Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum to Return to Korea this Weekend for His Prior That Winter Event Commitment

I have no clue what Kim Bum‘s agency King Kong Entertainment was thinking when it talked to the press today and revealed that Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young was set to return from Europe back to Korea this weekend. That’s pretty much asking the media hordes to descend on Incheon airport and make a tent family there over the weekend waiting for the new lovebirds to come home. I suppose they’re as ready as ever, especially since they were spotted all over Europe by fans already so it hasn’t exactly been radio silence. Other than the pictures of them shopping in Milan last week (a few new ones after the jump), it’s back to obscurity for them until this week when they were spotted in Paris, France followed by London, England, which is the last leg of their trip from where they will hop on a plane back home. Their trip was apparently planned in detail by Kim Bum to coincide with the free time after filming wrapped for Goddess of Fire and right before he had to leave for Japan to attend a drama live event for That Winter, The Wind Blows along with his hyung Jo In Sung. The drama event is scheduled for November 30th in Tokyo and honestly I totally forgot that TWTWB was even a relatively popular drama since it aired so early this year not to mention it totally fizzled in the end. I’m sure it’ll get a decent reception in Japan since both Kim Bum, Jo In Sung, and Song Hye Kyo are all very popular there not to mention TWTWB is a remake of the Japanese dorama Ai Nante Irane Yo, Natsu. I’m excited for the cutie pies to come back to Korea, especially with the year end events coming up and the insider chatter that they will be making official appearances as a couple when appropriate since their relationship is now in the public eye.

I swear they are so in sync it’s astonishing. I joked that their hands are going to feel very empty when they get back since they’ve been pretty much hand-in-hand for the last month.


Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum to Return to Korea this Weekend for His Prior That Winter Event Commitment — 17 Comments

  1. I bet they will miss each other dearly when they come back to Korea as they looked and acted like Siamese twins for a whole month. They are unbelievable sweet and in sync as Ms Koala said.

    I’m so worried for them knowing a horde of reporters, fans and what not is going to be descending on them at the airport. Please be strong my GeunBum. GeunBum FIGHTING!!!!

  2. I think they are smart to grab the opportunity to spend time together. Imagine doing the same in Korea, they would be mobbed. At least in Europe they are left alone most of the time.

    Good job, especially in the early stages of a relationship. Before their punishing schedules. Plus * giggles * have the agencies acknowledged the invisible friends yet? I find it so funny. Where are those friends?

  3. I can’t wait for their return this week or monday. Their appearances in MBC awards is highly anticipated, i hope they both as a couple. 🙂

  4. Kya they are into their world”LOVE” and the return is soon and it will be the war of paparazis ans fans .
    GeunBum Be Strong …

  5. it’s a good decision they made in their early stage of a relstionship, to build a strong foundation, commitment, trust and respect to one another. this geunbum couple will carry any circumtances for their love to each other.

  6. Even if the only thing I look is their backs, they still are the cutest celebrity couple out there. I giggled at your joke, they will feel lonely and their hands empty.
    Even if I don’t want the press to struggle but pics of them at the airport, holding hands and showing their smiling faces. I like the thought. :33 ❤❤❤❤

  7. Thanks for the pictures and updates.

    I am really looking forward to their homecoming and hope fans will give them space to date. As for haters (especially on Moonie), as someone at GB thread mentioned, these hideous hyenas will always be around and so will be their unbearable stench. It’s something we have to learn to accept and live with.

    As long as GB have us their supporters to standby and protect them, that’s all that matter.

  8. KIM BUM’s natural hair is so making me envious and i am a girl 🙁 and i wasnt into KimBum in anyway but i am into just his hair now :((

  9. I love how they escaped korea the announcement of their dating , they are smart they showed courage , hope that your love be strong once arrived in Korea , they are really cute these two cutie pies and sweet couple .

  10. i love the couple kim bum and moon geun young they are beautiful couple stay forever and strong……good luck im avid fan of yours;;;;;;;;in the philippiones we love both of you……saranghe

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