting together in this drama. 🙂 I think beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Some see others pretty but others dont see the same thing. Because everyone has their own preferences on looks. but i think moonie is cute and bummie is a cutie too. they look good together. they have the same vibe when they are together. they connect really well. that’s just my opinion though. 🙂

      • I agree that MGY is cute, but I feel bad that people say she’s not pretty and not a hottie because she looks like a kid in middle school. They said a really handsome guy like Kim Bum deserves better and should go out with his co-star Angelababy, who is so pretty and hot. This is NOT my opinion, but I’m just telling you what I’ve heard from A LOT of people’s comments online.

      • I agree that Angelababy and Kim Bum are both gorgeous hotties..they should go out because they have chemistry and look so good together.

  14. Thanks for the recaps. First time commenter: I agree, it really is a slow moving show with very linear arcs and terribly wanting of substance. I enjoyed the snark and the flippant comments. I found myself laughing at the Hwa Ryung cheering. Yet I had to ask myself – did I along with anyone who cheered, just endorse betrayal there? It is perhaps one thing to be annoyed with Jung-yi being coddled for too long, yet does that justify a friend betraying her – when it could mean death? I understand the frustration among viewers – counting mine. But given the target market for this show (after all it is funded by some ministry for the arts) and perhaps the dozens of young folks (teenagers included) to whom nuanced understanding is not yet a fully formed concept – perhaps the villain glorification or at least her action, leaves something to pause?

    Cheering and accepting Hwa Ryung’s action is understandable — from a story-telling vantage. The writers went there.. sure. But worthy of praise? If the writers were a bit more creative – they could have thought of something more stylized and with substance. This just looked cheap and an easy devise. More than that – morally, for those of us cheering — hmmmm isn’t she just as self-absorbed as Jun-yi? Here we are complaining of one – yet glorifying the other? Did I just exchange one form of self-absorption with another?

    Jung-yi’s self absorption can be due to her sea-cucumber brain; Not excusing the writers of the show. But having been around artists – and jung-yi per history is an artist – I venture to ask: isn’t self-absorption one thing that can fuel artistry? That’s why they manage to create something out of thin air—because their thoughts inhabit a different world than ordinary folks like us.

    But Hwa Ryeong – isn’t she a begrudging soul? Jung after all won because of a better idea. And she did the labor to create art. Simplistic – true –but that’s the writers glorious lack of imagination. But coddled? For what – having a better idea than Lee? It will be hard for me to argue that Hwa ryung likes the Royal ceramist – and therefore sympathizing with him. The narrative is pretty clear: Tae-do is who she is after. Ceramist lee is just a useful tool—one whom she has been toying with and playing like clay in her hands – so is there nobility there? So are we cheering her for faking sympathy – because she is sore for losing Tae do? Man, aren’t I cheap then? After complaing of all the cheap ideas and contrived conflicts the writers have been inflicting on the viewers, did I just endorse another one on top of the many contrivances?

    Perhaps the sensitivity and the morality of conveniently discarding a friend – leaving her life threatened (perhaps she never really considered Jung-yi as one—but it isclear Jung-yi thought of her as such) – rubbed me the wrong way looking back. I can’t take back my laughter – but it sure gave me something to think about.

    • I agree with you i don’t like Hwang at all. She seem to be jealous since they were young. Jung was and has always been very sincere towards her, but Hwang keeps thinking that Jung was trying to take everything from her from the very start. I think Hwang is the one who is self absorbed here, She has and only thought of herself, while Jung thought of her as a friend. She only thought of Jung as a competition. She betrayed Jung even though she knew Jung entrusted very few about Jung’s identity. And as for the Royal Ceramist. She never cared for him. She was just following what her boss told her to do, use him for her own benefit. She’s a deceiving, manipulative, two faced b– i mean person. LOL

  15. Surprisingly Kim Bum’s pronunciation in Chinese is very good. He is better than Choi Siwon. He should start considering to learn Chinese. If not mistaken, so far there is no any Korean actor who are fluent in Chinese. Just like Takeshi Kaneshiro, he got the advantages because he know Mandarin, Chinese and Japanese.

  16. Did you know that Kim Bum can speak both Korean and Japanese fluently? He’s learning Chinese from his co-stars in the upcoming movie Detective Dee.

  17. Now that I finished ep 16 time to comment,
    I hate Hwa Ryeong! You little snitch! Very inconsiderate of her to rat on Jung to Lee Kang Cheon, risking her dear friend’s life. And how can she blame Jung for all that she doesn’t have e.g a pottery father & Tae Do orabeoni!! Also I almost chuckled when she said now Jung have put the only man that loves her (Yook Do) into despair, the cheek of her whilst she didnt love Yook Do at all. And I cant believe Yook Do turned his back on Jung saying that what he regretted the most in his life is teaching her spinning the wheel. Come on! Man up, he can’t get pass the fact that he loses to a mere female menial worker and have to lash back at Jung?! WTF I thought he would be a little bit lenient to Jung unlike his unscrupulous father. I’m eager to know his reaction if he finds out Jung is actually his half-sister.

  18. Can’t wait to see the conflict get more intense and more drama please. A lot of fans are hoping the next 16 episodes (second half) will be better…if the director and screenwriter “improves the story SOON”. The past episodes have been so boring, but now that Jung Yi gets betrayed and her identity is revealed, I think it’s getting A LITTLE BIT more interesting. Hopefully, the ratings will go up.

    • Other than the boring plot up until now, Goddess of Fire would not be as good without Kim Bum and his portrayal as Tae Do. Everybody likes his endearing character, his acting is good. He is a very handsome warrior in a historical drama (and in real life, of course!!). Watching scenes with gwanghae and jung yi are not that romantic because MGY has more chemistry with Kim Bum than lee sang yoon.

  19. There’s no doubt that Moon Geun can act.
    She will always look cute like a little girl.
    What really bothers me the most is her cross-eyed.
    I don’t know if it’s the camera angle, but it’s been noticeable lately.
    She should do something about them.

    • @cupcake
      Even though MGY is a good actress, some people said her acting in cheongdamdong Alice is not that good. They said same thing about her acting in goddess of fire. When you’re an actor, no matter how good you are, people still criticize you.

      • i agree with you. people always seem to hate on actors because the actors and actresses are not following what they want them to do. It’s all the directors and writers directing them. so stop criticizing them for they just doing what they are told. And another thing moonie is a great actress if not she wouldn’t have won all them awards even winning the Top Actress award. But then again no one is perfect i guess.

      • We can all see that Kim Bum can act. The drama critics praise him and said his acting was good in Padam Padam as the guardian angel, and he was also good in That Winter The Wind Blows. On the contrary, I’ve heard certain people criticize him and said his acting is just OK or not that good. Like I said, no matter how good actors are (plus no matter how hard they work), people still criticize them. It’s okay because everyone knows Kim Bum is talented and besides acting, he is also a good singer. Have you heard him sing live? He’s got nice strong vocals.

    • Me too, I find her cross-eyes is quite annoying. I think it has to be in the character they want her to be. She never do that in her other film or drama. Well their lives as an artist will never escape from criticism. The artist are the front lines of the production, whatever good or bad, their are the first one to hit. Many peoples forget that the script, producer, director and the whole team behind the scene play the roles too.

  20. One more thing, Koreans don’t admit this but in Asian culture, there are some people nowadays who still favor male celebrities (a little) more than females. Even though MGY is always the leading actress and wins many awards, she is still NOT more popular than her co-star Kim Bum, who is always second lead but still a good actor. MGY’s Facebook account has less than 200,000 followers, but Kim Bum’s Facebook has almost 5,000,000 followers. In specific countries like Vietnam, KB’s name is more popular than MGY. My friends who live in Vietnam told me.

    • MGY’s Facebook account was made by her fans. They update news about her, but I’m surprised she does not have too many followers.

    • @Jamie. I do not think it is an Asian culture that favored male celebrities more. I think it has to do with the gender. Male celebrities get more attention and easy to get famous than female celebrities. The K-actors or idols are really ridiculously famous around the world. If you see the S-Junior or 2PM concert, I think 98% the audiences are girls. Yes, you are right about Kim Bum popularity in Vietnam and I was amazed their entertainment news reporting on Kim Bum are really efficient and faster than Korea or the China news.

      • Trust me…I know it has to do with both Asian culture and gender based on doing research for anthropology, sociology, and what I learn from Asian people that I interact with. Other than Korea, other countries like China, India, Bangladesh, and countries in the Middle East – men have more privilege than women. Of course the girls love the Korean male stars, but for the Korean male audience, there are some people who look down on women.

      • Like I said, MGY may be the main leading actress and win a lot of trophies, but she still does NOT exceed Kim Bum’s popularity. He goes to more fan meetings than her, has more endorsement deals (helps him make more money), has more followers on Facebook/ weibo. Besides Vietnam, KB’s name is a little more popular than MGY in other places like the Phillippines, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka. I know which countries based on news I’ve read and KB’s followers on his social network accounts.

      • @Jamie. I am an Asian and I agreed with you to some degree. I’m not from China but I know some of China’s history. In the Chinese opera 100 years ago, they only have men actors and they play for a girl character too. Women are prohibited to become an actress because that is equivalent to a prostitute or even lower standard than a prostitute. I am not fully aware of other Asian countries because I don’t feel the gender different much in the country I stayed. It is interesting to learn some of the facts you mentioned.

  21. Besides Korean audience, there are some people in the male audience from other countries (China, India, Taiwan, and so on) who still “de-value” women’s talent. For example, they think female stars cannot dance as good as the guys. They also think the male stars are better at writing songs than females because the producers and composers are mostly men. Nowadays, men still make more than money than women. I know…It’s UNFAIR!!!!

    • Yeah, I know. Thanks a bunch to our ancestors 1000 years ago who pre-determined the women’s faith and carry on until now. When a man have two women, he is great. When a women have two men(one look like Kim Bum and one look like Mark Chao), she is a bitch. It’s UNFAIR!!!! 🙂

      • You know what else is interesting? The singer Bae Suzy (from girl group Miss A) became the first Korean female star to exceed 1 million followers on twitter….This is another example of sexism between male and female celebrities. When Kim Bum set up his facebook account, it only took him 9 days to surpass 2.5 million followers. But for Bae Suzy, since July 2012 until now, she only has 1.8 million followers after one year.

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