Choi Myung Gil Cast as Future Yoon Eun Hye in Future’s Choice and Tells Her Not to Marry Lee Dong Gun

More news about upcoming KBS drama Future’s Choice (Mi Rae’s Choice) and I’m liking what I’m hearing. I’m sure only folks familiar with the TVB oeuvre have ever watched the 1990 drama Cherished Moments with Leon Lai and Kathy Chow (it was a classic), but when I heard about Future’s Choice and the time-traveling heroine I immediately thought about that drama (which really was a drama adaptation of the Hollywood movie Peggy Sue Got Married). The idea is that the heroine suffers a painful heartbreak with her husband and gets transported to the past. She vows to make different decisions so that she doesn’t end up married to the same guy, but in the course of reliving the past she falls in love with him all over again even with the knowledge that he’ll break her heart later on. In the end, past her still picks the same guy and her spirit goes back into the future and realizes that they were always meant to be together regardless of the heartbreak, and they end up working through their issues in the future. The idea is that love is not easy or perfect but there are no way to make decisions that are correct. The only thing that is certain is whether the couple genuinely love each other. And in both stories, they always do despite the leading lady knowing better. So the synopsis of Future’s Choice is that 50-something Mi Rae played by Choi Myung Gil travels back to meet her 32-year old self played by Yoon Eun Hye in order to advise her to avoid making the same series of decisions that leads her to marry Lee Dong Gun.

Putting aside the glaring question of “A girl would have to be insane to not want to marry Lee Dong Gun!!!”, or a character that looks like him (sorry but his hotness literally shorts brain circuits), this is definitely a remake of Peggy Sue and Cherished Moments, except this time the twist is that future Mi Rae and past Mi Rae will co-exist in the same past, as opposed to future Mi Rae inhabiting the body of past Mi Rae. I’ve watched enough of these movies and dramas to know, and there are more than the two I mentioned with the general idea of trying to avoid something that isn’t working out, that the OTP will always always end up together again. So never fret, I will bet my knickers that Yoon Eun Hye will still end up with Lee Dong Gun even after a do-over! I reported that Han Chae Ah was the second female lead last week before the official news came out, and she’s now been confirmed but with her confirmation came a bit more information about her character. She has a love line with second male lead played by Jung Yong Hwa, but something happens to create a rift in their relationship. Lemme see, she’s dating Jung Yong Hwa but decides to make a play for Lee Dong Gun? Or she’s dating Jung Yong Hwa and he starts getting interested in Yoon Eun Hye, so she moves on? Whatever is the case, I’m already putting money down that the second leads will end up together at the end as well. We can revisit this post come end of December when the drama finishes and see if I’m right or wrong. Yoon Eun Hye with Lee Dong Gun!!! I’m so excited and haven’t been this giddy about a Eun Hye drama since she was confirmed for Lie to Me opposite Kang Ji Hwan

I really like mom actor Choi Myung Gil, and it’s going to be riot watching her hectoring and lecturing her past self played by Yoon Eun Hye. Lee Dong Gun is going to be so smexy that even knowing her future self says NO, present self will not be able to say not to him. Mark my words, the leading man is going to be even more awesomer than usual just to overcome the leading lady’s reservations about him. Reservations in the form of her future self telling her to run the other way. Ha, this is going to be so exciting to watch. Han Chae Ah and Jung Yong Hwa will make an interesting potential couple as well. Here’s to hoping they don’t cockblock the OTP too much. Future’s Choice premieres in early October after Good Doctor on Mon-Tues.


Choi Myung Gil Cast as Future Yoon Eun Hye in Future’s Choice and Tells Her Not to Marry Lee Dong Gun — 31 Comments

  1. Sounds familiar. Apart from the original tvb drama, china filmed a similar story about two years ago with siwon of super junior as male lead, yuan hong as the second male lead and Chinese actress as female lead. I think yet to be unaired – similar premise but different industry. Female is married to siwon (who is sporting a belly by this time) with a kid. Then she went back in time and met yuan hong (i think is her boss). How would she choose second time round? Drama called 转身说爱你 i think

  2. it’s gonna be interesting but what i don’t get is why K-Drama always casts someone younger than the character’s age. Young actress/actor ages before their time, sometimes they can pull it off sometimes not.. when they did, it’s good only when they play closer to their real age – i got weirded by it. is it to create an allusion that koreans are eternally youthful?

    No wonder they often resorted to shaving a few years of their age..

  3. I am excited but I have my reservations based on the past track record of me getting disappointed. But I really hope this one is good.

    Cherished Moments is one of the first TVB series that I ever recall seeing. I remembering liking it but back then, I was really too young to fully grasp the emotions involved. Lately, I have been on a blast from the past, late 80s-90s kick recalling things that bring back good memories. I know that this type of storyline will definitely be interesting for me. I just hope the execution is good 🙂 Fighting!!

    Can’t wait to see YEH and LDG onscreen together.

  4. I’m really excited now! I saw Peggy Sue on Netflix last year and it wasn’t what I had expected but I really liked it. Looking forward to a Korean version (if that’s what it really is).

  5. I am sure we will have a perfect couple YEH+LDG= sizzling chemistry.To tell the truth YEH is able to have a good chemistry,sometimes more ,sometimes less with all her co-stars.On the contrary many others they can not ,and we try to find excuses to the co-star,to the story,and to many different reasons.

      • You ‘re right on this .No chemistry at all there.Also ,not so great chemistry in “My fair lady”.IMO but still I enjoyed the last one and at the end I bought it.

  6. This drama also reminds me of a 2010 Jdrama called “Juunen Saki mo Kimi ni Koishite” starring Aya Ueto. Except it was the man who time-travelled, not the woman.

  7. Hmm. Do I still marry Lee Dong Gun (meaning I get a proposal and honeymoon and . . .)even if I know that 20 years later, he will break my heart, leaving me to cry for days sitting in a closet eating boxes and boxes of Entenmann’s chocolate donuts wacthing December Fever over and over? . . . Yup, I’m in. The surefire sizzle is over powering. I am really interested in what his character does in the future that would make her so wary or pissed enough to want to erase the marraige altogether rather than just go back to when the bad times start. Why is this going to be shown in the middle of the semester?!?!

  8. I’m in since the leading man is not jung yong hwa..
    I already exciting to read the news that lee ĎoŊĞ gung will come back to kdrama land and now i can’t wait to wacthing chemistry beetween him and yoon eun hye.

  9. haha ,and Most important ,we will see some serious Kiss scene in this drama.When YEH is in I have no doubts in this department.LOL.Let’s see if she can beat herself .I ‘m waiting for another “coca -cola”kiss.It can be a ‘sprite “kiss too,I would have no objections.8)))).

  10. I’m so glad you brought up the comparisons to the drama and movie. That had been bugging me since I’d heard about the drama, but I could never remember the specific drama name lol

  11. Okay. This one sounds interesting. Lots of potentials. I haven’t had a satisfying romantic drama/comedy experience in a long while so I hope this one delivers. Puleasssseee.

  12. This sounds like an American Book I read when I was a teenager. I think it was a Young Adult book. The future woman comes back to her high school days that is when she and the future husband were dating and were high school sweethearts. The future woman was apparently so hurt by the husband that she came back to the past with one of her friend (who is a guy who loved her). Both of them plot to make sure that the past woman doesn’t choose the husband to marry again. The future woman and the past woman co-exist at the same time in the past, and the past woman became suspicious of the future woman (I think the future woman tries to seduce the husband when she came to the past so that the past woman would not pick the future husband) The past women became suspicous of the future woman and noted that she looked familiar but can’t tell, I think the future husband actually comes back to the past also and then chaos ensues and then at the end there was a car accident and it was going to hit the past husband but then the past woman sacrifices herself to save the husband cuz she loved him that much in the past, and the future woman realize that it was because she truly loved him in the past. Can’t remember how it ended. This was like 20 years ago I need to find the title of that book.

  13. I didn’t think of that TVB one with Kathy Chow and Leon Lai or the Peggy Sue one cuz, those two were about the woman going back but the future woman and the past women didn’t co-exist, so it is a bit different in that those two shows were like bu bu jing xin, just the spirit went back but not the actual body.

  14. I finally found the book. The book titled is called “See you Later” by Christopher Pike. The plot of Mi-Raes choice sounds like the plot of this book. I will have to definitley re-read this book. Chritopher Pike’s books was one of those authors that I loved to read when I was in middle school!

  15. It also sounds familiar with a J-dorama starring Ueto Aya and Uchino Masaaki, “Jyunen saki mo kimi ni koishite” (still in love with you, ten years later). Except this story the rocket scientist husband goes back in time to stop Aya from marrying him. I guess it’s a thought that goes through everyone’s mind….”what if”.

  16. I hope that the drama is great that will improve more the acting ability of the 3 main leads. I hope YEH will get a big gong of award like Goong, The vineyard man and Coffee prince!

  17. I really know what feelings u have for yonghwa but those he deserve to be hated by some people who sits & eat popcorn while watching drama .. he is a kpop star yeah .. and dose not have mush time .. yeah .. but did u ever read his scripet chara in both u have fallin for me and yab ?
    And about not given him another chance .. people u are sick !! He is a biggener in the acting carer .. theres is no way a biggener can be a profishonal in two dramas .. wake up people .. gosh .. only care about kisses scine =_=””

  18. I’m glad that its Lee Gong Gun is the lead actor perfect for YEH, I
    can’t wait to see the chemistry of YEH & LDG, hopefully its good!.

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