Written Preview for Episode 15 of Who Are You Hints at Sad Ending for Oppa

Oh man, what is this? Don’t be spinning me round and round, drama! The written preview for episode 15 of Who Are You is out and I’m simultaneously sniggering and sighing. This drama can re-name itself more aptly Who is In a Coma, because looks like Gun Woo is going to get a taste of the sleep medicine. Though for those who find Taecyeon’s acting unbearable, this is probably a good turn of events. I find him uproarious, because his acting has this “think, what expression am I suppose to make” on the fly quality to it. As opposed to monotonous one-note or being a charisma suck. His bad acting amuses me, and for a silly little drama such as WAY it doesn’t harm the narrative because his character is pretty much a lunkhead like he is in real life, and the nonsensical plot elements are already way more distracting than he can be. Not to mention So Yi Hyun‘s performance has progressively gotten worse and I’m rather flummoxed with how to view her character now. Useless cop? Ghost seer with limited detective skills? Bad ex-girlfriend and clueless crush?

With Gun Woo in a coma, I hope finally the drama can give Hyun Joon more than just a few minutes each episode, oppa needs to get some loving from Si On! He’s been keeping watch over her for 6 years, which might be 60 years in ghost hours for all we know. Not to mention he’s doing whatever to protect her that might end up dooming him to a nothingness existence. That would be like tripping on a crack in the road and breaking your leg, only to have a piano fall from the sky and land on you. Suck piled on top of suck. This written preview has caused viewers to go batshit again, with the constant wailing for oppa once again flooding forums along with curiously creative curses at the scriptwriter. I was a bit blinded by the light of Hyun Joon’s corporeal form laying there at the end of episode 14 that I didn’t want to acknowledge the pink elephant ghost case of the episode where the comatose nurse got Si On to bring her older sister to see her and afterwards departed peacefully. Of course that’s a giant neon warning sign that even of Hyun Joon oppa isn’t totally dead yet, he’s still going to totally die soon. For realz this time. Of course bringing him back only to off him again is like the absolute worst fan lure ever, since who can resist oppa’s soulful gazes and lifetime’s worth of sadness and longing.

Written preview for episode 15:

Gun Woo is in a coma after getting stabbed to protect Si On, who remembers his confession to her and her feelings are so confused. On the other hand, Si On arrests the mastermind of the incident six years ago Police Chief Moon. At the hospice, Si On sees Hyun Joon once again and prepares to make the final farewell……


Written Preview for Episode 15 of Who Are You Hints at Sad Ending for Oppa — 17 Comments

  1. I would admit to reading this every week. Anticipating what you’ll comment but mostly admiring the multiple KJW photos.

    This week actually went to watch ep 14’s ending scene just to see Gu Won stabbed. I know, I know I am a sadist.

    But oh boy, good luck to all of you wanting closure for this drama. Just with the last 10 minutes of ep 14, I picked out so many missed details. My take Si On makes even the silly school girls in K dramas behaves more intelligently. You sure she is supposed to be a police officer? I’ve seen passer bys who are more sensible than her.

    • Weee….I’m glad that I’m not the only one who’s sadistic here. Me and my sister watched that boring episode too because of that, we rejoiced and pumped our fists into the air when Gun woo got stabbed. It’s like we won the lottery lol. I agree with you, I’m watching this show just because of kim jae wook, otherwise I would’ve dropped it. The written preview made me cursed but these new photos of kim jae wook made me swoon and happy again soompi.com who are you page 98

  2. I call it now: She’ll be the one to unplug ghostie oppa from the respirator. He’ll finally be free from SuckyWorld and the official OTP will give us a bit of fanservice, playing sillies at home.
    I’m not expecting much more from those last eps. All the cop stuff is so badly written and boring now: I don’t even care. Lol.

  3. if it’s acting like taecyeon .. then not see the drama is all I can say for elsewhere is a shame that the ghost does not stay with If On but either way he’s dead .. or eat that is the same for your Almaya this out of your body … stop vibrating bad … 🙂

  4. if it’s acting like taecyeon .. then not see the drama is all I can say for elsewhere is a shame that the ghost does not stay with If On but either way he’s dead .. or comatose is the same because his soul is already out of your body … stop vibrating bad … 🙂

  5. first i have to say nothing wrong with taecyeon acting, he is acting what he has to act, i dont know whether your guys can act, because you are critisizing him so badly as like you all are super actors, LOL.this is different from typical korean dramas, i love this drama, and the all actors here. if its that much bored don’t watch it, its far better than critsizing others work.

  6. Much as i like for Hyun Joon to live, we can’t actually have 2 lead men, right? And what’s with the coma syndromes, anyway? Is the writer a fan of coma, or is he lacking of sleep lately that he keeps sending the actors and actress to sleep?

    I have to say that Taecyeon’s acting is not that bad. Compared to other actors who has really straight faces, his acting a whole lot better. I enjoy watching him goof around. Now the actress, she’s a different story. The writer actually made her character a really useless, BRAINLESS cop. And an agent at that. You can see that she is untrained in self defense and always helpless. I feel sorry for her for having to play this role. A waste of talent for getting a role that really sucks. Let’s hope her character uses her brains this time, and doesn’t end up in a comatose state again.

    • My thoughts exactly! I was like, and she’s a cop? with no self defense whatsoever? Where’s the taekwondo? Wth?!.. I’m so irked with how writernims think we audiences are a bunch of foolish kids.. LOL

  7. Drama is losing its thunder. I really enjoyed the first episodes but it has gone down a lot but since its almost done, I’ll finish it even if its gonna be cruel. Hsha, I can see a lot of people gonna be sad even if we see a happy ending for gw&so. I wonder how SO even qualified to be a cop, she always needs saving and is too indecisive to be a cop.

  8. Ok I am at the point where I say: let the boys live, put her back in a coma….’cause I am DONE!
    if KJW’s character dies for real after waiting this long…I am DOUBLE DONE!!!!!!

    • why put the girl back into coma… cant we have a happy ending where ghostie oppa reunites with Si On while Taec finds a new girl and the trainee ends with the cutie girl/ghost seer. Not unless… the series end s in a bromance with ghostie oppa and taec. Harharharahar… poor Si On…

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