KBS Melodrama Secret Releases Moody and Tense Official Stills and Teaser Preview

As The Blade and Petal wraps up this week, next week KBS presents what feels like an old-fashioned four corner melodrama into the mix. I like the cast so I’m going to check it out Secret, but the sensation that this drama is playing catch up from the get go leaves me worried about its quality. Starring Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Bae Soo Bin, and Lee Da Hee, the story is about how a pair of poor young lovers make mistakes and then proceed to screw up the lives of two rich kids. Bae Soo Bin is a sensitive smart young man who dreams of becoming a prosecutor. An unfortunate car accident would derail his dreams but for his devoted girlfriend Hwang Jung Eum taking the fall for him. She is willing to do anything for her oppa and has no regrets. Except while she’s incarcerated, oppa moves on to rich and connected Lee Da Hee, betraying her and her sacrifice. Ji Sung is a second generation chaebol described as being a total arrogant ass, having everything but a good personality. His beloved girlfriend dies in that car accident and he nurses a hatred of the person responsible for her death. Lee Da Hee is a woman who has everything and then starts to suffer for the first time when she encounters a love that cannot be hers. The first official characters stills are out and its nothing to write home about, though I’m peeved that the production couldn’t put the two leading men in suits that fit properly. The first teaser preview is also out and it reminds me so much of what Shark recently did, and is done quite often for melodramas, which is to do a teaser that is all symbols and pretty visuals without any correlation to the actual plot. I actually enjoyed the teaser which isn’t saying much, but at least the cast is pretty and everyone angsts very well. The only odd thing I noticed about the posters is that there isn’t one with the main leads or the second leads together as well.


KBS Melodrama Secret Releases Moody and Tense Official Stills and Teaser Preview — 24 Comments

    • Oops! Stupid iPhone. What I meant to write is that they look like they’re about to burst out of those suit jackets. The buttons are going to fly off lol.

  1. Lmao at the tight suits. It’s like they gained a few pounds from when they got their fittings done. That, or the production doesn’t know how to take measurements.

    This is going up against TMS? That’s gonna be a bit of competition. Two weeks is bordering single digits in ratings so I guess not much to worry about against MBC at least.

    • Personally I think your advice would be better directed at Lee Da Hae. She is totally unrecognizable from the way she used to look. And I usually can’t tell if someone’s had plastic surgery.

      That said, I’m starting to get interested in this drama. Hope it turns out to be good.

      • It is not Lee Da Hee the actress from” My Girl”?Yep ,I second that.I can not say if someone had a plastic surgery,but the shape of her eyes is completely different here.And does not look that is due to the make up.

      • I think Lee Da Hae still looks the same — as in her facial proportions still look the same. Her make up, on the other hand, is totally different and makes her look washed out and stiff compared to her usual fresh, fierce make up in I Hear Your Voice.

      • That’s not Lee Da Hae though that’s Lee Da Hee. And her make here is totally different from IHYV

      • For the same reason people write for HEJung.Where is the problem?The topic from Koala was the moody preview.

      • Noo, if you watch her old drama, Lee Da hae looks the same to me..
        And Fyi, this Lee Da Hae is not the same in my girl but she is the one in I hear your voice!!!

  2. I will see it for one more reason.Finally ,Hwang Eum Jung will have a normal hairdo.It is not easy to forget her in Full house Take 2.Anyway,I love to see a predictable drama with all the classic features a melodrama has.

  3. hrmm… I think the suits seem a lil bit too tight on both Jo In Sung and Bae Soo Bin. The teaser did not tell much. All I see a lot of prettys and Hwang Eum Jung crying.

  4. i have a feeling this one is going to be a pass for me, at least until it airs all the way through. The traditional melo isn’t really for me for now, but I like Ji Sung and hope that this one will be good.

  5. Stills look weird and feel weird… like you said, not something to talk about. Teaser… why the hell did they use music from Pride and Prejudice?? O.o

  6. Omg that knit sweater with red rose on HJE, i have that too:) it’s from zara;)

    Btw bsb’s character very much reminded me the character he played on 49 days;) i mean the whole betraying part especially;)

  7. I think the video was removed or something because I coudn’t watch the teaser =( I actually look forward to this drama and I hope it turns out well done.

  8. Haha I think I know why they used music from Pride and Prejudice.Because ,already some of us look biased against the drama with out giving it a try.LOL

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