Kim Ji Won Hits Up an Airport with Style in Heirs Plus the Official SBS Drama Synopsis

Today’s Heirs or The Inheritors official still of the day comes courtesy of second female lead Kim Ji Won. She is probably the least buzzy member of the cast, what with not being from an idol group and also not having anything close to the fan base the two leads enjoy. I like her well enough, she looks like Kim Tae Hee‘s younger sister (and Jiyeon‘s facetwin), but has the acting dexterity to play either the token bitchy antagonist or the earnest well-meaning lead. Her face still moves and she’s got a nice grasp of range, I really couldn’t ask for more when it comes to fairly talented budding actresses. Kim Ji Won will be playing Rachel Yoo (nee Rachel Kim), the daughter of a hotel president mother and step-daughter of a resort president. Looks like she can travel the world and stay anywhere for free, all she needs is a airline president boyfriend and she’s set for life. Rachel is the teenage fiancee of Kim Tan played by Lee Min Ho, and it’s a purely business engagement between them though neither cares enough to balk. The first still of Kim Ji Won as Rachel was filmed at Incheon airport as her character appears to be either arriving or departing with a luggage cart full of LV suitcases. It’s the typical ostentatious display of wealth that dramas love to parade rich characters around in, but Rachel appears to wear her wealth with ease and lots of attitude. I really love her hairstyle, it’s stylish without being overly fussy, and the bangs are fresh and adorable. I know she’s written to be easy to hate, but I hope Kim Eun Seok gives her more to do than just be the jealousy and snobby fiancee. She will be traveling overseas in the beginning of the drama to visit her errant fiancee Kim Tan, and it’s there that she first crosses paths with poor girl Cha Eun Sang played by Park Shin Hye. Heirs is really a big tent pole production for SBS to round out the year and the drama was on display recently at the SBS booth complete with the first poster of the two leads as well as a one-sheet with the plot synopsis. Below is a picture and I’ve cropped the English version of the synopsis for everyone to read. It’s exactly what I translated two months ago as part of the massive spoiler leak, and I’m seriously chuckling to remember all those comments claiming what I translated couldn’t possibly be real and read like fan fiction. Well it’s real people, and I said it then and will say it again, Kim Eun Seok is probably writing a fan fiction-esque drama for the teenage crowd. If expectations are lowered then it might actually be entertaining albeit slightly been-there-done-that.


Kim Ji Won Hits Up an Airport with Style in Heirs Plus the Official SBS Drama Synopsis — 16 Comments

  1. I am in heaven! BOF redux with a cast I like. Why do I get this feeling that KES knows there is a lot disgruntled fans of the Korean HYD and she is one of them and she wanted to tap into it. All I can say is I am really happy. Now I want the Tawainese to make an updated one with Ivy as San Chai since I found Barbie Hsu really annoying. Bo-Lin Chen could play Dao Ming Si. He could pull it. He still looks very boyish to me.

  2. Omg ! Those LV suitcases ! Hhaah why does she have three and me just one ? Lol
    Anyways ! I love love love this rama I cant wait this js my dream drama

  3. Is it just me? I find the english translation of the synopsis full of typos and clumsy sentences. It gives us an idea for the main characters and for the setting of the story (rich versus poor, a few key scenes) but basically I feel like it’s only an early summary of the first episode, destined to sell the series.

    • No, it’s not just you. I’m guessing the hangul version sounds less clunky, but it really does read like the author’s rough notes handed out to cast or something.

      • It reads just like fanfiction; not just in terms of the grammatic clumsiness, but also in its breathless descriptions of wealth and betrayal, and the incredibly trite characterizations. Yep, it’s BOF, chopped up, put in a blender on frappe, a little extra carrot top, fish bone and other detritus added for flavoring, poured in a tall glass and served with a cherry (PSH) on top. Bon Appetit!

      • As a fic writer myself, I can safely say we don’t all sound like that! Though this certainly sounds like what we know as badfic 😉

  4. Oh gosh’, after reading the sypnosis, I just don’t want to be part of the hype anymore and hide in an hole until the drama is over but I can’t help but be curious because of the cast. Life sucks.

    I’m soo disappointed by the poor girl getting the mute and maid mother while living in a basement full of mold. It’s just so …. soo kdramatic. Couldn’t the heroine be an happy girl living in a DECENT FLAT ????? It’s like in dramaland, there are only super duper rich class and super mega poor class –‘
    And of course, the male lead has family’s issues. I get that without problems, there wouldn’t have any dramas in the first place but can they at least try to surprise us for once and not throw every cliché ? I really hope that the drama will live up to my expectations (at the same time, they are soooooooo low)

  5. I love Kim Ji Won – I really hope she has more to do here than be Seol Hana v2.0.

    And I’m still confused as to who the second female lead is: Kim Ji Won, or Krystal?

  6. I can’t be bothered and am just happier it’s another version of BoF.It was one of my first dramas and I hated LMH’s hair and one of the main female leads.So if it’s got better writing,the cast I like,more expensive clothes- add in my lowered expectations – I’ll be happy.

    Thank you Ms Koala.

  7. i do remember my first reaction reading the first translation – my inner 18yr old was squeeking with so many feels… it’s the kind of fanfic i relished.. but im also a jaded k-drama watcher so yeah, unbelievable.. i was thinking “this KES – what the heck is she thinking?” until i re-watched BOF for the 2nd time very recently (i watched it live back then). bad decision cos i have to FF a lot cos i was stupefied with what i was watching, it was bad bad bad bad bad.. i had a long list of complaint and Paradise is not even in the top ten.

    so now it makes sense why KES wanna do a remake of BOF, which i can only say, THANK GOD AND THANK YOU…

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