KBS Releases OTP Wedding Stills from Marry Him If You Dare

I’m really enjoying the “what the heck happened in the future” mystery inherent in Marry Him If You Dare. The first two episodes have laid down a solid foundation while still leaving many unknowns for a later reveal. What’s marvelous about future Mi Rae’s character is that she’s a ball of emotional and rational contradictions. Contrast that with present Mi Rae’s one track mind when we first meet her, it’s clear that 25 years of marriage to Kim Shin has transformed future Mi Rae into someone focused and quick-thinking. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched a K-drama with a central plot mystery that is actually interesting to me. Big had it with the body swap and relationship between the two male leads, and trying to figure it all out was half the fun. I feel like future Mi Rae is the classic textbook example of the “unreliable narrator”, and her goal is clear but her reasoning will determine whether I support her endeavor to change her own future. I’m not enamored of the directing or writing to the degree that I think it’s exceptional, but there is a liveliness about the drama that masks its flaws and brings forth the enchanting and interesting elements to the forefront. KBS released official drama stills of the wedding of Shin and Mi Rae, and the bride and groom are absolutely perfect together.

From what we know of Shin’s personality, I’m chuckling that he was supposed to fall for Mi Rae because of the original Sung San Bridge accident. The Mi Rae we saw who was content just to be a customer service operator? Really? Shin fell for original Mi Rae, when I think Se Joo wouldn’t have spared her another glance in her usual “I’m okay” incarnation. His interest in her was piqued because of the night skinny dipping with fishes, whereas Shin was supposed to fall for Mi Rae prior to her transformation and instead when he meets post-transformation Mi Rae they get off wholly on the wrong foot. What is it they see in each other that they would fall in love? That’s always the million dollar question in a romance drama, because no romance is believe unless the audience understands and believes a couple can and would fall for each other. Right now I don’t see how Shin and Mi Rae can get over their raging mutual dislike, but that’s half the fun in watching the writer re-write their romance with a completely different narrative. I’m hoping when they do walk down the aisle again in this new timeline, we’ll get Yoon Eun Hye donning another wedding dress with a different hairdo. I think she looks luminous here but I’m greedy and want to see her model another style. Girl looks fantastic all dolled up. As for Lee Dong Gun in a tux? He needs to pay a fine because it’s illegal to be that handsome.


KBS Releases OTP Wedding Stills from Marry Him If You Dare — 20 Comments

  1. What a gorgeous set of pics. I don’t feel like marveling too hard about how the future story of Mirae will untangle. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate this beautiful sight..

  2. I noticed that in the still, like in the whole scene in episode 1, Mirae’s brother does not seem happy at all to be leading her to the altar, he looks kind of depressed even. I know Shin and her brother don’t get along that well but still.

    And given that future Mirae got all emotional when re-encountering her brother…

    I wonder if there’s something there.

  3. Btw, I was thinking it would be super fun if we discovered that the ‘original timeline’ was not ‘original’ at all. i.e. if we discovered that the Shin+Mirae wedding, Seju+YooKyung pairing etc was not the original intent. Maybe one of the other characters time-travelled before (possibly Kim Shin?) and messed things up to a degree where someone inadvertently died earlier along the 2013-2038 road (e.g her brother).

    heh, time-travel-ception would maybe be too much to handle. I’m already confused with 2 parallel timelines, but who knows!

    • Actually, this is what I was thinking as well. If it could be that complicated – I was thinking that the present is in fact not the actual present but an already messed with present time. It is quite confusing so I’m not sure how that would work.

    • yeah I was thinking something along those lines as well. but like lovedramas said a time-travel-inception would be too confusing, and i dont think a romcom want to be that confusing to its viewer when it’s suppose to be fun and light. but we all can entertain those thoughts right?

      one thing i love about this dramas is all the possible what-ifs, all the alternative scenarios we can concoct in our own heads because the set up is robust and interesting enough for us to do so 🙂

      • I just hope this writer doesn’t bite off more than she can chew (ahem big) and end up throwing in some convenient plot device or leave it with hella loose threads because dramas with central conflicts like this have a hard time tying up neatly without us having to suspend our belief or regret the amount of time invested into this show.
        I have higher hopes that this 1/2 of the hong sisters will be able to atleast give us a satisfying ending.

    • woah! we have exactly the same thoughts!!! i even said these things on soompi a week ago!! we thought Future Mirae time travel first but all along it was Kim Shin.

  4. It has only been two episodes and it already got me so much into the story and these 4 characters. I am loving the fact that it is playing a lot with will vs fate, what makes two people fall in love? Is it just meeting someone at the right timing/circumstances (fate) or is it really choosing the one person you are meant to be with. I don’t know so far I’m loving every bit of it.

  5. I can not wait to know that’s what happened in the future, I have in my head so many possible scenarios ouchhhh God this drama is killing me, reapido Monday comes fast.

  6. I am a big believer in first impressions.
    Kim Shin and Mi-rae really got off on the wrong foot. I’m curious to see where his hate turns into love — i think that’s what we’re all waiting for. To finally see them falling in love.
    This writer needs to make me love shin, stat.

  7. YEH can pull off a permed coiffure still looking pretty but am eager to see her in the same (or better) gown after the makeover.

    I haven’t used this word for the longest time because it has become archaic…but LDG looks debonaire here.

  8. MR brother look so gloomy on the picture while he’s ushering MR on her groom, isn’t that is what he wants?for MR to get married and leave his house?why does he look like his taking MR to the enemy?(sorry for my word)

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