Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub Elevate their Chemistry with an Upcoming Kiss for The Master’s Sun

A kiss is a-coming in The Master’s Sun. Does a kiss make everything better? If the participants are So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin, then the answer would be “oh you betcha!” I actually think TMS is getting comparatively better, but all my initial opinions stand and my gripes are merely lessened somewhat as the story glides on a narrative momentum. This really is a drama tethered to the chemistry of the two leads, because fundamentally the characters aren’t all that interesting and the storyline coasts on easy-to-milk emotions. Who wouldn’t feel sad for dead dogs and poor abused kid ghosts? It’s like shoving a puppy in my face – of course I’m going to say its cute! Similarly, the ghost stories are so superficial but effective in drawing out the emotions from the audience and providing the backdrop to get the OTP closer together as they spend time solving phantom mysteries. It’s like Scooby Doo, except Daphne can see ghosts, Fred has a childhood trauma, and Scooby and Shaggy (Kang Woo and Yi Ryung) are off to the side with their own little storyline bubbling. I knew a kiss was coming right about now for TMS, the Hong Sisters are anything but unpredictable, but they sure know how to stage scenes. Lately I’ve been watching casually with TMS because some stuff is just so pretty. I hope this kiss is sexy and tender, and I’m a sucker for formal wear so having Joogun in his trademark suit while Taeyang is all dolled up (LOVE the dress) makes for extra juicy eye candy when they kiss. Also coming up are two guest star appearances, first being Jung Chan as a famous pianist still grieving over the death of his wife. He’s no stranger to the Hong Sisters after being one of the few adult characters in You’re Beautiful. Seo Hyo Rim is also swinging by the drama, she’ll be playing Joogun’s fiancée and she excels at playing the rich bitch character so this cameo is a total typecast. TMS is still not my cup of tea but it’s definitely watchable with lowered expectations. On a side note, does anything else think L is a terrible actor? Even his good looks fade into the woodwork when I watch his awful line delivery and facial expressions. He needs to stop squinting and trying to look cool. Aish.


Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub Elevate their Chemistry with an Upcoming Kiss for The Master’s Sun — 43 Comments

    • Okay, I’m glad I’m not harshing on L, but dude CANNOT act. At all. That scene with his dad had me staring in shock and horror because rarely have I seen such level of bad acting. On par with Yunho and Changmin level bad.

      • I don’t like the look of this kiss, Ms. Koala!!!

        Taeyang looks like she is not herself!!! Asi in not herself because she’s posses by the crazy ex!!! Hope I’m wrong!

      • hahaha. L is comparatively better than changmin.
        that guy cant act even if a gun was pointed to his head.
        He can be adorable in show but I hope he stirs clear from dramas.

      • oh sorry for L fans but I hate his scenes too 🙁 and he is doing some things with his mouth and lips to look meaner, totally looks artificial on him. There was another rumored guy to play that role idk who was it. Yeah L has very pretty face but I would like to see Beast’s Doojoon as SJS’s younger self, i think he resembles him a bit especially the eyes^^ well hope we would not see L scenes so much till drama finishes 😀

      • At least L was only given a small part in this show. I watched the first 4 episodes of Paradise Ranch. Who gave Changmin the lead role in a 16 episode drama anyway?? I was cringing everytime he was on screen.

      • OMG yes he voice was so grating. I was in actual pain because I had headphones on. I literally stopped the show to google Infinite intreviews to see what he sounds like. That’s actually his voice. So there a reason why he doesn’t talk….like EVER. Knetz always talk about actors having a look or aura, but it has more to do with voices.

      • His voice. HOMG its like a horror movie – pretty face…..BAM tries to act and talk and it morphs into something where you want to scream “go away, go away!”

      • Typical idol acting issues. He did fine when he was well within his wheelhouse – in Shut Up Flower Boy Band he was quite tolerable, because he was basically playing himself as an ambitious, angsty rocker, but force him to stretch beyond that and his limitations are glaringly obvious.
        Acting does require a great deal of voice control and voice training, which is why singers have a slight advantage when they are attempting to act. But you can’t assume that an idol has had voice training – or, actually, can even sing (because if you have ever heard some of them without the support of their bandmates and the evil genius of the recording studio, you are in for a nasty shock!).

  1. As much as I looooooove for that to be a kiss scene between GS and JW, I feel like GS is possessed there (her eyes are a different color, similar to when she was possessed by that ballerina) and JW is trying to get the ghost out of her.

    But hey, I’m not complaining because it’s still a kiss scene between Gong Hyo Jin and So Ji Sub! Haha. Hopefully this won’t just be a mere lifeless peck because I hate those.

  2. Yaaaay I’m not the only one that thinks L just wants to look cool all the time!! I’ve said this comment before already in another one of your posts xD.

    I do like this solely for So Jisub and Gong hyojin. I can’t stop because I just think they’re so hot together.

    I think Kim Yoori is over acting. I know it’s the type of character, but I honestly think she tries too hard to play such a simplistic role. I hope she tones it down a bit because I’ve been forwarding all her parts, and sadly I miss Seo Inguk’s performance as well.

  3. WOAHHH, Really these two rock, if you guys have seen the BTS of their scenes together you will understand what I mean. They should date in Real Life or better: marry already 😀

  4. i dunno, i kinda like the idea that Joo Won is doing that to exorcise Taeyang. at least i haven’t seen something like that before. when i saw the firt kiss picture posted on soompi, i immediately noticed some similarities with the first kiss scene from Best Love, what with the pose, GHJ eyes wide open and the guy holding her face. but yeah, having her possessed and him scrambling to get the spirit out of her, and not just with a mere touch, but a (possibly unnecessary but a “because-he-likes-Gongshil”) kiss, then it sort of elevates the impact and not to mention, ties in with the general basis of their relationship.

    and btw, may i just say i’m glad koala decided to post again about TMS. i’ve been regularly checking your blog just in case. hehe

    • What was actually nice about the “open eyes” was it actually makes sense in the context that she’s possessed. It’s more of a a release mechanism for the spirit (and then she closes her eyes), unlike the usual kiss scenes where the girl looks like she just got hit by a car.

  5. Yup L does it all the time. I’m acting but cannot let the cool act be dropped. Have to make it cool… and he fails.

    He did it all the time on Shut up! Flower boy band, always with that smirk and this ”look I’m so angry” forced look lol.

    • LOL.
      I didn’t watch the show, but I remember the gifs on tumblr everywhere with the lopsided smirk. He is goodlooking, but he can’t sing or act. He should just model.

  6. I am watching this solely for GHJ and SJS. 🙂 They are totally rocking this, even if the story is a little meh for me. It is the only kdrama that I am actually watching.

    It really does look like she has been possessed by either the ex-gf or some other ghost. I can’t imagine that JW is actually kissing TY. He’s in way too much denial so he needs an excuse. 🙂

  7. I can not wait for the kiss between GHJ/SJS. =) As for me, I think L is okay as a newbie actor in this drama. My unnis/dongsengs like Infinite so they are happy to see him in this drama.

  8. It looks good! Can’t wait for the kiss, though from watching the trailer, I think the other comments have it spot on: she is possessed.

    Love that dress she has on though! And I’m definitely following this drama mainly for the actor chemistry. I don’t like ghosts, so I’m always looking forward to more lead interaction and less ghosts.

  9. So happy you write something about TMS again. This drama is awesome and yeaah the two main cast are just uber cool! Love this couple. Yes, they should get together in the real life. Hahaha.

    • Lol! I DID find him terrible (but pretty) in Shut Up.
      I was actually tempted to trial this show when I heard Park Hyung-shik was slated to play baby SJS – he’s so damn promising! And he emotes so deliciously!
      But then he was picked for the Kim Eun-sook drama instead and they picked posturing L instead… Mehs all around.

  10. I follow Master’s Sun solely for the romance bc lbr, the plot is ridiculous. Such mediocre writing, but the chemistry between SJS and GHJ is great (and I just love GHJ, period). Give me makeouts, and give me them NOW. The skinship in this drama is a dream come true tbh.

    Yeah, Myungsoo can’t really act. I have never seen someone so stiff and smirky onscreen.

    He’s so cute though. 🙁

  11. I Love Love this show and the two leads are sizzling Hot together one of the best couples for this year. Love the show but I think I watch it for the two leads, WOW!!

  12. I am watching this series for GHU who I adore, I love her in all her dramas and SJS. The two of them have so much chemistry. They compliment each other, love watching them.

  13. The writing is meh but show is an amusing fluffy watch. Gong Hyo Jin is hitting it out of the ballpark as the adorable Taeyang; and the heroine is what’s keeping me interested. I want the OTP to live happily ever after, but only because I am rooting for her happiness.

    I am not feeling So Ji Sub’s Joongun. I don’t mind jackasses with daddy issues, but I find Joongun cold and off putting. I just don’t think SJS is infusing Joogun with enough humanness for me to really care. I feel like I am watching an actor acing out a caricuture instead of inhabiting one. L’s acting is awful and his voice is so grating. Almost as unimpressive is Seo In Guk. He sounded pretty natural in Reply 1997 but his delivery is very stiff and look wooden when compared to the veteran cast.

    • Have to agree. I find SJS a fine-looking man but his acting … just feels very very very hollow and one-key. I never saw JW as anything but SJS the actor initially but I guess he does have moments where I think okay, I see it/I’m almost feeling it but those are rare and far between.

      GHJ on the other hand is 100% TY. Zero traces of AJ in this character (though they are both innately nice people).

      I liked ep 9 muccch more than the rest – not spoiling; it’s not cos’ of the kiss – but I really didn’t fancy the whole fiancee twist. So blatantly cliche.

      The young dude that plays JW – all I have to say is, his voice epiclulz.

  14. LOL
    Are you doing what i am doing, Koala? Every time young JW appears on screen, I just pretend it is Shin instead. Although he is too tall, and it would have been one of those WISFC SH/GS scenarios where the lead actor actually shrinks when he grows up, er, down.

    I have never ever ever ever thought of SJS as anything but sleepy and very well built. Now I want to be sleepy near his very will built body all the time.

    The Sisters have not been able to end a drama nicely in so long. My fingers are crossed they get this one right. It isn’t a lot of heavy lifting here as far as plot, and shouldn’t require a time jump. Can’t we just have the characters possess each other for an entire final episode?

    • Could they not afford wuri Shin? My Shin? Your Shin? Our perfect baby boy Shin? The one who stole an entire drama on the shoulders of 40 minutes of screen time in episode 1? Someone said once that Shin looks like L, but that is both an insult and a pointless comparison. Because Shin has “it” and L needs to leave acting forever immediately.

      • Shin better be reading scripts and choosing a drama soon.
        He needs to be on the screen where we can see him.

  15. This drama oozes facetiousness and makes me want to put my fist through something every time I try to watch it. I hate the inorganic sob stories the Hong sisters crammed into each episode, I hate the way they derive humor from having male characters being physically rough to the female ones. Ten episodes in and I still have to watch Kang Woo shoves Yi Ryung face-first into a wall *flipping table* I also dislike Gong Hyo Jin’s acting because she feels and sounds very similar with her character from Pasta, and I think she’s a good actress, but she grates on my nerves here. Agree that the rest of the casts are also very stilted. And yet there are moments where everything looks so pretty that I wish I could have fallen in love with it. But no dice! No Hong sisters from now on. Their writing is obviously not up to my liking.

    • Wow That’s a lot of hate there. I think you are right you shouldn’t look at anything more by the Hong Sisters. I hope you can find something you do like. Perhaps you can take on the challenge and write one that even better?

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