Age of Feeling Releases Script Reading and Lead Characters Stills

With Pretty Boy (Bel Ami) off the the races, albeit slow out of the ratings gate, it means the drama whose time slot was scooped up by PB needs to start filming in earnest. Period K-drama Age of Feeling (Inspiring Generation) starring Kim Hyun Joong and Im Soo Hyang released its script reading pictures this week which means this drama is definitely a go. The official line for why AoF was moved back was due to scheduling conflicts with its overseas shoot in China, but I can’t say for certain if that really is the reason. I think that is one of the reasons because if KBS wanted to shelve or pass on AoF it could have done so rather than making a point to put it right behind PB. I like Kim Hyun Joong as a dude, he’s earnest and hardworking, and I’ll always have a soft spot for him after his turn in Playful Kiss. It wasn’t good acting but it worked for me. I also feel terrible that his last drama City Conquest was filming already before it got chucked out the window when it couldn’t find a network. The 30-minute preview for CC was pretty abysmal so I do understand why its better for everyone that the drama never air, but I’m sad the cast and crew’s hard work didn’t result in something promising. In addition to the script reading stills, below are also the first character head shots of the leads Kim Hyun Joon as patriot Shin Jung Tae and Im Soo Hyang as Ga Ya. Kim Hyun Joong and Im Soo Hyang also attended a movie premiere together last week, likely to start drumming interest for the drama and building their chemistry. I’m a little concerned that second female lead Kim So Eun is not in the script reading pictures, and there have been rumors that she may have dropped out of the project. But the recent news articles still say she in so I don’t have confirmation either way. Directing is KBS veteran PD Kim Jung Kyu who directed Call of the Country, He Who Can’t Marry, and I Am Sam.


Age of Feeling Releases Script Reading and Lead Characters Stills — 22 Comments

  1. Is it just me or did KHJ really lose a lot of weight? He looks much much thinner from when I last saw him. I don’t watch BF so I can’t tell. He also looks like he’s aged a bit? Or maybe it’s only these pictures…

    I didn’t think think this drama had a thumbs up from KBS. But now that I know it’s on for sure, I’m expecting a lot of promotions for it because the buzz is quite low. I don’t even know the female lead so had to google her. They’ll have to work hard for the first few episodes if they are to attract viewers because I don’t think PM is going to give them any sort of initial boost.

    • I was actually surprised to see how much KJH has bulked up since Boys over Flowers. I’ve never seen him in anything else besides BOF and he looked all pale, long flowing hair, pretty and slim in that show. I happened to catch a music video he was in and I could not believe it was the same person. I was like whaaaaa??? He is jacked with musles, tatted up and doing the hip hop thing. I liked it. 🙂

      • LOL, BF = Barefoot Friends, not BoF haha. But I totally agree with you, he has gotten more muscular than his initial days, but in these pictures he seems to reverting back. But I’m also assuming its the oversized coat that’s making me think that way. I’ll wait for more pictures to decide.

  2. O so there are rumors KSE dropped out? Frankly I’d be pleased if that were the case….With two leads I have very little patience for I’d rather not sit through a show just for her cuz I adore her…wish she’d get a leading role sometime soon even if its on cable

    • KHJ looks exhausted in all the stuff I’ve been seeing out of AoF. It makes me sad and worried for him, especially if this one bombs in ratings.

      • I agree. Makes me very worried as well if AoF doesn’t do well in ratings. Poor KHJ…CC never made it on air, and Barefoot Friends was cancelled ….
        Please, please, please, let this be a success!!!

    • I like to watch Kim So Eun better. Im Soo Hyang looks so plastic, she is neither cute nor has good acting skills. I hope KHJ has enough star power to pull in good ratings… IMHO

  3. Me too, I wish the female lead is Kim So Eun. She was so cute in Horse Doctor. I think she will have more chemistry with KHJ.

    KHJ sure look tired in all the photo above and with a look that seem like he’s holding in his anger or something.

  4. The cast is quite weak. With only KHJ to draw the audience, I hope the storyline is interesting enough to keep us watching. I will watch for KHJ’s sake, but the female lead is really not very pleasing… We need Kim So Eun!

  5. In which recent articles did Kim So Eun’s name still mentioned? Because I can’t seem to find her name in any recent article on AOF..
    There was an article recently about the casting of the 3 teenage actors for the younger versions of AOF lead roles. They mentioned KHJ’s and ISH’s name as the adult versions of their roles but they didn’t mention KSE’s name at all for her supposed role.

    And there’s been a rumor lately that Jin Se Yeon (Bridal Mask) is going to replace her in AOF..

    • Btw I’m talking about Korean articles here.. I did find an English article that mentioned Kim So Eun, but none in Korean articles for about a month.

  6. Koala, really, thank you very much for posting about AoF,KHJ is my ultimate bias of korean artist, not because he is an actor or a singer, but as a man, an entertainer and an idol! just like you said I admit his acting is not good actually, but still I always have soft spot of him since he is so hardworking and passionate man… so I always wish the best for him, perhaps he can find the soul in his acting, can improve better and really wish that rating will be better. Please GOD, dont let it single number! please!!!

    ah about city conquest, just if it can be release like Full House 2, at least it was popular in japan and has aired in many others countries too! what a waste!

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