Heirs/The Inheritors Episode 10 Recap

So I complimented Heirs/The Inheritors for actually having some compelling forward momentum in yesterday’s episode 9, and then episode 10 promptly returned to form and was lackluster all around again. What gives? I am so confused and not in a good way where there is too much to sort there. Everything is so linear in this drama, where people talk about high stakes and big egos but all I see is a whole lotta nothing. Other than Chan Young and Bo Na, who sparkle like normal kids in love and going to school, everyone else fairly tromps around as if the world is on the verge of falling down. Young Do is abused by his dad and passes it on to others, though maybe he is genuinely falling for Eun Sang and has a chance of redeeming himself. Who knows and who cares, so far his character is a major fail in creating interest or empathy from me. Tan is wallowing in the cesspool of being born illegitimately into a too rich family and itching to break out and run off into the sunset with Eun Sang. At least I think that is what he’s supposed to be feeling, but he’s just there is so many of scenes without any fire in him. After the big fight with Young Do he retreats back into his withdrawn shell, and even backtracks from Eun Sang a bit.

Whenever the drama has a glimmer of something interesting, it promptly moves right on past it. I enjoyed bits and pieces from this episode mostly for the kids being student scenes. The midterm results were funny in that we all know who the smart ones are while the stupid bottom three were amusingly enough Young Do, Myung Soo, and Tan. I wish the drama would stick to them being in class, learning something, doing projects together, putting on a performance, I don’t know but do something other than staring and bickering. After the midterms, the class schleps off to the leadership camp (sans Tan) and that was a nice break as well. Too bad Young Do had to keep on hounding Eun Sang like he doesn’t understand the basic niceties of how to pursue a girl. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt that he is pursuing her, but sometimes his intensity whenever Tan shows up makes me think he’s pissed because Tan isn’t gay and can love him back that way. The issue with Heirs continues to be too much of everything and not enough deep diving into anything. Without any joie de vivre around to buoy the drama’s mood, then it falls right back into being rather tiresome to watch waiting for the good bits between lots of boring stuff.

Episode 10 recap:

Young Do comes to Tan’s house to continue to goad his nemesis and manages to rile Tan up yet again because he chances upon Tan’s real mom Ki Ae. Tan stands up for Ki Ae and introduces her as his mom, and then drags Young Do outside to have it out. Too bad its after school hours because Eun Sang comes wandering home obliviously texting and Young Do lights up to see her.

All three pause for a staredown and Tan quickly makes up the excuse that he made plans to meet Eun Sang at his house so they could go watch a performance together. He apologizes and says next time since he has to deal with Young Do. Eun Sang quickly books it.

Young Do probes why Eun Sang can wander in the house so casually, going the full makjang route and asking if they are siblings? Tan scoffs at that and decides to tell Young Do he and Eun Sang are dating. He says even Rachel knows. Tan tells Young Do he’s going to take his revenge this time.

Tan goes to see Young Do’s dad and introduces himself respectfully. Young Do rushes in to stop Tan but he apologizes to Young Do’s dad for beating up Young Do twice at school. Dad tells Tan it’s okay and Tan leaves, pausing to smirk outside in the hallway fully knowing what is going to happen to Young Do now.

Young Do’s dad then backhands his son and takes off his jacket to beat Young Do up even more for losing a fight to Tan not once but twice. How dare his son lose to Tan, winning is everything.

The beat down ends when a noise comes from another room where Young Do discovers his dad’s ex-girlfriend hiding in there. Clearly his dad is an abusive jerk and a cheating asshole.

Young Do leaves and remembers when he and teenage Tan were hanging out one day and also came across his dad cheating with a woman while they hid in the closet.

Young Do gets in the elevator and Tan joins him. Tan tells Young Do to leave their families out of their fight. Young Do points out that would leave only Cha Eun Sang and Tan warns him to leave her alone as well.

Esther goes to the hotel kitchen to check on Young Do to make sure he’s doing better after the fight with Tan. Young Do isn’t interested in her mothering him suggest she get on the more advantageous side to back up her future son-in-law Kim Tan.

On her way out, Esther sees the ex-girlfriend walking through the lobby and clearly understands her fiancee is cheating on her. She calls up Secretary Yoon to hang out and he happens to be at the hotel.

Esther and Secretary Yoon catch up but its interrupted by Young Do’s dad who proceeds to snipe at Secretary Yoon. After he leaves, Young Do’s dad roughly jerks Esther towards him and whispers that she ought to be mindful of people seeing. Esther hints that maybe she should meet Secretary Yoon in her office instead of in public, but Young Do’s dad doesn’t catch the hint that she knows about his cheating ways. He’s so gross, what woman would want him other than nasty golddiggers.

Ki Ae sits and worries about Tan while Eun Sang’s tries to reassure her. Tan goes home to find Ki Ae worrying about him all this time. She doesn’t know why he introduced her as his mom but Tan says they did nothing wrong and he doesn’t want to hide her.

Tan hears Eun Sang isn’t back yet and texts her that its safe to return. When Eun Sang comes home, Tan pulls her into the wine cellar to talk. He reveals that his story to Young Do is that he’s dating Eun Sang. She doesn’t know why he said that since it’ll just cause more problems. Tan wants to date for real and Eun Sang calls him crazy.

Tan may be crazy but he knows he wants to be with her and make the effort. Eun Sang points out that he’s so sheltered he has no clue what the cruel real world is like once he’s kicked out for dating her. Tan insists that he is trying his best but Eun Sang says he needs to get a grip on reality. Eun Sang says they can date but it’ll end with her getting hurt no matter what.

Tan gets upset and accepts Eun Sang’s refusal to get involved with him. If she thinks she doesn’t match up to him, it’s not because of their wealth difference but because Tan is making the effort for her but she’s doing nothing for him. He calls her a bad dream he had and then leaves her crying in the cellar.

Tan is driven to school the next morning and when the driver asks if he should stop to pick up Eun Sang, Tan says she and him don’t belong in the same car. Eun Sang is suddenly popular at school with news that her mom is daebak wealthy. She rebuffs all attempts from girls to befriend her.

In class, Young Do finds Rachel and asks if she’s ever been to Tan’s house and how much she knows about Tan’s family. Tan is sitting right there and knows what Young Do is doing and tells him to stop.

Tan and Young Do are being supervised in their punishment of cleaning the school and both do it reluctantly. Eun Sang looks out the window in class and sees them.

Chan Young passes her note asking what’s the deal with her mom? Eun Sang writes back that someone went as her mom. Chan Young notices that Eun Sang is starting to have secrets from him. He wonders if she and Tan are fighting and Eun Sang candidly admits she’s in the process of running away from him.

Both Eun Sang and Tan are on the roof and think about one another. Turns out they are on separate roofs and they spot each other, which leads to Eun Sang scurrying away.

Eun Sang is napping in the library and wakes up to find Young Do sitting across from her. He wants to know about her performance date with Tan and who her mom is, but Eun Sang tells him to stop annoying her since she has to study for midterms.

It’s midterm exam time and all the students sit down to take the test. While Chan Young is clearly on top of his game, Bo Na and Myung Soo struggle while Young Do appears to doodle over his test and randomly mark down answers.

The test results are posted and Chan Young is first place followed by smarty pants Rachel. Chan Young pats Bo Na for doing well. Tan wonders if Chan Young was born smart like he was born so handsome. Myung Soo keeps going down down down the list and bursts out laughing because he’s not last place anymore. The last three are Young Do, Myung Soo, and Tan. Ahahaha, everyone laughs at Tan for being dead last at 100.

Eun Sang goes to check but Tan waylays her to say she is 52nd place so she doesn’t see how badly he did.

The students are sitting around listening to the details for the upcoming Student Leadership Conference (camp) and turns out only Young Do and Tan aren’t going, though Young Do changes his mind and decides to go all while staring at the back of Eun Sang’s head.

Rachel and Tan talk outside about and upcoming meal with the parents. Rachel doesn’t care who Tan likes or is dating, their engagement stands. Though she is perceptive enough to notice things are frosty between Tan and Eun Sang. Tan confesses he’s laying low trying to figure out how best to protect himself and Eun Sang together. Rachel probes a bit about what Young Do said about Tan’s family but he tells her to not ask questions and leaves.

Hyo Shin randomly wanders into the scene and notes that Rachel seems to be the one clinging onto Kim Tan. She doesn’t take kindly to hearing that.

Secretary Yoon sees Chairman Daddy’s spy guy again and this time reports to Won that he may want to stop seeing Hyun Joo for the time being because his dad is likely keeping tabs on him. Won wonders again which side Secretary Yoon works for, but he says he’s just an employee of the company. Won texts Hyun Joo not to expect him tonight.

Hyun Joo is outside her apartment and disappointed to get the text. Who shows up but random scene Hyo Shin, driving a shiny new car and acting all grown up in front of Hyun Joo. He boldly steals a forehead kiss from her before driving away.

At the lunch with the moms and engaged kids, Esther is curious and asks the kids who Cha Eun Sang is since her mom claimed that her daughter talks about Tan a lot. Rachel says Eun Sang is close with Tan, and then drops the major bomb that she wants to end the engagement. She asks how she can end it, is returning the engagement ring enough? The moms send the kids aside so they can discuss this.

Tan confronts Rachel about her wanting the end the engagement. She’s doing this to see what Tan does, whether he’ll really give up everything to be with Cha Eun Sang. Tan is shocked and asks when she became so horrible? Rachel says it was all Tan’s doing that caused her love to turn into hate.

Chairman Daddy finds out immediately and summons Tan, who goes with flow and says he doesn’t love Rachel. Dad doesn’t care and says Tan needs Rachel. He now thinks Won is right and Tan shouldn’t have come back to Korea.

Ki Ae hears that Rachel wants to end the engagement and goes to probe Eun Sang for information as to what is happening at school. Eun Sang finds out Rachel wants to end the engagement. Tan comes and yells at Ki Ae for sending Eun Sang to report on him. She wants him to go to that camp and make up with Rachel but Tan refuses and storms upstairs to his room.

Eun Sang follows, but she initially hesitates going up the stairs, and finally does go to Tan’s room but once again hesitates before entering. Eun Sang finally enters and tells Tan to go to the camp because his mom is paying for it. Tan doesn’t want to and makes the excuse that he doesn’t want to see her.

Ki Ae comes and Tan keeps her outside the door. After she leaves, Tan admits he doesn’t want to go to camp because he’d be tempted to throttle Young Do. When Eun Sang tries to leave, he back hugs her to make her stay as an excuse that she might be seen by Ki Ae. He admits that he is looking for a way for Eun Sang to cross the barrier that divides them. He tells Eun Sang to have fun at camp and he’ll miss her.

The kids are all getting ready for camp, with Bo Na and Chan Young making plans. Camp starts and everyone marches towards the camp site, all the better to show off their sponsored camping clothes and equipment.

At the camp site, Bo Na and Rachel both refuse to lift a finger to put up their tent so Chan Young does it for them.

Eun Sang is doing it alone while Yi Seul snarks to the side, which is when Young Do comes by to help her. Myung Soo walks by with his trusty camera and snaps a few pictures of them. He then remembers why Eun Sang looks so familiar, he saw her coming out of Tan’s house early one morning. The morning that Young Do dropped him off near his house.

Eun Sang tries to say Myung Soo is wrong but Young Do hears this and looks very serious.

Tan and Hyo Shin have a conversation in the school gym where Tan reveals he’s missing the camping trip so that Eun Sang will miss him. Talk turns to why Tan and Hyo Shin are close and turns out he was in the US last year as well. But he tried to kill himself and was brought back to Korea where his mom now keeps a close eye on him. Hyo Shin reveals he’s planning something else now.

The camp splits into black and blue teams for paintball. Bo Na gets kudos from me for shooting Rachel right then and there, which leads to Rachel making a “how dare you” face but Bo Na’s like “what?”

What follows is an extended paintball parody sequences of famous movies, otherwise shoved into the drama maybe because paintball is a sponsor? I dunno but its harmless enough. Adorable Chan Young and Bo Na play lovers from opposite sides who have to decide who dies. Chan Young dies for Bo Na, but she’s immediately taken out by Yi Seul.

Eun Sang sits on a stump in a daze and Young Do finds her. But he doesn’t shoot her and instead asks what she was doing coming out of Tan’s house early in the morning? She says that wasn’t her. Young Do’s mind goes places and he asks if she’s adopted by Tan’s family. LOL. Eun Sang shoots him point blank with the paintball and takes him out, leaving Young Do stunned.

The class gathers for dinner. Bo Na and Chan Young wander off after the meal, while Young Do sits and watches Eun Sang eat. Afterwards he offers her services to wash the dishes and says he’ll help.

Chan Young comes back later in the evening to see Eun Sang washing dishes by herself while Young Do sits there and watches. He offers to help and then Bo Na wanders over because Chan Young likely draws her close like a magnet. Young Do is in a snit and asks if both Bo Na and Chan Young knew already Eun Sang is a charity case. When Myung Soo comes up, Young Do is about to ask him as well when Eun Sang pulls him away.

Eun Sang asks why he is continuing to bother her but Young Do says that she only pays him attention when he’s misbehaving around her. Eun Sang tells him to do whatever he intends because she’s not scared anymore of what he can do to her.

Eun Sang walks away and calls Tan, but no one answers. She locks eyes with Rachel who is also calling someone. Rachel storms over and grabs Eun Sang’s phone and sees that she was calling Tan. Rachel slaps Eun Sang and asks why she hasn’t stopped like Rachel warned her. Eun Sang wants her phone back since if she got slapped already, she might as well do what she got slapped for. Rachel is about to slap Eun Sang again when Young Do grabs her hand and tells Rachel to stop because only he can bother Eun Sang. Young Do takes Eun Sang away leaving Rachel seething.

Eun Sang asks why he stepped in back there, this isn’t like him. Young Do claims she’s only seen a part of him. Young Do looks up and sees Tan walking into camp while on the phone.

Young Do grabs Eun Sang for a hug and tells her that he’ll show her the rest. Tan and Young Do have yet another staredown while Young Do hugs a shocked Eun Sang.

Thoughts of Mine:

Heirs is halfway done airing as of today, and I still haven’t a clue as to what I’m watching. Is the end game healing for the hurt, redemption for the rascals, or salvation for the suffering? Will Ki Ae get her legal status and leave the walls of her comfortable hidden prison? Will Won get to run Empire Group and marry his Hyun Joo? Will Hyo Shin graduate without having another crisis situation? Will Young Do stand up to his dad and break the chains of abuse towards him and that he dishes out? Will Tan and Eun Sang get together and will both of them figure out their future? So many questions, but the drama hasn’t done anything to actually focus on what it put forth. All we have are students and adults all behaving badly or living under the cloud of worry. This is exhausting and I’m having no fun watching Heirs. I want to love it, but it makes it so hard for me to. Chan Young and Bo Na are the sole positive light in this drama, showing us that Bo Na can be elitist and bitchy at times and condescending and not terribly bright, but at the end of the day she’s a person with the capacity to show multiple feelings and beliefs. She can flaunt her wealth yet be fully capable of dating, loving, and respecting a boyfriend that is a good person but doesn’t have her background. Why can’t this drama write more characters like her, layered and reacts to situations with nuance rather than a full blown one-note attack. At this point I can predict how so many characters will react: Tan just stares, Eun Sang always looks like a mack truck is coming at her with her wide-eyed look of fear, Rachel has perfected her bitchy laser vision and lip pinch, Young Do does the crazy-eyed menacing look more suited for a gangster movie than in a school drama, and on and on I can go.

I’m still on the OTP wagon because there is literally no other viable ship to be on, unless the drama breaks up Chan Young and Bo Na and lets those two end up with Eun Sang and Tan respectively. That would work since I like all four of them and this pairing would be less likely to agitate real world elders. But that’s not gonna happen, so if this drama insists on romance being important despite me not feeling it, then Eun Sang and Tan it is. I can’t believe I’m missing the US portions of this drama, but it was in LA that Eun Sang and Tan actually seemed to have fun together. She was less cowed and mopey and he still stared a lot but was generally more quippy with her. Now we get big confessions about dating and finding a way, when really Eun Sang is right that she needs to just graduate from high school first. What’s the rush, Tan? It’s not like she’s going anywhere, and she’s already said she likes you. If the drama let these kids be kids and go to school, then none of these issues require immediate resolution. The more pressing matter is Won and Tan’s estrangement because that clearly hurts Tan so much. Plus Chairman Daddy needs to stop being a shadow puppet master and step up to the plate for having fathered two sons with different women. He did it, now he needs to solve the impasse. Tell the world Won is the heir and that’s it. Tan doesn’t care, Ki Ae can’t do anything, and that would resolve Won’s insecurity about his place in the family. There is so much going on that are more interesting than Choi Young Do being a relentless nuisance but the drama focuses so much on him to the detriment of every other plot line. I’ve had it up to here with his antics and someone needs to tell him “no means NO”.


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  1. this show is becoming more stupid and more boring that mirae choice. why are the comedies and supposedly light heart dramas so horrible in kdramaland this year? i only “liked” episode 9 because of the tan mother masquerading as eun sung mom LOL all the other episodes are mediocre at best.

    • Try Answer me 1994. I personally vote that one as one of the best drama of 2013. its light hearted, family drama, coming of age romcom…

      Additionally both of the leads in AM1994 are opposite of the chaebol jerks who has an emotional quotient of a squirrel and have psychopathic tendencies. In AM1994 Good guys are as swoon worthy (or more) as every male lead in kdrama history and they are as endearing as puppy by the pet store…

      I know its kinda bad to promote another drama in another topic but, AM1994 is just worth the watch, from the narrative, to the relationship to the characters and to over all value.

      Anyway bye.. last recap of heirs and preview to watch ever…
      bye heirs aka the drama I will forever erase from my memory..
      Sorry Lee minho, however much I am a fan the story just plainly sucks…

  2. Solely reading recaps has me shudder at the on-going abuse, sold to us viewers as, yunno, normal and even “appealing” whenever both boys toy with Eun Sang. The heck? Where has Shin Mi-rae gone, writer Kim Eun Sook?

    • Well, isn’t that normal in kdramas, at least, from western point of view? I enjoy them and can appreciate the funny moments but, to be honest, I wouldn’t want to know, much less date, most of the kdrama leading guys in real life because of that.

  3. What makes me sad is that Heirs looks like it overtook Secret in the ratings game today… my theory is that the ajhummas have smelled an unhappy ending and have decided to abandon ship.

    • Nooooooooo……! I am so upset to hear that. My first JiSung drama ….The camera loves him …He makes such a dashing leading man. I love how he’s so comfy in his skin….that makes him sexy as hell……Love the way he moves…so much flair and drama. And he can act. I loved the scene where he’s pleading with HJE character to open the door. ….was so natural and flowing…..No overacting. Same with her. Secret has been amazing and now it’s winding down….I am actually feeling sad because it’s hard these days to find a drama that captures your imagination. All four leads should be so proud of themselvees. I feel like I am saying goodbye to four friends who gave us such a good show. All four will always hold a special place in my kdrama world.

      • It depends on which rating meter that your refer to. Based on the perentage that you reported on, it was the figure recorded by AGB Nielsen. TNmS recorded that Heirs has highers viewership than Secret with 17.9% (2nd place) and 15.6% (5th place) respectively.

        Secret has a high chance of maintaning it leads since the drama is set to conclude next week but Heirs is fast catching up due to its massive star power though I admit that the much complaint nothingness in the plot. I watch Heirs simply for Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. I feel sorry that their pairings is such a waste in this drama because I simply think they make a great duo if shoved with proper and solid storyline.

      • When I posted the AGB ratings (at 6.51am KST), TNmS ratings were not out yet. TNmS Nationwide ratings for Thursday’s episodes were Heirs: 14.3% (4th place) and Secret: 13.4% (6th place). The ratings that you posted (17.9% vs 15.6%) are for Seoul region.

        Btw, this is not the first time Heirs had higher viewership than Secret based on TNmS Nationwide ratings, and for TNms Seoul, Heirs’ ratings have been higher than Secret’s for most of its episodes.

        I’ve also noticed that the Korean media mostly reports AGB ratings rather than TNms.

        I expect Heirs to take the lead once Secret is over, since Pretty Man will take some time to “warm up”, and Medical Top Team is no competition at all.

  4. Only slow people can’t understand this light drama at all! As if they are all smart aleck! See even koala doesn’t Know what will happened next… and still she can’t stop in writing recaps of heirs! This is soooo funny!

    • Are you just being rude with your comments? You really need not shout out to everyone just how bad your command of English with all sorts of grammar errors and punctuation mistakes. You are clearly not a “slow people” but a very smart aleck who makes extremely rude remarks.

      • Rude??? Fine!! I dare You!! This ajuma for sure she will still recap heirs by nextweek until the end!! And please who cares for grammars and all… what I am saying stop watching and recapping a drama which you are not interested in it… it’ good for your health!

    • I really didn’t want to reply but what can I do, I’m slooooow.
      Just because Koala recaps the drama every week doesn’t mean that she has to like every single thing of the drama. Of course she can say there are flaws, it’s her FREAKIN’ blog.

      What’s funny is people like you too narrow minded to accept that people can have different opinion about a drama. Next time you want to say something, learn how to write, ok ?

  5. Only slow people can’t understand this light drama at all! As if they are all smart aleck! See even koala doesn’t Know what will happened next… and still she can’t stop in writing recaps of heirs! This is soooo funny!

    • haha i know right. a person who hates something but yet sit through watching it to write bad comments?? now where’s the logic in that. hate it then just let it go. after all, we shouldn’t care so much about this recapper and the haters. it’s being loved in Korea which is what matters the most πŸ˜€

      • You are doing the exact same thing. Reading koalas’ recaps, reviews and comments. You even have time to write your comments. Pot calling the kettle black. Who is the joker here? Everyone of us have our own thoughts on the drama, even if it is popular in Korea, a lot of us choose to have our own opinion about the drama without following a trend. Why go onto someone’s blog just to pick on their blog? If you like this drama so much, set your own blog and gather your own followers. Stop hijacking someone else’s hardwork.

    • Yah, good job. That’s just what it takes. Drop the show and don’t watch it anymore.

      Seriously, Miss Ockoala, just stop recapping it. Save your precious time and energy. And just do these people some favor. Most people are pained by it. Why spread more angst and negativity by recapping it?

      You’re a sound blogger, and you have really strong opinions. I bet you have a better drama in mind. I still can’t believe you stick to recapping Heirs than doing some Secret fans a favor by recapping what seems to be a great drama.

      • @bransen – you stop reading this site. This is her blog and I enjoy reading her recap. I like her strong opinions and I like reading her blog. Please don’t rob us from our enjoyment. BTW – I don’t believe she will listen to you. YOU stop commenting on this blog now if you dislike it so much !

      • Have to agree with you , branwen . Really hope to read recap of Secret from Ms. Koala . I love Secret and thanks to this blog , I know about Secret . First, I just watch Heirs , but so boring and I found Secret . Love it and I quit Heirs , just read recap and your comments for fun .

      • @blah blah
        Of course I will stop reading the Heirs thread from this site and other sites. It’s just not fun anymore. That one down and this one will be my last comment on any Heirs’s recap or news. I don’t like living in negativity. I follow my own advice, you know.

    • dropped watching this show last week. I decided to just read thre recaps but even the recap is getting pretty draggy. however much the recapper is good in writing if the source itself is not good everything just falls apart. aish i think I’;; stay away from the recaps now…

  6. Chan Young looks adorable! Maybe he should be the OTP because his story is more interesting than why Tan is who he is, why ES is……wierd, and why Young Do is still a kid trapped in a grown-teenage body…….so many things that some of them are not necessary. Too many characters in so little time……

  7. Koala, you’ve hit the nail on the head! I’m so frustrated with Heirs, and I’m trying to like it but there’s nothing happening plot-wise!!! I’m bored to tears! Thank GAWD I’m watching MHIYD. Loving that show!

  8. All these unanswered questions remind me of AGD, while i was watching that drama (Only Bcs Jang Dong Gun is my ultimate actor bias)i had all these question that the writer never answer, instead she beat around the bushes so i’m not surprise she’s doing this again with Heirs…I thought i would give it a chance if reviews convinced me but after reading many from different reviewers i’ll stay away from it…Secret Garden and AGD were enough from this writer.

    • I stop watching Heirs after ep 6, just skimming through recaps, because I love KHN. I’ve had enough of KES too, I also didn’t like her last year drama. But you should watch City Hall! It’s nothing like SG, AGD or Heirs. And the chemistry is awesome.

  9. Thank you Ms K for your recap, and for staying with this drama. I am staying with it as well, to see how things will be resolved. I do agree with a lot of what you have said in your commentary, and as much as I am in love with KWB’s acting, especially in this drama, I do not understand CYD, and I am finding it hard to support him (fully), when I really wanted to. I too, do wish the other characters (and in so doing the other actors) would be used better, or used at all. I mean after all, they CAN act.

    Please stay with this drama, if you can. I might be in the minority, however I would appreciate it. Thank you for all that you do regarding Heirs: the recaps, the previous, the side articles, etc… I do hope (I can only hope), the 2nd half of this drama will be better. KT so far, imho, is acting in a selfish manner when it comes to ES, though I find him to be the mature one when it comes to the relationship between him and KW.

    • Koala, thank you for taking the time to do the Recaps for those of us who are interested to read.
      We all have different opinions and i am one who is just taking each episode as it plays out, interested to watch how it will end. We all have a life and to me this is just entertainment. Really appreciate you taking the time to Recap and share your views for your supporters. Peace!!!

  10. Seriously! I usually don’t comment, but I’m just sooo frustrated right now -.- Episode 9 was good because people were doing something but now urgh. I don’t even know who to root for anymore. None of the characters are compelling except CY and BN.
    I just can’t get over the fact that Tan is engaged to Rachel but openly pursuing another girl!!! He is sooooo selfish! He knows that there will be obstacles in dating ES, that people will belittle her and she will be known as the one, who ruined a high profile engagement. I don’t know if ES is ready for that kind of trouble, she just wants to live a normal life. Then when Rachel threaten to cancel the engagement, Tan gets mad? Where is the logic in that?? What? He plans to stay engaged to Rachel while fooling around with ES? I don’t even know about ES…she is so passive but now and then, you see some spunk in her (more of that please). YD is just a psycho and the hug was totally an invasion of personal space -.- Actually the only person who makes sense to me is Rachel but I’m not sure anymore…seriously hair pulling and now slaps? I don’t even know about the slap…what was ES thinking, calling another person’s fiancΓ© (which wouldn’t be a problem, but ES and Tan are involved romantically) when she is not that far from you?

    • seriously! why did tan get mad at rachel for doing what he would’ve wanted to do?! and i actually feel bad for rachel. i think kim ji won is doing a good job at acting strong and mean on the outside but just really hurt on the inside.

      • I think Kim Jiwon is doing a great job too πŸ˜‰ I remember the ‘confrontation scene’ with Tan. The way her voice kind of cracked in the end was awesome. Another problem with this drama is that they don’t disput their time properly. Repetition in every episode despite having a big cast and so many random story lines with no build up (KW and HJ) -.-

  11. Watched episode9 to give heirs a ”go” because it was supposed the best episode of heirs yet and omg, why are you guys wasting time in it? it is so boring, the characters are abusing, PSH stays with sad/pouty face 90% of the episode, the interesting characters get less than 5 minutes per episode, and the main couple has no chemistry.

    • I agree with you – I didn’t think episode 9 was “that” good either. This drama is so slow, especially with character development. All the characters are pretty much the same since the beginning. I can’t even cheer for the main hero or heroine because they haven’t even done anything yet to cheer for. This drama had so much potential with its star cast, but the writing is definitely a disappointment.

  12. LOL-ing at people who have dropped heirs but still cant stop being care and ignore it, then read the recap just to spreading hatin comment on it.

    • Not to offend you but I think that you might misunderstand something. Most people who are reading these awesome recaps were originally viewers. They just got frustrated with the drama but continue to read the recaps just to see if the drama picks up some steam. When it doesn’t they voice their opions πŸ™‚ No hatin’

  13. the saving grace of this drama is Bo Na and Chan Young being awesome together as a couple and individual
    they even have much better chemistry than the main leads
    i don’t really care about the rest, it’s all over the place

    • agree! i like this drama only for chan young and bo – na *or i should saya minhyuk and krystal? ship them!*

      this is a school drama, only them who act and look like a real student, a normal couple, but the other cast bleeh.. *too old for me*

  14. i don’t understand your hate for heirs. the way you recap is oh so totally boring no wonder you and your readers hate this drama. well, as much as you hate this drama, the koreans are loving it and ratings are increasing week by week despite your nonsensical recaps. seriously, if you hate this drama so much and have so much negativity against it, just stop watching this drama. no one says that you MUST watch this drama or RECAP it. you would be doing all of us a big favor. tyvm

      • did you actually want me to keep track of who the readers who love and hate this drama? sorry but i don’t have that much of time to do so…if you feel offended for the generalization, i’m sorry?

    • your apology is accepted. thank you. i just want to make a point here that there is a reader (ie. me) who enjoys reading her blog, and telling the blogger not to write recap is rude. the simplest thing is not to read it and please leave the blogger alone so her readers can benefit.

      • Scattered jooni would not appreciate your recommendation, coupled as it is with tearing down a fellow blogger. If you have a different opinion, tell us and give us examples. Exhorting people to leave a blog, dissing the writer and readers is just immature and rude.

    • the drama is boring, Koala has nothing to do with it lol, I tried episode 9 because she said it was better than others and I ended disappointed.

      Plus some people even disliking a drama watch it all to confirm if it is bad or can get better or IDK because of some character they like and want to stick with.

  15. still don’t understand why someone will leave comments about not liking this recap, telling the blogger to stop recapping, but yet still keeping on reading and commenting about it… I like this recap. I enjoy reading this recap. So please only read it if you like it, and stop leaving hate comments on a blog you do not like.

    • Some people are just attention seeking hijackers. They need attention and seek them from sites that will get them noticed. They need to practise what they preach. Clearly they can say the words but in action it is the opposite. They bitch about Koala’s recaps but they still keep reading it and leaving lots of comments. They better do themselves a favour and stop acting like a little kid.

  16. You may not agree… Does anyone remember the American TV show “Seinfeld”? It was popular for 9 years. When it ended, people realized it was a show about “nothing”. That’s entertainment. There hasn’t been much of a story-line with “Heirs”. We find the drama rather entertaining, though… The actors are mostly seasoned ones with great charisma and acting out their parts. Not every drama needs to have heavy plot and excitement, as in “Giant”, excellent drama. Sometimes just sit-back, relax and enjoy the “view” with “pretty people” as in Lee Minho and Park Shinhye, can be a joyful moment. The writers do need to give Tan and Eun Sang more guts, though. We rather look forward to the next episode of “Heirs”, and reading Ms. Koala’s views…

    BTW, has anyone been watching “Empress Ki”? Never enjoyed sageuk, but just LOVE that drama too.

    • But Seinfeld was a sitcom, I don’t think the comparison is right. Sitcoms take daily lives situation and turn it into… well situational comedy. I don’t think that Heirs is about that.

      (But yes, I’m watching Empress Ki right now and totally loving it πŸ˜€ *thumbs up*)

  17. I agree with all your “thought of mine”. And I also wonder how it will end in just the next 10 episodes. I still enjoy the show though. May be it’s because Park Shin Hye is my bias πŸ™‚

  18. I can understand if some don’t like it but I’m enjoying Heirs a lot…. loving the parts with Kim Tan and Eun Sang πŸ™‚

    This is the case where I’m not concerned with plot much…I simply like the OTP moments!! Plus the entertaining stuff related to other characters.

  19. This has been an enlightening “debate” of sorts, but just an FYI that I actually like Heirs and therefore I am recapping it. I neither have the time or energy to recap something I don’t like. It’s a frustrating watch and having critiques of it doesn’t mean I hate it. That is a juvenile and base connection if ever there was one.

    • Yeah, I don’t hate Heirs, but I do have mix feelings for this drama. It’s indeed very juvenile, but for some reason, something about the drama has me hooked in even though it is not all that great. Hopefully it gets better, but I have a hunch that next week’s episode will probably get nowhere hahah.

    • Saying you like it when you said you have no fun watching it… so contradicting.

      I guess that’s just how drama bloggers are.

      • @brawwen I can’t speak for Koala, but I think she did say she had fun watching all the episodes before this and liking it, that is why she is recapping. It’s not contradiction imo. It’s just that episode 9 isn’t as fun.

      • Hi, brewen.. Captain Koala did pros and cons recaps on all drama’s she watched.. some of them have a lot of pros and some of them contain her cons..

        Are you follow her blog for “Heirs” only? I’ve followed her since begining of this blog so I can understand her blogging style.. and I enjoyed it because I can read diversity opinion about a drama beside other drama bloggers…

        You can also read her recent recap for MHIYD to Heirs recaps

        So let’s enjoy the diversity opinion on this blog and if you don’t enjoy it don’t wasting your time to read this blog.. Just My Two cents ^^

      • It is similar to you not liking her recaps yet you spend your precious time reading recaps, reading the comments and making the comments. You are contradicting yourself. One can enjoy a drama not just for its story line, it can be for the casting or even the characters. Love/ hate relationships is a comment term used in people’s lives. One can love a drama and still be frustrated by it. It is contradicting but that is normal to be contradicting just as you have demonstrated on Koalas’ blog.

  20. Thanks Captain K! Greatly enjoyed the recap as always before I get a chance to watch. How come there is no preview at the end of the show? Is it posted somewhere?

  21. I wish they’d have developed the Hyun Joo and Won’s relationship. Choi Jin Hyuk is so wasted in this. The camp scenes felt so, drab. I dunno, its strange, this drama has tons of characters, they’ve all been set up quite well, but I feel like I’m just watching them interact with each other, like some sort of reality show showcasing the twisted world of the rich. It doesn’t actually feel like there’s a story being told, something with a definite beginning end, etc.

    Such a waste of cast. Lee Min Ho prettiness is kind of the only reason I keep watching this show lol, I can’t even deny that.

  22. After a while , you stop following the story and start looking at actors themselves and thats what i did

    Kim Tan – ok , we all like Lee Min Ho – he was amazing as Gu Jyo Pyo in BBF, but right now, he is sleep walking in this role.
    Eun Sang – i am yet to see multiple expressions from her.Just moping or crying ,stone faced, need more action.
    Young Do – He is AMAZING, he can act with his hands, eyes, and even eye brows, he seems to come out as the strongest actor of all in the cast. LOVE his antiques, do not care if he ends up with the girl or not, he will have offers lining up for him.
    Bo NA – I heard she was a singer in a group – she is such a natural actress. She is really good with her expressions and her dialogues and is so easy on eyes and ears.
    Chan Young – The only thing missing on his is pair of glasses, gentleman to the core and good at studies. The way he pays attention to Bo Na is amazing.
    Myung Soo – we all need a friend like that, grounded , say what he means and still be friends at the end of the day. He calls Young Do – a kid, which is hilarious.
    Jung Hoo not sure what his deal is, i think first world problems again.
    Rachel – she was ok in dream High, but she has grown as actor and she is good at what she does.

  23. Y’know what’s my favorite moments of the episode ? School stuffs !
    I’m loving the scene when they pass the test, the result on the board with people laughing at Tan being 100th, the MIT (?) where Bo Na and Chan Young are just freakin’ adorable together …
    For me, this is what The Heirs were supposed to be. Yeah, they are rich, have complicated families … etc but most of all, they are supposed to be students, to be young and I wish they keep that way for the next episodes but gosh’.

    I already said it before but what’s the point of having a huge cast when you don’t even show/talk about the other characters’ lives but just prefer to focus on Eun Sang being toyed by Tan and Young Do ?
    I want to know how was the reaction of Bo Na’s and Chan Young’s parents when both of them decided to date. Some kind of flashback, don’t know …
    Hyo Shin’s suicidal attempt which I presume was related to his vommiting scene in the earlier episodes. We have less one minute for him. Does it make sense ? Plus, most of the time, he is just here to say “what’s the matter ?” WTF.
    Myung Soo, I get he is the joker of the group and also kind of moodmaker but I wish they will bring more susbtances to him. I do love that the playroom is full of his pictures about friends because I can relate to him that way and he does seem like a typical high schooler enjoying friends’s company ..

    I’m angry, upset, depressed over this drama. I will still read recaps and watch some parts but this is it. I can’t believe they still have good ratings despite the obvious flaws. Netizens complain about the lack of creativity in dramas but at the end of the day, these dramas always do good.

  24. The scene with CYD and his father in the office seriously scared me.
    Did he actually remove his belt so he could whip him?

    I want CYD to fight back, and then I realize how tightly controlled his father has kept him all those years. Despite CYD’s height and heft, he cannot defeat Dad. At least not yet. It is prolly inconceivable that another party would step in and help him out – who would that person be? Rachel’s mom? Please?

    The only way CYD could get out is if he is willing to give up all the money and run away. It wouldn’t be like Tan’s luxurious digs in Cali. Plus, if CYD has the cajones to escape, Dad has the financial and other means to hunt him down and bring him back.

    I am convinced KES MUST have had a relationship with someone who suffered abuse because she really knows how to write that character, and obviously the abuser as well.

    I don’t know how Dad will get his come-uppance. I think if CYD were to stab Dad I would be fine with that. Maybe injure a lung. That would be nice. I haven’t hated a character this much for a long time. Even MORE than Dad in GOM.

  25. ms.koala thanks for the reccap, i agree most of your comment,even with MHIYD i love that drama but you were right on what you said about it.

  26. Totally agreed with your simple solution to the broken relationship between this 2 brother by announcing Won is the heir of Jeguk by Daddy Kim. I get so tired of Won going on & on taunting his brother illegitimate status with his less than 5 minutes screen time, it’s so wasted…sigh! Tan will accorded sharesholders right similar to Bo Na but not management right. In this way, Tan and his mom will still have a luxurious lifestyle for the rest of their life. This will ultimately solved Won’s insecurities and mend the brothers broken relationship.

    But, I believed Daddy Kim will never going to do that yet caused this is his triumph card to keep Won in his place. If Won is the heir now, he’ll definitely marry Hyun Joo without any hesitation. So Daddy Kim is only going to use it at the right time, most probably when Won announces he wanted to marry Hyun Joo, then he’ll have to choose Jeguk or Hyun Joo! IMO, the brothers parallel love lives will be the catalyst to unite them against their manipulative and deceptive father..that is something I want to see happen, let them triumph just like in Secret Garden!

    Thanks for your entertaining recaps.

  27. I love this show. I take it for face value and just enjoy it. I also think that all of the stories are needed to tie up the endings. Tan and Won will be with the women they love. We will learn that Tan learned more than surfing in the U.S. and he and Won will create some business that will be successful without Daddy’s money. Class president guy (sorry forgot his name) will be their lawyer. YD and Rachel will see they are made for each other, etc.

  28. Bo-na >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> every other character in this drama (except Chan-young), basically.

    I’m so sick of the OTP, Park Shin-hye’s done much better than this in the past, Kim Woo-bin is the only reason Young-do stays even mildlly interesting to me, and I wish Kim Ji-won was given more to do besides screech at Eun-sang (the lunch scene was great), and it is high time that hyung, pretty teacher and puking sunbae got a little more screen time. Though plus points for Tan and Eun-sang’s mothers, Madame Han was awesome last ep.

  29. I like Young Do and feel he’s played very sympathetically by the actor. With a dad like that, little wonder that he terrorises other kids in school.

  30. I agree with your thoughts! The heirs is getting more and more boring, and annoying. Sorry to say this, but i think Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang relationship is boring with little chemistry. There are just too many characters in the show and it is getting a little bit confusing. The only couple I am liking right now is Lee Bo Na and Yoon Chan Young. I actually had high expectations of this drama but right now, I am disappointed. However, I will still continue to watch the heirs and hope that things would change for the better.

  31. Man, it would be awesome if Young Do did everything due to unfulfilled yearnings for Tan. That would be hilarious and still make it a triangle. Ahahah.

    As for the comment about Young Do abuse and abuser.. it feels terrible but at the same time you don’t forgive him for his douchebaggery. Band with Tan somehow instead of torturing everyone else with your unhappiness.

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