Bolin Chen Charms in New Winter Pictorials to Promote Rom-com Movie Campus Confidential

It can’t just be my imagination, but is Bolin Chen getting more and more good looking? I still remember the scrawny boy with unseen depths in Blue Gate Crossing ten years ago, and now he’s this bona fide leading man with both acting chops and onscreen charisma. I love it when the drama gods combine both in one actor so I can drool over him and not be smacked in the face with bad acting. Song Seung Heon, imma talking to you. Promotions are ramping up for Bolin’s upcoming holiday season campus rom-com called Campus Confidential with Ivy Chen. The Chinese title is Love Is Not Completely Smooth Sailing, which is a pun on his character’s name Wu Chuan Shun (homonym for Not Smooth Sailing). This is the third time pairing up for Ivy and Bolin, and a twist on their first drama together Modern People where he played the smooth playboy and she was the country bumpkin. They weren’t the OTP in that drama as she ended up with Hu Ge‘s character while he nursed a crush on her. Here she is the school flower (i.e. undisputed prettiest girl at their university) and dating the school handsome jock, while he is the nerdiest schlubbiest of all the nerds on campus. The synopsis of the movie revolves around an urban legend at their school surrounding the campus lake. The lake is known to suddenly drain itself of all water and when that happens, if two people of the opposite sex fall in when the lake bed is dry, they are destined to be together. Of course this event happens in the movie and Ivy and Bolin’s characters tumble into the muddy lake bed. Suddenly their fates become intertwined inexplicably and no matter what Ivy tries to do, she keeps running into Bolin. Even worse is she keeps getting stuck to him in the oddest ways, including a uproarious scene in the campus infirmary that involves her cheek, his thigh, and a rising body part. I’m thrilled there is a funny new Bolin movie in the works, and even better is seeing him in many upcoming magazine pictorials where he’s looking smoking gorgeous. Check out the more pics below and watch the full-length just released movie trailer.

Campus Confidential trailer:

[youtube id=”WJKpIVzt6vw” w=”625″ h=”440″]


Bolin Chen Charms in New Winter Pictorials to Promote Rom-com Movie Campus Confidential — 12 Comments

  1. Wait, is this out already? It says December 6th and I think that’s the release date?

    I said it last time, but I so respect actors like Bolin Chen who’ll completely get into character just for a part.

    He looks so nerdy and unattractive in the preview, it’s so awesome!

  2. Gosh he’s so hot. And that movie trailer looks so good I wish it were a drama instead. I’d watch it in a flash and then rewatch it again. I’ve seen Ivy and Bolin in both the other projects they did and they’re fabulous together. So damn excited for this!

  3. I think it’s a smart career move for him to focus on movies. But I miss watching him in a (good) drama! I hope the next drama he picks will be a winner!

    And he looks so damn fine in those pics!

    • yes, me to ….they are both so comfortable in their skin. I love their body language. Also both of them make cardigans look really sexy. But I have to say Bolin is better looking and seems more interesting. Maybe because he’s done a lot more interesting work …..not only commercial films like GY. He’s like the thinking gorgeous man which makes him even more sexier.

  4. I fell like I have been waiting for this movie to come out forever. It looks hilarious. I am hoping it will be out with subs by my spring break; it would be perfect.

  5. Funny trailer, but it does feel like they took ALL the funniest parts and put them in.

    Bolin Chen isn’t handsome, he is the most handsome man ever.
    His genes and my genes needing to meet and greet soon and often.

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