Lee Dong Gun and Yoon Eun Hye Save a Puppy as Their Time-travel Drama Gets New English Title

Are you kidding me, drama! Lee Dong Gun in all-black, with Yoon Eun Hye and her rabbity grin, AND a puppy wearing a coat? If this drama isn’t trying to slay us with the cute right off the bat, then it’s succeeded already without even realizing it. I’m not even watching Good Doctor but even if I was I would probably be like “shoo, shoo, get thee off the air now!” Of course this drama isn’t even ready for airing, but if the titular heroine Mirae can time travel then maybe I can shoot myself forward one month and get my grubby hands on this baby. The upcoming KBS time-travel drama with the Korean title Mirae’s Choice or Future’s Choice has now gotten another new English title – the brand spanking mouthful Marry Him If You Dare. First of all, I’m getting massive flashback vibes to another KBS drama with the word Marry in it – the 2010 Mary Stayed Out All Night which had an English title of Marry Me, Mary (which I shorted to M3). That drama was a hot mess though I personally loved it when I watched it live, but the similarity is that the Korean title is totally different than the English title. I don’t dislike Marry Him If You Dare, because that pretty much captures the other side of this time-travel exercise where future Mirae travels back to warn past Mirae not to marry Lee Dong Gun’s Kim Shin. But with a title like Marry Him If You Dare, I’m pretty much 99.9% certain she’s going to take that dare and marry him (again in this new time line). I would have been fine if the English title mirrored either Korean version but I’ll take this title as well, which has a cute punny linguistic tang similar to Catch Me If You Can. In these BTS fan pictures, Yoon Eun Hye is filming with Lee Dong Gun and they are out on assignment when she sees a puppy darting into the road and she runs to snatch it up to safety. I wonder if she’s going to get more future on-dits from her future self so she knows what’s going to happen, other than the constant nagging to stay away from the bad news hot guy Kim Shin and never ever fall for him and other such nonsense. Because it bears repeating once again – girlfriend be crazy not to marry Lee Dong Gun. Or Kim Shin. Whatever – y’all get my drift. Yoon Eun Hye and Lee Dong Gun and puppy wearing a coat arrives on our screens October 14th.


Lee Dong Gun and Yoon Eun Hye Save a Puppy as Their Time-travel Drama Gets New English Title — 25 Comments

  1. Koala Unnie, I long for the day when you become cured from the Joowon allergy. 😉
    But, too cure that allergy, you’d probably want to stay far away from GD. I’m part of the minority tho, because I can’t stand Joowon in Good Doctor. I don’t want to be misinterpreted, I like the character, just not the way the actor is portraying him.

    I’m looking forward to this 🙂 I really like person vs. fate/destiny dramas. I hope, I really hope this would be worth the wait.

    • Title (romaji): Juunen Saki mo Kimi ni Koishite
      Also known as: I’ll Still Love You In 10 Years
      He goes to see his wife from 10 years ago to prevent them from meeting and falling in love.

  2. What a mouthful…I much rather prefer Mirae’s Choice or Future’s Choice. Kind of puts more of the emphasis on the husband storyline (which is definitely a big part of it) rather than Mirae’s story and finding out whether she wants to be with her husband. Mehhhhhh I’ll check it out but Yoon Eun Hye has been lackluster for me as of late.

      • I had a laugh about the title, too – of course she is going to dare to marry him, future self or no future self. Marriage is always a leap into the deep end of the pool, and people are always flinging themselves in regardless of the well-intentioned and often quite reasonable warnings of their friends and relations.
        Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t, but it seems few human beings can resist the journey. My husband and I were warned that we might not be suited for one another – 30 years ago, LOL (yes, we are still together).

  3. I little disappointed with “Good Doctor” so i put it on hold.I m looking so forward for YEH’s new drama.I have big hopes for this one.

  4. The choice of casate with Mirae or if you dare, not matter what the title, the only thing I care about is that either October, The Choice of casate with Mirae or if you dare, I do not care what the title , the only thing I care about is that either October, I can not wait to see this drama….

  5. OMG, they are going to be so cute together. Both actors have this grown-up puppy feel to them. Very sweet and wanting to please.

    She has come a long way since Goong, hasn’t she?

  6. I am excited to see them. I really hope writer-nim do the ish justice and not waste Yoon Eun Hye’s and the others talent. I mean, just a solid story, that’s all. Don’t have to be fancy, just solid. You have actors who can pull it off. I love YEH no matter what and I will always watch her rom-coms (I hate melo, so I skipped through a lot of MY–but I still watched her) and would just wanna see her on screen. Gah, Koala it looks like your website is going to be my home come oct 14. I really hope it goes LTM crazy up in here hehe. Darn, dont take me from my homework.

  7. I’m excited to see the premiere, I’ve been waiting for YEH’s project since IMY finished and now this and October is coming fast, I can’t ask for more, lol. I wonder if that is an actual taping with that cute dog in it, I noticed some extras around. At any rate, I wish it is October already but I can wait a little. Good luck to YEH on her comeback project.

  8. So envious of S.Korea this October, they’ll have an OctoberFest of drama. Just noticed that Joo Ji Hoon will be in MBC’s MTT drama. So, they’ll see the ‘Goong’ Royal couple on TV every week; Mon-Tue w/ Yoon Eun Hye (KBS) and Wed-Thurs w/ Joo Ji Hoon (MBC). Awww! Daebak!

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