Kim Jae Wook Snapped at the Airport Headed to Japan for the Hallyu 10th Anniversary Awards

I walk a fine line between wanting my actors to gorgeously grace my screen, and then cringing when anyone aims for that ideal and goes for enhancements that butcher their face. I get that not everyone is born beautiful, but some lucky few are, which is why I am amused to see a natural specimen of perfection like Kim Jae Wook elect to be as unattractively attired in real life as possible. Kim Jae Wook wrapped the ghost and mystery tvN drama Who Are You last month and has dived back into his indie music career with reports that his band Walrus is recording a new album. Kim Jae Wook was snapped at the airport this past week heading to Japan, where he is wildly popular in no small part because he speaks fluent Japanese, to attend what sounds like a randomly made up awards ceremony. It’s called the Korean Entertainment 10th Anniversary Awards in Japan, and celebrates the 10th anniversary of the spread of Hallyu. The award is given to the top dramas, actors, actresses, and music stars and groups for various categories. The three top dramas were Winter Sonata (duh), You’re Beautiful (makes sense), and Rooftop Prince (huh?), which segues perfectly into the top three actors being Bae Yong Joon, Jang Geun Seok, and Yoochun. Over at the ladies side, Yoon Eun Hye led the pack followed by Choi Ji Woo and Kim Sun Ah. I have no clue and no desire to get a clue about who the idol winners are. I’m not sure if all the winners will be present to accept their award in Tokyo, but since I happened to see Hyun Joon oppa headed there I thought it fitting to write a post about him. It’s been too long since he up and evaporated into glowing thin air in episode 15 of WAY. He really was the best thing about that drama, too bad he’s not coming back to acting anytime soon if he is indeed gearing up to release a new album with Walrus. He’s definitely dressed like a preppy goth rocker, and I know it must take effort to look so sartorially unappealing since that rakish tilt to his hat didn’t happen because he just plopped it on. I actually wonder if he was trying to go incognito, which is a major fail since who could ignore the lazy model/rocker sauntering through the airport.


Kim Jae Wook Snapped at the Airport Headed to Japan for the Hallyu 10th Anniversary Awards — 14 Comments

  1. Really? I think he looks good, in that Yohji-Yamamoto-wearing way, but that could just be my weakness for all-black and cheekbones.

    (and can he please be the lead in his next acting project, PLEASE. I can accept him being second lead to Kim Nam Gil and Jang Geun Seok, but not what was done in WAY. That’s practically an insult!)

  2. I don’t get why the stars always think it necessary to don a disguise – then make it so conspicuous that they are in disguise….isn’t the whole objective o just blend in f you don’t want to be noticed?

    I think that most of us won’t recognize a star in our midst if they were dressed like everyone else with as little makeup as possible. They are so glammed up on screen you’d have to be a dire fan to notice.

    • Yeah…I’ve heard of TVXQ’s popularity in Japan. Plus JYJ recently performed to a sold-out concert crowd at the Tokyo Dome so yeah his popularity there is no joke. Also, RTP was pretty popular internationally even if it didn’t break any Korean ratings record. I’m happy for him, although the award doesn’t sound particularly important…oh well.

  3. He looks like mask ! Thin as a mommy amd unfashionable ! Uuuuugly ! U were bettet in who are u !? Which reminds me who the hell are you ?!?!? Where is theold u?!

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