Kim So Yeon and Sung Joon Present at 2013 MAMA Awards In Preparation for I Need Romance 3

The I Need Romance franchise is coming back for a third whirl and this time they’ve lined up quite an eclectic and interesting main cast. I confess to only watching the first one through whereas I Need Romance 2012 lost me with a very unlikeable heroine right off the bat though I heard the story gets better later on. I still remember being very pleasantly surprised by the first INR, as well as the heated debate over the ending about which of the two leading men ought to get the girl. For the third outing, the story is set at a home shopping network where the heroine played by Kim So Yeon is a successful mid-level fashion marketing manager. She had a group of female friends who are her co-workers and maybe also love rivals. Playing the two men vying for her heart is Sung Joon as the young musician who remembers her from growing up together and now has a chance to win noona’s heart after they start living under the same roof. Ooooh, I love cohabitation dramas! While he has eyes only for Kim So Yeon. Yoon Seung Ah will be the young maknae at work that will have a crush on him. It’s going to be a tough choice for Kim So Yeon as Namgong Min steps in as her mentor and self-assured sunbae at work, though she finds a rival in Wang Ji Won who also has an interest in him. While this is billed as a love triangle, seeing Kim So Yeon and Sung Joon step out together at the MAMA Awards this week as presenters gives me an inkling that the noona-dongsaeng romance might find a way to a happy ending. The pairing of Sung Joon and Kim So Yeon is so unexpected but seeing them together washes away any doubt I may have. They look great together (despite his hideous suit jacket) and he couldn’t possibly find a more gorgeous and sexy noona to have on his arm than Kim So Yeon rocking one of the best black dresses ever. The cut and drape is marvelous despite its boring black color. INR3 doesn’t premiere until early 2014 but this is definitely going on my to-watch calendar.


Kim So Yeon and Sung Joon Present at 2013 MAMA Awards In Preparation for I Need Romance 3 — 15 Comments

  1. She’s breathtaking as always….but what the eff is he wearing??!!!that said, they seem to have some similarities in the looks department…very interesting…I look forward to this show…between These two and Nam Goong Min I’m pretty much sold…this will also be the first installment of this series that I’m watching so it better be good *fingers crossed *

  2. I love this actress since Iris. She was so beautiful in this drama and for me, her couple with Lee Byung Hun was better than the couple with Kim Tae Hee. And Sung Hoon is a great actor, he did different things and I think the difference of age would be not a problem for him.

  3. I honestly don’t think they look good together, but they can prove me wrong in the drama I suppose. But holy goodness, WTF if Sung Joon wearing?!? Why can’t stylists just give their men a good suit to wear? Its so hard to find guys who wears anything decent in award functions these days. Also… I don’t like KSY’s dress; its plain, usual and boring. But she looks good, she always does.

  4. He is wearing the blanket throw from my mother’s sofa.

    I think if he were wearing a tux, or something that didn’t make him look 12, they would look better together.

    Just the IDEA of that pairing gets me excited for the show. You know what Japanese Dorama, Suppli or Sapuri? The OTP had a similar distance in age. Kame was only 20 and his Minami was 28. They didn’t sizzle, but the got the vibe just right. He never kow-towed to her because of age. I can see these two sizzling if

  5. they look very suitable together…kim so yeon always look dearly beautiful and sung joon looks hot…i hope INR3 will successful and the storyline more interesting than the previous seasons..

  6. I am definitely going to watch this one! Not only do I like the “I Need Romance” series, but I adoooooooooore Kim So-Yeon and was dying to see her in a romantic drama.

    I liked the first “I Need Romance” but I was angry at the ending. Then I loved “I Need Romance 2012”, mostly because I adore the leads, and it does get better along the way.

    While I know that Kim So-Yeon can shine in any role, I’m a bit concerned for Sung Joon. Will he be able to pull off the chemistry and NOT be awkward with an older woman? Will he feel too shy? Hmmm I hope he can surprise me positively.

  7. I never realized Sung Joon was THAT tall. SHEESH. Unless Kim So Yeon is super super short, I’m assuming she’s wearing heels and he towers over her! I watched the first season of I Need Romance, couldn’t watch Season 2 because I love Kim Ji Seok (and lately I’ve had a second lead syndrome and I just wanted to avoid heartache over my boy losing his loved one lol). I will give this a shot because I like both Sung Joon and Namgoong Min (although the latter is currently frustrating me in Unemployed Romance and I love the lawyer character Wan Ha (Seo Joon Young) way more)–oh second lead syndrome!!).

    • They have a 20cm height difference! Kim So-Yeon is not that short, she’s 167cm tall according to her profile… but Sung Joon is super tall, 187cm!

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