Movie Actress Han Ye Ri and Lee Jang Woo in Talks to Join Jang Geun Seok in Beautiful Man

I’m already girded for some fur to fly on this casting news. Jang Geun Seok has been linked to the upcoming manhwa adaptation of Beautiful Man for a month now, even turning down the other male lead in Ha Ji Won’s upcoming mega sageuk Empress Ki because of the conflicting schedules. There were murmurings that Jung So Min was offered the leading lady role, but that’s all come to a screeching halt with breaking news that rising movie actress Han Ye Ri will be joining Jang Geun Seok in BM. That wasn’t the only casting news for this drama, Lee Jung Woo is also in talks to round out the love triangle and give the beautiful man a run for the money. So it’ll be effeminate self-absorbed man versus lunky man child? I know which one I’d pick (hint: neither). For those of you unfamiliar with Han Ye Ri, she has racked up an impressive number of movies on her acting resume since her debut in 2009, and in the interim has only starred in one K-drama. She was a supporting character role in the period war drama Road No. 1, which is one of those abominably written and directed dramas that the three leads likely already zapped from their memory and resume. Han Ye Ri’s star is rising especially high this year after winning the Best New Actress award in the film category of the Baeksang Art Awards this year for the movie As One. I still haven’t seen it but it’s that North and South Korea ping pong movie starring the awesome lady duo of Ha Ji Won and Bae Do Na, with Han Ye Ri also playing a ping pong player in the movie. In Beautiful Man, Han Ye Ri will be playing Kim Bu Dong (literally means Kim Ordinary) who has harbored a crush for the last ten years on beautiful man Dokko Ma Te. Lee Jang Woo’s character is named David Choi and is a manager of a home shopping network. For whatever reason, he falls for Bu Dong and a love triangle and rivalry springs up between the two men. Jang Geun Seok’s fans are not being very nice in describing Han Ye Ri’s looks so I won’t throw my opinion into the mix other than to say she looks very striking with strong features, and Jang Geun Seok is clearly going to be the prettier one between the two of them. Which I guess is the point of the story?

I’m kinda surprised that Lee Jang Woo is actually considering the second male lead role in this drama, especially since he’s already been the male lead for his last two dramas on MBC which was I Do, I Do and Oh Ja Ryung is Coming. I’m also really confused by why Han Ye Ri, a quirky actress who is a movie regular and rarely sets foot in drama land, would want to do this role where she basically plays a doormat. This casting news is very surprising for sure, but I’m pretty annoyed at the Jang Geun Seok fangirls in DC and Baidu insulting Han Ye Ri’s looks left and right. She might not be cute but that’s hardly anything worth discussing, especially since this drama is not called Beautiful Woman and her character is not supposed to be gorgeous. I hope she grows out her hair for this role, since the manhwa Bu Dong has long hair and I think it’ll soften Kim Ye Ri’s features a bit.


Movie Actress Han Ye Ri and Lee Jang Woo in Talks to Join Jang Geun Seok in Beautiful Man — 38 Comments

  1. I’m a little confused too. With that kind of resume, I’m not sure why she’d want to do this one. But I guess, she could be wanting to branch out and do different roles? Grasping at straws here.

    Goodness what is wrong with fans? Her character isn’t supposed to have movie star looks. Besides, half of the pretty looks out there aren’t all-natural anyways. I’m not sure if hers is but I like the way she looks cause she’s unique and doesn’t look like everyone else.

    LJW, I like him. I’m also not sure why he’d take a 2nd lead role and in this drama none other. But for me, as long as the role is acted well, I guess it doesn’t really matter if it’s a lead or not (in terms of honing ones skills). But I have my doubts about the quality of this drama.

    Producers – prove me wrong!

    • Fangirls – what a plague. The poor girl would probably be criticized just as harshly if they decided she was too pretty to be up against their dear JGS. She looks natural, she can act – that’s probably why they really are hating on her. She may well do a better job than JGS, who has been inconsistent to say the least.

      • Yep. :-/ Those are the fans who’ll complain that beautiful actresses are surgery-perfected clones, and then complain that anyone who kept the face she was born with isn’t beautiful enough. There’s just no winning with them. Blah.

    • Maybe it’s a unilateral decision of her agency, since she’s relatively new, maybe she doesn’t have much say regarding potential casting offers. And most agencies would want to raise their actor’s overseas profile, since it means more profit for them.

      With regards to looks, it really makes me realize how narrow-minded Korea can be with regards to beauty. They just have 1 template of beauty (fair-skin, big eyes, oval/small face, quiet personality) and if you deviate in any one of their criteria (ex. square jaw…), they’ll shred you to pieces. Women with strong features are rarely acknowledge as being pretty, no matter how proportional their features are.

      • Absolutely agree with that (ie narrow mindedness with regards to looks). She has an interesting face and she can probably really act too. Sick of sausage factory perfection that comes only from the surgeon’s knife.

    • I also have doubts about the drama but from the looks of it, there is something special going on…JKS has chosen this drama over starring with Ha Ji Won who is well loved in korea and has always been successfull in movies and dramas. I know that he is not well loved in korea so if he want to increase his fame and credibility his country, Empress Ki drama is a better or a safer choice. He also said before that he is looking at 3 drama scripts. And after a few months, it was revealed that he would star in BM. Another is Lee Jung Woo. I don’t get it why he would consider a second lead. Well, unless he had read the script and was impressed by it. 3rd is the scriptwriter. In my opinion, he/she had created one of the best movies i have seen.

  2. Kim Yeri looks like a different person in each picture. O__o. I don’t remember seeing her in Road No. 1, but heck, I don’t remember anything in that drama – thank goodness.
    I hate how annoyed I am whenever any news of this drama pops up. I seriously never thought I’d come a day when JGS annoys me.

    • Played the North Korean nurse. She killed it, absolutely killed it. Embarrassed Kim Ha-Neul to the point it was cringeworthy to witness.

      Girl is a phenomenal talent. This will be throwaway, made-for-Japan garbage at best, but if it helps her gain some momentum…

  3. They just dont wanna cast an actress who will look more beatiful than the beautiful man himself. I hope they cast her, just because she can act.

  4. I really liked Han Ye Ri in As One. She was really good and more than held her own against such big hitters like Ha Ji Won and Bae Do Na. I was sitting on the edge of my chair and each family who passed by at first said, “You’re watching ping pong?” and then could not help themselves to stay and watch. Perhaps she is doing this show to raise her profile even though she has clearly been acknowledged for her acting. I don’t understand why people do not think she is attractive. I would much rather have her opposite Jang Geun Sook than Yoon Ah. She seems like she is someone who needs taken care (and Jang Guen Sook is increasingly giving off that vibe as well). Han Re Yi gives off an air of confidence that I find really interesting. Let’s hopw your doormat prediction is wrong here.

  5. Wow, this is boggling my mind. She’s an excellent actress, no idea why she’d want to star in this piece of crap. Also, I don’t think she’s ugly at all, just because she doesn’t look like Suzy or Yoona doesn’t mean she’s unattractive. If anything, JGS has been looking terrible lately and he’s currently in no state to play a ‘beautiful’ man imo.

    The only reason Lee Jang Woo would take second lead is bc JGS’ star power outshines him. But yeah, it’s still weird.

  6. I really hate that I keep checking out more news about this drama when I already hate it and would most likely not even give it a chance. In any case, I find it fitting that they find someone who may not be as gorgeous because the character is named ‘ordinary’ – for the love of god.

    I’m more worried about finding JGS more ‘beautiful’ than her – and that’s not really a good thing. Honestly, this drama is not a good thing. I hate everything about it from the premise to the characters and specifically a narcissist asked to play one. But anyway, I’m sticking around for more news, and fangirls can accuse me of why I bother with something I hate – but hey, my life my choice =)

  7. I’ve seen South Bound lately and for me Han Yeri looked absolutely stunning. I think that this drama itself would be a quirky choice for her but JGS makes me lose interest. He’s been outrageous since Mary.

    • “Outrageous” is a perfect description for JGS these days -and not in a good way. It’s a shame, because while admittedly I’ve never been a JGS fangirl, I actually think he’s got a lot of acting talent. It’s just hard to see it these days when his main focus seems to be on being JGS as opposed to working on his craft.

  8. Han Ye Ri looks adorable.

    It’s just not worth casting any woman who’s pretty next to Jang Geun Seok, unless she’s of Shin Mina or peers’ caliber. Or unless he decides to go fugly by letting himself fall apart completely, it’s just no go.

    FWIW, I like her face, a LOT. Totally cute. A face that says she knows how to get into some innocent, tomboy-ish trouble.

  9. I prefer her unique natural looks to the plastic generic clone looks of some Korean stars. Her facial structure is perfect and her features are symmetrical. I love that she does not have fake looking plastic nose. It will be interesting to see her opposite JGS.

  10. Er what’s wrong with her looks. Seperately she has double eyelids, strong cheekbones, high bridge nose, lovely lips and good jawline.Lovely skin without blemishes. All the things people actually correct and want for plastic surgery. Plus does she have dimples? People go for dimple creations.

    I think she is lovely and put together her face is distinctive and lovely.

    Then you add in her acting talent.

    Pfft * fangirls *

  11. I think she is both adorable and striking which makes her much more interesting than just a pretty face. Its interesting because Jang Geun suk is the same, I am not sure that if wasn’t Lee Geun Suk everyone would get his brand of “beauty” I know I didn’t at first.

  12. Forget her looks man, she is fantastic!!! Easily my favorite find of 2013 in As One, I even thought she out-acted Ha Ji Won, (her and Bae Doona…but then again the north had all my favorites)…yeah, a little bewildering that she’d pick this considering the stuff she usally does are indie films but maybe she wants to strike out into more mainstream stuff now?…especially considering her recent streak of popularity…and if she’s doing this drama, I’m guessing there might be something worth checking out about this drama afterall…it would be interesting to see her and Jang Geun Suk together visually..far more interesting than pairing him up with all those cookie cutter faces that have been named before

  13. She is also in the new movie Alumni with TOP of BIG BANG. The timing of this drama and that movie will come out nicely where she can get a good spot light for both.

    And those two guys alone will give good exposure for the drama and movie as their fanbase are totally hallayu wave should i say.

  14. she’s cute.. i don’t see why the fuss is all about. hope she’ll floor all those people..

    have to admit i love JGS – yes, he is kinda outrageous but im still a fan (i even watched Love Rain until the end). his antics make me shake head most of the time and most often that not i wish he’d snap out of it.

  15. She is new to me but I can love a good actress no matter how she looks. Bring it on and flattened Heirs and Age of Feelings.

  16. i am a fan of JGS, and not everyone hates this actress. I would definitely love to see him act with a solid actress than a pretty girl who cannot act. In fact, after the announcement of the cast, i actually find this pair more interesting. I think they will have good chemistry.

  17. i think this drama is gonna be a surprise cuz every thing is really kept in secret and this casting is getting really interesting this drama and you know th production is gonna be great so how know this could be better than heirs .

  18. i dont understand that you love jang geun suk but you keep telling bad things about him ??? if you really love him like you said as an actor stop that shit hole mouch of yours and talk in a good way …i’m sure he doesnt give sh*t about you !!!!!!!1

  19. Whoaaa, what a good news about the female lead. Although I haven’t seen her movies, only seeing her picture, I could see her strong character and has ability to act. With her impression, it seemed she could attract audience’ interest by her acting ability; not by her look only. A celebrities that could attract people interest by acting is real actor/actress right? No matter what she/he look like.

    And by the way, seeing the comment related with this drama news, I could see similar pattern with the drama itself. How mostly JKS fans react to her, it looks like how Dokko Ma Te first reacts to Kim Bu Dong right as described in the first manhwa book? Han Ye Ri will have challenge to change people opinion through this drama then, hehehe.. For sure, I believe, she could handle it well..

    I have good faith in this drama because somehow, people reaction (haters or fans or neutral one) is already similar with the manhwa storyline itself and already take part in the drama story itself. Good job, producer!

  20. Read this at random and woukd just like to clarify one part in this article..the ine saying that JKS fans are cimmenting the she is not pretty..please dont generalize them. I am one and I know lots of eels also thinkinh the same way as the author..that she has a striking and exotic korean beauty. 😉 and with her acting and acting award background..really cant wait to see the series.^^

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