Goddess of Fire Episode 20: Gwanghaegun Gets an Upset Stomach and Tae Do and Jung Yi Learn Who Killed Her Dad

The best part of Goddess of Fire Episode 20 was that orabeoni got a new outfit. It was time to retire his blue and red one, with a reminder after the jump of the awesome scene in episode 19 when he made Jung Yi a rope course and then wrapped a cloth tie around her eyes to shield it from the sun. The new outfit is black with purple and turquoise color edges and looks fantastic on him, especially when he wallops the bad guy. Other than that, more boring repetitive things happened. Jung Yi gets arrested for distributing ceramic bowls to the masses. Gwanghaegun goes to the marketplace and eats some good and then has a stomach ache. I never knew the male lead getting diarrhea would make it into this drama. He discovers that the poor folks use wooden bowls that easily retain dirt and mold, and using glazed ceramic utensils will greatly improve the citizenry and its public health concerns. He gets the King to agree and the pottery department is sent to make bowls for the public, as opposed to spending all their time making frippery for the royal family. Jung Yi and her three lackeys are allowed back to the pottery department, which functions more like a rotating door hostel then a prestigious government institution.

Tae Do’s investigation into the exploding kiln that blinded Jung Yi leads to Kang Chun’s lackey, so Kang Chun throws the lackey under the bus and says he did it all on his own out of jealousy. Right. Jung Yi turns into Mother Theresa and forgives the guy who blinded her and almost killed her. Tae Do suspects the guy may have done more and after battling with him gets confirmation that it’s the same dude who murdered Jung Yi’s dad. He wants Jung Yi out of the department rather than working around murderers and assassins, but instead she gets her goat up remembering her poor dad’s murder and confronts Kang Chun. She tells her real dad that she’s going to beat him (not literally, but that would be easier) and become the best potter around! This episode has a bunch of cool Tae Do-cut scenes that are worth watching, including one where he just stares at Jung Yi with such sweet love as she’s working on the pottery wheel. It makes me hope that their future together is filled with just that type of affection and companionship. I continue to trudge through this drama in hopes of the sail away to Japan ending that will be the ultimate pay-off. That, and Kim Bum‘s gorgeousness as eye candy.

Tae Do cuts in episode 20:


Goddess of Fire Episode 20: Gwanghaegun Gets an Upset Stomach and Tae Do and Jung Yi Learn Who Killed Her Dad — 12 Comments

  1. no, really, major props to you for actually skimming through the drama. I barely have patience for recaps; normally I just go to Youtube for orabeoni cuts and I’m a happy fangirl.

  2. This is hilarious !! The other best part about this episode was when the camera lingered on Kim Bum for quite a while in the first clip…..

    I don’t even wanna watch this drama, but only watch the clips on your blog. We should rename this drama as “Orabeoni is hawt” where the lead actor is Kim Bum, while the rest are side characters.

    Me thinks it is fitting for Gwanghaegun to have diarrhoea cos he seems to be constipated from Ep 1 so it’s good he has release. So let’s hope he stops looking constipated in the later episodes.

    • Based on many online comments, it’s obvious that in this drama GOF, leading actor lee sang yoon is overshadowed by Kim Bum, the beautiful second lead actor and perfectly gorgeous eye candy (with pretty good acting skills).

  3. OMG! Best episode so far! I was really cracking up when Prince Charming had his stomach in so much pain! He really deserves that and more. And I do love the new outfit of my bummie makes him look more manly and I just can’t get enough of him! I LOVE HIM!

  4. Kim Bum FTW!!!! He looks Awesome in this warrior outfits! And he rocks the ‘Mane of Glory’. This episode had little TaeJung skinship compared to others :(. They were arguing most of the time (like hubbies :D) This script sucks, but their chemistry shine so I can’t wait for Monday to come! Thanks so much for mentioning Tae Do’s change of outfit, he looks good in every single one but it’s better if we get to see others on him. ❤

  5. I am really Impressed with Kim Bum’s acting skilled. That’s so great and natural. I can’t get enough with him at GOF. I will watch this drama until the end because Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young. I hope they will give me as viewers more TaeJung/GeunBum’s scenes. Finally, Jung more mature and strong. I love they give my KB new outfit. He’s so handsome. Thanks Koala for recap this episode again.

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