A Double Peck is Forthcoming for Tan and Eun Sang in Heirs

Looks like there is more kissy kissy time ahead for the OTP in Heirs/The Inheritors. I wished I cared more but it’s hard to care when Tan pretty much forces his will on Eun Sang. Even if she maybe likes it, I’m not a fan of the method of taking under the assumption that the other person is willing to give. That includes kisses, hand holding, hugs, and whatever else involves personal space. I think the only reason the romance in Heirs hasn’t driven me insane yet is because I do know Eun Sang likes Tan. Otherwise I would have broken up with this drama a long time ago. It’s also another reason why Young Do-Eun Sang alterna-shippers are crazy IMO, because if all she feels for him is loathing plus a smidge of pity, then he needs to stop hounding her every chance he gets. And no, being lonely and having an f-cked up childhood does not given him license to behave like a lout without being called out for being one. Same goes for Tan, he’s pretty darn ass backwards in how he romances a girl, but like I said, he is the lesser of two evils because Eun Sang happens to like him back.

Whatever decision Eun Sang makes at the end of episode 11 (“Take my hand”) doesn’t appear to deter Tan from continuing to pursue her. You know what? I would be much more supportive of Tan’s approach if he actually had an idea of how to make their relationship a workable reality. Promises of I’m trying and trust me mean very little when Eun Sang is faced with very imminent and real threats of being homeless as well as jobless for her mom. Tan just does without thinking sometimes, and in episode 11 he did it at a very critical moment. I do want this couple to earn their happily ever after, but it’s hard to root for the journey they are currently on when I see Tan driving blind. This drama is already mired in so much staring I can’t handle it if Tan and Eun Sang even “break up” for a few episodes, because then there’d be nothing else going on. All the other stuff is window dressing anyways with how little effort Kim Eun Seok has made to dig deeper. At least the production isn’t skimping on OTP fanservice and there will be two more kisses coming up. In one of the pre-kiss pics, poor Park Shin Hye looks like the heroine in a horror movie when the axe-wielding murderer is confronting her. Can the drama please make her less skittish (I don’t care anymore if she has good reason to be), and maybe let her jump her man and make out with him anytime she can. It’s not like being passionate is contrary to her concerns about dating Tan. Just get some action now and think of the long term later. These kids are supposed to be teenagers, I wished they all acted more hormonal for once.


A Double Peck is Forthcoming for Tan and Eun Sang in Heirs — 29 Comments

  1. ughh, it just frustrates me that all of park shin-hye’s kisses with her leading men are so awful. it feels like it’s the same every time, especially whenever she opens her eyes like that.

    • Frustrates me too sister. That shocked look is so obsolete. Kisses make you giddy and happy and weak with butterflies everywhere (I love highschool). Her first kiss must have been a nightmare…

    • Yes, I agree with you as well that Park Shin Hye’s kisses with her leading men are always awful….She partner most of the time with handsome men and yet she always so stiff when comes to kiss them…arrghhhh…so like Ms. Koala said “Double Peck” because that what she did…always peck to the leading men and not interaction “Kiss”, but I still love her though….

      • Sorry but PSH kisses has always been dead. We need more kisses like Gong or Coffee Prince…lol

  2. Exactly, I double agree with you, cap K. Tan consistently loves ES, but really, it’s so unrealistic. 18 yrs old adolescents most of the times want to have fun,or study hard. But not wanting to be tied down in an everlasting relationship or troublesome and complicated relationships especially those 2nd generation rich kids.

  3. I can’t watch this drama simply because although I don’t have a thing against the actual actors, I am simply not a fan of any of the leads especially Tan and when I almost loathe the male lead I can’t follow a drama. Young Do is a jerk, he knows he is a jerk, other people know he is a jerk, but at least he doesn’t pretend to be something he is not. Tan on the other had is trying to be this hurt lonely boy with feelings but beats up Young Do whenever he has a chance and even if Eun Sang is the reason, most of the time what is going on doesn’t warrant a beatdown. Also a guy who can knowingly have his ex friend beat up by his father like what Tan did a couple episodes back is just so incredibly low and deserves zero sympathy from me.

    As for the Shin Hye, I am starting to think the girl can’t kiss because most of her lead men have proven they can kiss and only so much can be blamed on the PD and crew.

  4. One of the known facts in the kdrama world: Park Shin Hye can’t kiss. She will forever be cursed with that wide-eyed surprise look. She even sucked the life out of a Yoon Shi Yoon kiss. I have given up on hoping for better.

    Another fact: Go Jun Pyo will always be Lee Min Ho’s best character. Although that character was pretty despicable at times, at least Min Ho carried the character with charm and charisma. Tan is a bore to me.

  5. Sori but out of all Lee Min Ho’s drama, this one is the most boring. For the 1st time in LMH’s drama, l ship for 2nd. lead, Young Do. l think the chemistry between him and the lead lady interest me other than of course cute Chan Young and ‘no more annoying Lee Bo Na’.

    It is just wasted with all good casts in a not so eager to watch drama. But LMH is a good kisser, see how Park Shin Hye’s reaction to that in ep 12. Is it she really bad or the Director simply satisfy for her action, l’m not sure!!@

    • haha.. im on the other hand.. i thought this is his best drama.. sorry.. but agree with you, i ship for 2nd lead too.. i found Young do’s character is more attractive.. 🙂

      i wish to see park shin hye’s kiss like she did with Jang geun suk in Etude cf..

  6. Honestly I’d rather they skipped the kisses altogether if that is going to be ES reaction. What little sense of romance I get from them is killed dead by PSH’s Don’t Touch Me! body language.

  7. Some how Park Shin Hye face in the last still looks exactly like the face she made in heartstring when she got kiss as well….

  8. Someone on weibo who was there during the filming of this scene took a far away photo of this kiss being all passionate with her arm around his neck and all that. Hope that was a true photo, really want to see a good kiss scene between them!!

  9. Really! Why is she doing this to him! LMH is a great kisser and with that stupid look is a great turn down! Is she not allowed to kiss passionately with actors? I just don’t get, her kisses in Heartstrings were bad enough but this is ridiculous!

  10. Does anyone know if PSH ever had a kiss where she didn’t have that ‘deer caught on headlights’ look? I haven’t seen all her dramas but for the life of me I really truly can’t remember her ever kissing with an ounce of mutual interest. She doesn’t need to kiss back, but her face also needn’t say – omg what’s happening.

    I adore shin-hye but my god she needs to learn to kiss. How’ll she ever do something more mature (in terms of roles) if she always looks terrified of kisses?

    • 1) Etude House CF with Jang Geun-seok, 2009
      2) Flower Boy Next Door episode 16, 2013.

      Oh, and also Goong S but that was when she was very young and she was the one who planted one on the guy there.

  11. Wow her face. I’m not even that into LMH, but if his face was coming towards me for a kiss I would not be making that horrified expression. I don’t understand why she’s still kissing like this. It’s not even movement on her part, but her expressions! Even young idol girls (Suzy and Eunji for two) are doing good kisses nowadays. There is no reason she can’t.

  12. Park Shin Hye-ssi, please close your eyes when someone you like kisses you.
    You ain’t a deer in a car light!

    Please writer-nim, Eun Sang her fighting spirit back!

  13. I blame the directors for the abominable kisses we’re forced to witness in dramaland most of the times; I mean, if you are going to allow the guy to touch your lips with theirs, you might as well participate or just do hugs!

  14. Maybe it’s in PSH contract that she only do closed mouth kisses. I read somewhere that Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t do french kisses in her scenes or something like that, LOL.

  15. I sorta gave up on tis drama cause I find it so draggy and I can’t stand psh being so sad lost and depressed but I don’t mind reading recaps. If you are looking for good kiss scenes, forget it, psh is known for her dull shocked kisses. When I heard she was cast with lmh, I know there will no bad kiss scenes, and she still has not proven much in that dept.

  16. GOSH KISSING SCENES IN THEIR DRAMAS ARE GETTING TAD FRUSTRATING CAN THEY PLEASE ‘INNOVATE’ MORE ON THE KISSING SCENES area please ESPECIALLY when they’ve casted the hottest actors together all in one drama! I mean it’s like a once in a lifetime opportunity that we got here not to mention that they don’t usually reshuffle used OTPs. NO TIME TO LOSE PD’S, WRITER AND DIRECTOR! Well perhaps with the exception of Reply 1994’s parents…but you guys get it right? BECAUSE FOR ONE I KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE GETTING really, really tired about the whole peck thing they’re so used to. PLUS THE FACT THAT THE ACTORS ON SCREEN (who are also really old to play school students) ARE VERY MUCH ADEPT IN GIVING A SATISFYING LONG SENSUAL TRIGGERING SEXUAL HORMONES KIND OF KISS, we should utilise that! I MEAN CITY HUNTER AND FLOWER BOY SOMETHING (WHERE PARK SHIN HYE WAS) showed how able they were so cut them some slack will yeah? I mean a nibble on the lip is enough like once or twice! Is that toooo much to ask? 🙁 (enraged koala reader here!) :))) 😛

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