First Definitive Picture of GeunBum in Vienna and the Best of Goddess of Fire in One MV

Since news broke of recent drama co-stars Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young diving into a real life relationship and off on an European vacation, there seems to be an APB (or AKB All Koala Bulletin) put out on them. Dispatch delivered the first very grainy pictures of two people that purported to be GeunBum, but one was of their backside and the other from very far away. Despite their agencies confirming the relationship, a picture is worth 1000 words and today comes the first front and center picture of the fresh in love young couple in Vienna, Austria. I love this picture for everything it says. Both Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum look pretty awful vis-a-vis their usual styled for media event appearances, but it screams how normal they are in real life. They are wearing matching camo-colored coats with similar comfy sneakers, and the picture shows them checking something on a tablet like tourists looking for their next destination. If it wasn’t famous Korean actors Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum, they would be any other tourist couple spending time together. Some folks have mentioned an interest in checking out Goddess of Fire for their chemistry, but trust me when I say its 32-episodes of the worst drama ever. But I found an awesome MV of all the Tae Do-Jung Yi scenes, complete with shippy dialogue galore. When watching it, it took me awhile to place the song used to score the MV, but I kept getting images of PIE who co-starred with Geun Young in Cinderella Unni. It wasn’t until the MV was over that I remembered why the song is so familiar, it’s Hyorin‘s “What You Mean to Me” from another craptastic drama with great chemistry, namely Chun Jung Myung and Park Min Young‘s Man of Honor (Glory Jane). I love that OST song and it works perfectly here to showcase the falling in love onscreen of GeumBum. Enjoy!

Could they be any dorkier? I lub them so much in all their nerdy touristy glory. Bummie looks like a backpacker who hasn’t showered in three days, and the wearing his backpack in front is icing on the cake for how he’s not into being cool for the sake of being cool. I know the news reports keep saying they are traveling with friends, but I See No Friends! LOL, friends or no friends around, these two are keeping the burning young love fire alive just fine.

Tae Do-Jung Yi MV with “What You Mean to Me” By Hyorin:

[youtube id=”pw3SfsvuSBU” w=”650″ h=”450″]


First Definitive Picture of GeunBum in Vienna and the Best of Goddess of Fire in One MV — 40 Comments

  1. Lol..she does not look happy about the picture taking does she? And I totally get it.. wish people would leave them alone as they’re still in the early stages of their relationship but at the same time I want to see more of this…lol….very conflicted indeed…and how cute is it that they’re wearing matching coats

  2. i love both of them…forgive me but i wish someone can take pictures of them more of a lovely pic that this.but ahhh im dying right now because the two are so in love and to hell with the people judging them.happy trip and for fans out there if you see this cute couple who are familiar just grab your cameras and we’ll thank you for the botto of our hearTs…CHEERS

  3. I ove how awful normal they look. They’re not trying to be cool or perfect or to demonstrate anything. Just a couple who’s traveling and enjoying their destination. From all celebrities couples, this is the best you can get. Just two perfect normal persons in love like any other lovers.

    • *love.
      Matching outfits cute! I hope haters see just how normal and lovely they are. That’s what makes them so attractive, how simple they are.

  4. Thanks so much Koala for this bulletin! 🙂
    Me too, I see no friends! LOL! And it’s okay it’s better that way – no distractions and interuptions, just the two of them. (*^__^*)
    P.S. Thanks to the one who created the MV. It captures well the awesomeness of Jung-Yi/Taedo tandem and provides a prelude to now the developing love story of MGY/KB…How sweet to be in love! Cheers to the couple!

      • Hi pipa! 🙂 Aah, you’re right. Thanks to that friend then!
        What’s been happening since Friday is really awesome…We’re fans whom they don’t know and who are far away from them and yet we rejoice in their developing love story; and through these rare pictures, we sort of accompany them in their “journey of love”. 🙂

    • I guess dear it’s how much positivity this young cute couple is giving us fans, the reason we are this inspired and happy. Really they are a joy to look at and everyone is feeling the good vibes since they came out. 🙂

  5. Awwwwww hahaha I find this really cute lol. Especially Kim Bum’s backpack hahah ^^ But at the same time I feel kinda bad that people are stalking them all the way out in Austria. 10 bucks says Dispatch actually sent someone over there to follow them around until they got a decent shot. I mean, it would’ve been nice if they just let them be on their vacation

    • i agree with you about leaving them alone. they’re probably going to get hounded in korea when they get back, so i wish they’d have time to themselves during their vacation right now.

  6. Those two look really cute and dorky! :)But it does say volumes about their comfort level with each other that they can dress so dorkily even in a place where they are anonymous to other people and need not dress up fashionably for the camera.

    On a sidenote, the MV is totally swoonworthy and had me in tears before I even reached the end of this short 9 min video. The only time I ever teared up in such a record time was when I watched the animation movie UP. Though it really made me want to see the drama, but I shall take your advice and steer far far away from the drama that killed Tae Do.

  7. Watching the MV made me so annoyed that the show killed Tae Do!!! The chemistry of the lead actors is just oozing and they definitely carried the show. The look that KB gives MGY speaks volume and soooo endearing! If there is one thing that I am happy about the show is that it brought MGY and KB together!

  8. OMG…couple outfits!!! I love it! I heard that in Korea if you wear couple outfits, it’s like legit. It basically means you’re committed. I love seeing pictures like these, but I actually hope the reporters would just leave them alone already…They are just in the begining of their relationship. They need time to develop those feelings and understanding. These photos will only backfire the relationship in the end…

  9. Watching the video filled me with love but also makes me angry. Damn drama, how dare they kill him off? I swear that if ever were a perfect couple to come out of a drama is GeunBum.

  10. Oh my, they are both wearing Couple colours, green, grey and down to black pants and black shoes !! love how ordinary they look without a care in the world. So happy for them, thanks for sharing Ms Koala.

  11. Woohoo! Thanks for this post! I guess they’re not really acting on that drama, huh? Maybe each delivery of the lines comes from the heart (I am just so hopeless!). I am just so happy for these two! If this mv shows the drama’s best parts, then there really isn’t much to watch and It’s quite depressing with Kim Bum’s character dying, gee. I’ll just enjoy photos like this, these two looking so lost but so together with their matching outfits. So. cute. What can I say? Uh, I can’t see any friends either mwa ha ha!

  12. So first comes Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young Outing their relationship after City Hunter finishes…
    Then next comes Kim Bum with Moon geun Young after Goddess of Fire…
    Now I only need Jung Il Woo to follow in his friends foot steps and announce a dating of somthing… Hmmnn, since he is in Golden Rainbow, maybe after?

      • They can date but they need to do it in secret so I guess UEE is out.

        And just realized that Min Ho and Bummie are the dongsaeng in the relationship. and Who is the ultimate noona killer than Ilwoo himself.

        I guess I need to wait for Jung Il Woo’s Next project and next noona leading lady. Aisshh such a long wait.

  13. It’s lovely. They seems like a down to earth kind of couples and this I call a true love. Just a piece of advice to MGY/KB, No matter what hold in the future, just enjoy the love!!!

  14. OMG, I was on that exact spot two months ago, but I confess those two are so deglammed, I probably wouldn’t have recognized them 🙂

    I love how utterly normal and “young backpackers” they look. Seriously – awwww!

  15. Is that the Stephansdom? I live in Vienna but I’m just really bad at recognising buildings, no matter how famous or unique @_@~

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