Heroine Si On Tearfully Remembers Dead Ex-boyfriend Hyun Joon in Who Are You in Episode 9

This is not a post about That Drama Which Shall Henceforth Not Be Mentioned. I would rather gouge out my own eyes than watch another minute of it, much less provide any recap or post about it. It is soul-deadening stuff, though I can reveal that the moronic heroine (who has a life long calling to make pots and cups and saucers) might go blind (for a few episodes at least) after the end of today’s episode. Yay for karma! Perhaps I will check back in when the last episode airs just to get some closure. Until then, buy-bye to the drama duller than beans and hello to my newest crack! Who Are You is still delivering all sorts of goodness with Kim Jae Wook and So Yi Hyun, punctuated by Taecyeon actually making me laugh with his earnest acting and quite endearing character. It’s almost like the male lead is the comic relief and he’s doing a bang up job at that. I can’t take him seriously as a cop, but he’s sure entertaining to watch. Episode 8 ended on a bittersweet moment when one potential relationship takes a giant step forward with the kiss between Si On and Gun Woo, while one past relationship takes a solo cruise to heartbreak island.

Episode 9 keeps the romance on the back burner between Gun Woo and Si On, which works for me because I love them as partners and friends way more than as a couple, even if I’m not adverse to them eventually getting romantic. But the drama seems to follow the same trajectory I would have structured, which is that Si On can’t really fall for Gun Woo (and she’s not yet at this stage) until she remembers her past love with dead ex-boyfriend Hyun Joon and that relationship finishes whatever was left unfinished when he died so unexpectedly. Another quick ghost of the week makes an appearance in this episode, but it continues to have ties to the big drug bust that went South 6 years ago. Kim Jae Wook continues to steal every episode with his limited screen time, with a character that is loveable when alive and totally pitiable now that he’s dead. Episode 9 ends with the long awaited real reunion between Si On and Hyun Joon when she finally remembers him and their past together. When she cried and called him “oppa”, I silently sobbing along with her. I love how WAY takes the dead ex-love storyline that we see often used in K-dramas and along with its I-see-ghosts gimmick, and merges it perfectly into an emotional exploration of what happens when a love story ends so suddenly.

tvN released official stills of the flashback cafe scene and Kim Jae Wook is the most gorgeous cop in uniform I have ever ever ever seen. Ever. *jawdrop*

A recap of the final scene which I have screencapped below. Si On walks into the little bookstore café and the owner recognizes her. She then sees a Polaroid of her and Hyun Joon hugging strung up on a line. That leads her to a flashback of when the picture was taken when she graduated police academy and met up with Hyun Joon here. She remembers him, and he shows up again as a ghost. She sees him and starts crying, calling him oppa like she used to and apologizing for not remembering him. Poor Hyun Joon continues to look like someone literally ripped his guts out and gave it back to him tied up as a bow. Oh the delicious angst and pain!

I really love the third song off the OST which really speaks to Si On and Gun Woo’s growing friendship as well as captures the love that she used to have with Hyun Joon before he was so viciously taken from her. Watch the just released official MV which is basically a video recap of the first 8 episodes of this drama.

Official MV for Yoo Seung Eun “Because Love Grows”:



Heroine Si On Tearfully Remembers Dead Ex-boyfriend Hyun Joon in Who Are You in Episode 9 — 21 Comments

  1. I’m enjoying this drama too!

    It’s such an odd duck though… I mean, who is the second lead male after all? Kim Jae Wook gets very little screen time but somehow manages to show such a stirring performance and his character is 100 times more interesting than any of the others.
    Taecyeon is doing an OK job at being lighthearted and funny… but at the same time I can’t take him seriously and I feel zero chemistry between him and the heroine (aka: Most Incompetent Cop Ever). He’s like the hilarious sidekick of every rom-com who may or may not get a love line.

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to seeing more of The Dead Ex-Boyfriend backstory.

  2. Never had second lead syndrome so bad before (actually only had it maybe 3 times before) and knowing for a fact he has no chance is just killing me … Kjw is seriously an amazing actor he needs to be the male lead in his next drama him always being second lead is just so sad

    • Even in the stills, it is so obvious that KJW is just killing it here. He so owns this show, which is why I can’t watch it because it just makes me too mad because he isn’t the lead but thanks so much for the recaps so at least I get to see him. Sigh.

  3. Thank you Koala….as I sit here crying….that MV was beautiful….oh…Kim Jae Wook, is amazing. You are right, he steals every scene he is in….. 😀

  4. Man I’ve been in pain before but actually having the 2nd lead have NO chance whatsoever and the girl in love with him is sheer pain.

    Also I’ve never seen KJW look so manly and charismatic since he left MR . He’s devastatingly good looking.

    • I would like a finale where she gets to choose between the two men in her life. She gets shot in a reenactment of the first scene and hovers between life and death as she walks wonderingly down this long long corridor. She stops when she sees Jae Wook in the distance, beautiful and whole again, the man she had loved so much, surrounded by blinding light, smiling, “I’ve missed you so…come with me, my love”, but someone is calling,calling her name, and she turns around and sees Taecyeon in the shadows, crying, “Don’t leave me, please don’t leave me…”

  5. I just finished watching the episode with subs. Oh I like were the story is headed. I like that she finally remembers him and it’s great how this happened after last wk’s episode with the kiss. And KWJ in uniform… just wow…caliente. He is doing such a fantastic job. Such presence on screen that even though he does not have much dialogue most of the time, there is no way to take your eyes off him (and why would we, when he is looking so good 😉 ).
    Ms. Koala, so it’s no more of the Drama that shall not be mentioned. I must say that you did us the incredible favor of sticking with it for as long as you did.

  6. Augh… It’s heartbreaking! Second time in my life I’m shipping the second lead despite him being dead… I’m crazy -.-

    • As for Kim Jae Wook, after this drama I’ll be forever a fan and I’m already hoping in the next drama, he’ll be alive. He is hot in uniform.. Actually, he’s hot in that blue shirt he wears too.

  7. I am also enjoying this drama a lot. I like all the characters and I also like that she finally remembers him. Thank you for recapping the show.
    And KJW is doing a fantastic job with his character, even if he only gets a few scenes. I have liked him as an actor since I saw him in Coffee Prince. He deserves to be the main lead in a drama already. 🙂

  8. Love the song! Yes, KJW is killing’ it here. Yes, he needs to be the lead in a drama like, right now! And yes, he’s got me second-lead shipping a dead guy! He is by far the best thing about this drama for me.

  9. Those final scenes at the bookstore cafe are just beautiful. I feel terrible right now because of some personal problems but this show makes me forget everything bad. Thank you for your comments.

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