Park Hae Jin Switches Roles in You From Another Star as Choi Min Bows Out Due to Injury

Will still three weeks left until its premiere, You From Another Star appeared to be in fine form since the drama had been well ahead of the curve on casting and filming. Leads Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun were secured early on, the filming has been quietly underway since October, and this K-drama was setting itself up nicely to take over the lead slot generated by the high profile Heirs/ The Inheritors. Supporting leads Yoo In Na, Park Hae Jin, and Choi Min were cast last month and one might say there is such a thing as too much good news that drama gods might feel the need to shake things up. This weekend the unexpected arrived in the form of Choi Min getting injured on the set, an injury that hasn’t been clarified as to its severity but has resulted in him leaving the drama. He was slated to play the role of Lee Hwi Kyung, the fiancee to Jeon Ji Hyun’s Hallyu movie starlet Cheon Song Yi. The production has found a rather ingenuous solution for a last minute problem – Park Hae Jin has switched roles from Lee Hwi Kyung’s older brother to playing Choi Min’s character Lee Hwi Kyung himself. This is really odd to me since I always assumed Park Hae Jin’s role of Lee Hwi Kyung’s older brother and the chief antagonist in this drama was the second male lead, and Choi Min was playing the third male lead despite being the role of the fiancee to the female lead. SBS has said that it felt Park Hae Jin was perfect to play the role and worked hard to convince him to accept it. That leads me to believe the character importance may be increased now that Park Hae Jin has stepped in. I don’t have any concerns either way since the drama hasn’t aired yet and the writer can easily toggle the characters at this early stage in the filming. I’m sorry to hear Choi Min got injured and wish him a speedy recovery. Some scenes will need to be re-filmed since Choi Min already filmed some scenes with Jeon Ji Hyun, and this weekend Park Hae Jin was spotted with Jeon Ji Hyun re-filming those exact same scenes. Check it out below.


Park Hae Jin Switches Roles in You From Another Star as Choi Min Bows Out Due to Injury — 3 Comments

  1. I think his original character was second lead, but just not involved in the triangle. They’ll probably combine both characters. That’s the only way I can see him agreeing to do it cause he was clearly not on board for the switch. Can’t blame him. The character he signed up for was way more interesting.

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