Empress Ki Revs Up Again as the OTP Reunite in the Yuan Palace in Episode 14

It’s taken me a few weeks to get back to wanting to write about Empress Ki mostly due to the last few episodes being dull as beans for me. The drama continues to do well in ratings, dominating the Mon-Tues timeslot by a wide margin and recently broke 20% in ratings and will likely stay there if not continue to increase. The fast-paced action in the start was replaced by a bisected story line for leads Ha Ji Won as Seung Nyang and Joo Jin Mo as Wang Yoo. Seung Nyang is sent to the Yuan Palace as a serving girl while deposed Goryeo King Wang Yoo and his men are sent to the front lines of the Yuan dynasty war with the Turks. I don’t necessarily think they need to be together for the story to be interesting, except both sets of action were predictable and annoying. On the Seung Nyang front, she’s trying to survive in the Palace while Yuan Emperor Ta Hwan spends every single episode obsessing about her. First he thinks she looks like Seung Nyang, then he finds out she is Seung Nyang, then he tries to keep her by his side, and all of this pining is accompanied by whining and creepy staring that would make my hair stand up but for the fact that I think he’s not a complete loser and because he likes Seung Nyang enough not to hurt her. Though he doesn’t dispel her incorrect belief that Wang Yoo died in the battlefield, because apparently he can do whatever he wants to win the heart of the girl he likes even knowing she thinks he’s lower than toe fungus. On the Wang Yoo front, he’s off fighting a war for the Yuan so that he can get back to the Yuan Palace to find Seung Nyang, and the battle tactics and scenes are watchable but feel like filler since we know he’ll succeed and get back to Seung Nyang. But episode 14 brought me back to attention in a good way. Wang Yoo makes a triumphant arrival at the Yuan Palace, Seung Nyang’s heart is all aflutter, Ta Hwan’s jealousy grows even more rampant (yes, it is possible), and the most hilarious development is Empress Tanashiri maybe developing a crush on Wang Yoo. Ahahaha, that is ridiculous but brilliant since this drama has zero semblance to history anyways. At least I can say bratty manipulative Tanashiri has good taste in men. Check out the best scene clips from the latest episodes and catch up on the story development with a boatload of drama stills.

This drama is still so pretty to look at with all the glorious primary colors, though Ta Hwan’s imperial robes need to tone down on the fuschia. I also think the supporting cast is still marvelous, everyone is doing their part and there are tons of great side characters I could gush over for how interesting they are. And that includes the villains as well.

I seriously can’t get over the randomness of Tanashiri taking a shining to Wang Yoo. Yes, he’s hot and puts her in her place (when he didn’t know who she was), but clearly this won’t end well. The irony is strong though – the loser Yuan married couple of Ta Hwan and Tanashiri fall for the upstanding but can’t be together Goryeo couple of Seung Nyang and Wang Yoo.

What I like about the characterization of Empress Ki is that the romance between the OTP actually makes me happy on multiple levels. Seung Nyang and Wang Yoo are equals in intelligence and courage, and they see that about each other. It’s a welcome sight to have the leading lady fall for a good man, a decent man, a man who needs no saving from her but instead appreciates, admires, and wants her. To Seung Nyang, Wang Yoo is both her liege and a man she misses. There is no subtext but the greater conflicts of the world they live in keeping them apart. He’s the deposed King of Goryeo, with no power to save himself much less her. But he has his mind and functioning limbs, and he uses both to fight his way back to her. He doesn’t do it alone, he has the respect and support of the men who rally around him because he’s their leader. He wears the mantle of both his pride and his shame proudly, he blames no one but rather faces the reality and does what needs to be done. That is also Seung Nyang and how she thinks, and it’s lovely that when they were apart each would think of the other use that as strength and clarity. I’m happy the drama is veering so far from the novel because it feels fresh to watch because I don’t know what to expect.

I really do need Ta Hwan to grow a pair of balls and get around to eliminating his enemies and ruling his dynasty. At this point, I vote to give the reigns of the Yuan to anyone BUT him because he’s that useless. I have nothing against him liking Seung Nyang, but that is ALL he does. All day long, that and whine and feel sorry for himself about his sad sack life as a puppet emperor. Too bad the drama has done a good job of showing that the main characters suffer equally shitty fates in life and rise above it. It’s even worse because his idea of “love” is the very definition I abhor. He sees love as possession, if he wants and needs Seung Nyang, then he will do anything to make her love him back. If he knew anything about her, he would probably win his affection (and my respect) if he turned his life purpose around to ruling his country with wisdom. If she saw him as a great Emperor who loved his people and also extended that love to the tributary nation of Goryeo, I could see her falling for him somewhere down the line. But the Ta Hwan right now is a giant douchebag still and I hope the drama turns him into a interesting character soon because anytime he shows up I just want to smack him. Ji Chang Wook is playing him wonderfully though, capturing the petulance, neediness, and self-pity perfectly.

Empress Ki Episode 9 Wang Yoo-Seung Nyang cuts:

[youtube id=”uF3V3VzTAyo” w=”625″ h=”425″]


[youtube id=”snpPJUbZi0c” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Episode 14 Wang Yoo-Seung Nyang cuts:

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Empress Ki Revs Up Again as the OTP Reunite in the Yuan Palace in Episode 14 — 56 Comments

      • If you would put a correction on your post to rectify your misunderstandings of emperor Th like him lying and his intentions of keeping sn in the palace then I’m positive the comments here would be more civil. When people are really into a show and passionate about a character, they naturally are defensive when a character they like are bashed to the point where it is unrealistic, esp when certain actions are as clear as day and night but strangely interpreted differently.

        As a commentator, you have the power to moderate, but by not admitting your mistakes, you feed the flames.

  1. Hmmmm I enjoyed the first couple of episodes of this drama (after leaving my brain at the door) but the last 6 episodes or so have been SO DULL.

    The Bratty King really gets on my nerves. And Sung Yang is annoying too.

    Oh well, there are plenty of other dramas out there. “Kind Words” is actually a very pleasant watch and there are plenty of upcoming dramas I’m interested in (specially “I Need Romance 3”).

  2. Thanks for checking back in with your thoughts.

    I loved how all the palace girls were agaga over the K-King hearing that he was a dangerous playboy. When you think about the truth – at least as far as we have seen – it is funny. It intrigues me as well how easy it was to start that myth, even if unintentionally, and how it is possible that many of histories facts may have started with a rumor of repeated.

    They really do need to give JCW something more to do – Ki isn’t going to just fall in love with him suddenly unless he changes. Maybe he’ll find the right advisor to tell him the truth about women rather that what he wants to hear. He has a LOT Of episodes to change, but can’t we start now with slight improvements?

    JJM is hot with that hair and that face and that demeanor and his wardrobe. I LOVE that the baby empress would find him attractive.
    It’ll piss her brother off even more when he finds yet another woman loves the king!!

    • Episode 14 was totally the pill I needed to stay on this ship. I loved the palace girls drooling over WY. He only has eyes for SN makes it even better. Palace WY is gorgeous, I agree. But battle field WY was so smexy and scruffy and nnnnnggg, so delicious. That Turk girl is totally going to fall for him later as well.

      I don’t understand why the writers would write him like that. Even more inexplicable is how his actions/thoughts towards SN is seen as romantic? It’s not. She doesn’t like him and tried to kill him earlier and pretty much hates/tolerates him. His feelings for her are not romantic just because HE likes her. He stalks her constantly, uses his power to keep her by his side (she asked him to let her leave and he’s like NOOOOOO, I am now your lord you have to stay with me), and basically pleads for her to love him back.

      • In all fairness we have to say, that the Emperor didn’t lie to Ki about WY’s death. They got wrongly informed and his eunuch Golta (sp?) told her first that the King were dead.
        Also the Emperor is keeping her so close because he knows, that her life is in imminent danger shouldn’t he stop protecting her from Tang Ki-Se. His motives are not all selfish.

      • i wonder if koala actually did watch ep 13 and 14. TH said his reasons to keep her in the palace is not for his sake but for her sake and to protect her.

  3. Thank you for a nicely written review! I share your sentiment on the main characters. Like you, I love WY and SY being equal in intelligence and courage.

    Likewise, I am getting impatient with the character TH. He is too self-centered and too narrow in his worldview. At the moment, his world enlarges a little bit since he has SN in his world. Although many fans consider his obsessions for SN romantic, it appears somewhat pathetic to me. He does not know how to relate to other people so that SN is all he has! If you ask me, I think it is quite unhealthy. Despite my dislike of the character TH, I agreed with your wholeheartedly that JJM is wonderful playing TH!

    Again, thank you for a wonderful review!

    • The problem with TH is that there is no character development at all, and we’re 14 episodes in! He is definitely a character with a distinct personality and better than being your token second male lead who is perfect and bland. I don’t mind him being self-absorbed since who is going to teach him otherwise, but I fail to see any growth in him since he was introduced and yet he went through a lot and I expect more and have gotten bupkus from him. I don’t mind of SN likes him back at some point since if she’s going to marry him might as well have some love in there. But at the rate its going, her marrying him would be like him marrying the stand in for his mom what with his overwhelming need to be loved and cared for.

      • Yes, I agreed with you completely! At this point, I do not see TH has the quality to deserve SN in any way (i.e. intelligence and courage. Well, he does not even try to learn how to read). Their marriage feels like a way for SN to gain political impact.

  4. Empress Ki is so magical to me. I mean, the scenarios, the costumes, the OTP chemistry (one look and sparks fly), the MUSIC!!! Empress Ki is the perfect example of how much the music helps, if its bad it kills the mood but if its glorious, like here, it brings intensity. Also the OST is wonderful. JYJ’s Junsu did an explendid job with “I Love You” his voice is one of the best voices in Korea add it that his fort are ballads.
    Yeah it gets tedious with Ta Hwan but I’m still enjoying it.

  5. I’ve been enjoying every episode! Because it’s so long, I don’t expect every episode to be exciting, but I am, liking all the TH/SN scenes. Yep I’m on the TH/SN ship:-) They’re chemistry is so powerful.

  6. I think Empress Ki is one of the rare dramas with good ensemble cast performances (i’m gladly put last year Nice Guy and TK2H in this list).the main actors are very good,and the supporting actors complete it.good job for the casting department.*speaking of the supporting actors,i find myself craving for Jin Yi Han scene in every episode.This guy is hot. I hope there’ll be more character development for him.

  7. Ummm.. what you said about TH lied to sungnyang that WY is dead—-> he never lied, he himself came to know about that from his eunuch, so how is it lying?
    Also, i don’t think TH think he is in love with her and wants her to love her back, i think he only wants her to be his friend as of now(maybe later he’ll start to realize he loves her).
    They are many who are annoyed with TH, i personally find his character interesting, i’m not really rooting for TH-SN because i just feel that she’ll somehow always love WY only, but i like TH as a character more and i’m interested to see how things will turn out for him.

    • I agree. The Emperor still doesn’t know that he loves her. He met her outside of all palace restrictions and she became the one person in the world he trusts. He is under constant pressure from the political manipulators, be it his father-in-law, his wife, his mother, he knows he’s powerless, he’s wracking his brain how to change his situation and the one sane person around him next to his eunuch is SN. I totally get his absolute need for her.

      I like JJM and the manly King he plays, but I fear, that in the long run his part will lose to the Emperor, because we will be able to see so much development in Ta Hwan and the King is in danger to become a little boringly upright. I hope I’m wrong, but the Emperor’s character is so far much more intriguing and I enjoy Ji Chang-Wook’s performance immensely.

      • Oh wow, thank you for that comment!
        i was genuinely starting to get depressed from all the bashing that TH was getting, but your comment and the similarity in thought has cheered me up immensely.
        i really do hope that TH gets his fair chance with SN… I know its asking for too much for them to be together in the end but at least make the journey there enjoyable and satisfying!

        i loved WY and SY in the beginning. but i don’t know why, WY has started to get kinda boring in his attitude. i miss the him who would smile and have banter with SY. that was when i started to get conflicted between the two guys… but now my ship in sailing towards The Emperor.

        And was it just me who got pissed of with the constant glares SY would give TH… a little affection soon, please!

  8. The TS/WY first scenes looked so couply. That’s what made it random then her only looking at him during the banquet when an episode ago she was crying for TH’s attention. What a nasty piece of work that one lol More reason for her to hate her dad. He married her too quick so she is forever link to only one man so whatever her crush on WY is, she should get over it.
    I agree about TH needing to focus on something other than SN staying by his side forever. At least, act like you care about your own country. How can SN ever fall for him? That would be so out of character.

  9. Waaah! Finally! Another post on Empress Ki from you!!! Yup, the past episodes have been dull, there has been very little plot movement. The only thing I was looking forward to was for Wang Yoo and Seung Nyang to meet again. Thank goodness for episode 14!!!

    I love the scene where they only have eyes for each other. 😀

    Right now, I just couldn’t sympathize with any character from Yuan, yes, including TH. Not fine watching WY, SN and the rest of the Goryo men not living their lives FREELY due to the mess the Yuan characters made.

    • it’s not like koala even cares about being corrected. she is being nickypicky and trying to find any flaws that may feed her delusions in the romance between sn and wy.

      • Since this is Kaola’s board, I guess it would be the best if all of us could express our thoughts in a respectful way :)!

    • Once he knew WY wasn’t dead, in the beginning of episode 14 he not only didn’t tell SN, he forbade her from leaving the servants quarter so she couldn’t have a chance to see WY. I think you can nitpick all you want, but the truth of it is that TH does not want SN to go to WY.

      • I think you are going around the bush again. so what if Th doesn’t want SN to see Wy. who realistically want the person they like to go see someone else? hahaha

      • your argument in the first place was that TH lied to Sn. You couldn’t even admit that you were in the wrong. That’s why people here are agitated.

      • Yes, it is obvious TH does not want SN to go to WY, he doesn’t like WY so that’s very obvious. But, what we are trying to say here is that what you wrote about him lying gives a different meaning because he never lied. And to say why he did not tell SN about WY being alive–>The Night he came to know WY was alive, he himself was in shock and then by next morning when SN comes to meet him he is not in a state to tell her because he himself has to grasp the situation first and then right next moment WY is in the palace, so the moment he realized WY is alive and WY himself entered the palace is not even one whole day. In EP 14 WY makes his entrance in the palace in just 4 min. of the ep starting, so it’s not like TH did not tell her about WY for days. She saw him himself. Also, to add, he did let her go to meet WY when he entered her room while she was going to go meet WY in the night. If he wanted he could have had his eunuch made sure she did not go.

      • @cacazeel

        Well said. I would be pleasantly surprised if koala would post a retraction of what she stated. She is finding faults in Th that is not even there. She is so partial to the Wy-Sn pairing that she doesn’t genuinely give a chance to the Th-Sn pairing. I mean you can choose a side, but you shouldn’t go to the point of making up stuff to trash the other ship.

      • @cacazeel

        I really didn’t want to go there, but care to justify TH’s drunken attempt pawing at SN? Attempted rape is okay? Throwing himself on a woman is fine if he’s the Emperor? It’s okay if he doesn’t INTEND to actually rape her? It’s okay if he lets her go at the end? She’s stronger than him and can push him off makes it fine that he initiated it? He was drunk so we need to give him a pass? He loves her so much that it’s okay because his love is just that important she should accept his throwing himself on top of her?

        I like WY because he’s a good guy, he respects SN as a human being, as a woman, as someone he can trust. I dislike TH because he doesn’t respect her. if he did then he would let her do what she wants instead of what he wants. He likes SN but some of his actions are wholly unpalatable. Just because his intentions may stem from his love does not make some of the things he does right.

      • @koala

        although you updated your baby recap a little, I applaud you for that but you are still hitting nerves by firing cylinders at all directions. We are talking about a different topic and now you are jumping into something else to find justification for your slander against a character.

        It was a flaw on Th fault to be on top of Sn, that’s a given. We don’t know what’s going on with his mind. Thinking an action and doing an action is so different. In what way is TH not respecting SN? Sometimes when you love someone, you do what you can to protect them even if it prevents them from doing everything they want. Some of the so call disrespect in your mind is confused with wooing. Some many of the shows you recap, you giggled with joy when the main male lead did not let their love interest do certain things. You called that romance and taking the lead. That’s really hypocritical.

        WY always respecting Sn? When they first met, he made Sn compete against him in archery or death for Sn and her men. So what if he didn’t know she was a girl, disrespect is disrespect.

      • @koala
        Him throwing himself on her was not really good on his part i agree but to call it attempted rape? i don’t think he had any intention to rape her.

  10. i liked the first few episodes and loving Ta Hwan more because he is just too cute!

    anyways, im enjoying Reply 1994 more hahaha you can just watch that instead and sail the ship of Na Jung and Chil Bong with me!

    • personally i think if koala is on the Wang Yoo/SN, ship more than likely she’d be on the Trash/Na jung ship instead of the Chilbong/Na jung ship considering everything she said here mirrors the thoughts of what someone on team trash with say. Chilbong is sort of the the ta hwan of empress ki. Cute, doing everything he can to fight for a “prize”, but heroine will never see him in that light. but of course, chilbong is the less annoying version of ta hwan and probably a better character, so i’ll give him that.

      • yeah i think koala will love Trash more too. i just like Chil Bong coz Yoo Yeon Suk is so great with his acting. im looking forward to finding out who NJ’s husband is.

  11. Ta Hwan did not lie to Sungnyang that WY died. He was given the wrong information. He was worried that SY will be heart broken by the news. He cares so much for SY that he cares when she’s sick, not eating, protect her from harm.

  12. Capt K – I’ve always said that there are dramas where we are worlds apart in opinion and there are dramas where the stars align and it’s a say no more, I completely agree. Empress K is the latter. You put everything I felt about this drama so far into this post. Thank you!! 🙂

    WY is far from perfect – not a perfect man, not perfect on paper or what have you. He is just another man who was born into royal blood and has to step up responsibility, honor, etc etc in order to serve his people and stay alive too. Thank goodness he has the mind set like SN to try and live out life the best they can for Goryero and their people as powerless as they are in so many ways.

    The Bratty King – well, I have thought what you have said. So thank you!! He would do much better to care for his people and through that touch SN’s heart. Maybe he will start doing that? And defeating his own enemies.

    Anyhow thank you for this!!! Very logical and I love it! You completely get the SN-WY love that is and cannot be. 🙂

  13. To Tae Hwan, Sungnyang was not just a protector but felt like his only friend. he recalls how SN cared for him, kept him warm. He/TH risked being captured when he went out to get medicine for her. So he can be courageous & caring. Nyang reminds him of SN & wish Nyang was her. When SN rejected him, he/TH told her that meeting her is like the chick who takes the first thing he sees as his “mother” like she told him how she feels for WY. TH is caught between the powers of El Temur & QD but it doesn’t prevent him from being a caring person. JJW plays the character so well & I love to see him interact with HJW. They are so good together.

  14. I find TH/SN most enjoyable. There are some scenes when SN seem to react that she might care for TH specially when he’s down & frustrated, & to some of his comments. TH character is full of life. I’d like to see him take the courage to fight the power of ET & QD soon.

  15. I wonder if we are watching the same show. TH is going through tremendous character growth while SN is at a standstill and WY never had any growth.

    I feel like at times you are being so bias towards the WY and SN ship that you are making stuff up about the characters actions and intentions. TH did not lie to SN. Even he thought WY was dead and he genuinely consoled her. How can anyone picked that up from episode 13 that he lied? When she was going through the depression spell, he got her to eat, he helped take care of her when she was sick, and so on. That’s selfless.

    SN and WY, they never had a genuine romantic moments. everything that stirred was when WY liked SN when he thought SN was a man. SN did not feel anything for him at the time. After that all future interactions was dreams and hallucinations. I’m open to it but i can’t sail this ship at the time being. Their romance doesn’t make any sense.

    • I agree with you @tinder. TH has a very caring heart. He may be petulant and bratty, but then there is no one to keep him in line. He does not have people to guide him properly. Does he even have his own counsel? We always see him with Kolta and this retinue of body guards and ladies in waiting, but we’ve never been shown a scene where he is conferring with trusted counselors. He’s confused, manipulated and thwarted every way he turns. SH represents something that he misses, a clever and sane-thinking person that is strong in mind and body and street smart as well. He was cloistered since birth. He was a duck out of water when he was sent to exile, and was actually sent there to be killed. SH became the only solid thing he could hold one to, the only one that cared for him, even it if was to prevent a war when he gets killed in Goryeo soil. He may be doing it the wrong way, but he does care for Sunghyang. He likes to brag, but he kept mum on the fact that there’s a threat to her life once she leaves the palace. He keeps her by his side in order to protect her. He sent for the royal doctor when she fainted, was at her bedside, got her to eat with the pretense of tasting his food and worried about how she would feel when they were told that WY and his people were killed. He never lied to her. Even the earlier betrayal was for their sake, because he never wanted them to die as ET said they would be should TH revealed the truth on who really ordered him killed. SH’s heart and mind are clouded by her need to avenge the death of her mother and later her father. She knows who her mother’s killer is, but she doesn’t know who actually killed her father. Her deep anger was just transferred to TH because of the chain of events that happened after his retraction of his resolve to tell the real truth.

      And I love TH, his petulance, his bravura at times except when he is with ET, his playfulness and all. And JCW is playing the character beautifully. He does need to grow up but he needs a real and trusted ally first. Maybe it will be SH when she gets past her infatuation with WY.

      Sorry for the long post.

      • I agree with your analysis. I find TH more interesting and his character has room for growth.

      • likewise, your analysis is spot on. Sometimes I wonder if certain people who accuse people of only liking Th for his youthful good looks are only liking WY because of his broodly and so called “manly looks. Koala for one has the taste for the latter, like how she loved 4th prince, mainly because of his smoldering looks, manliness. 4th prince has one of the nastiness personality, harsh to his own family, and koala went out on the limbs to defend his inexcusable actions.

      • Amen! I’m on the TH-SN ship, and I could not bring myself to finish reading the recap. Waayy too biased and totally slandered TH’s character. I just can’t ship WY and SN because of a couple of reasons. We never saw how their relationship progressed. One moment it was king/loyal subject and then the next they’re daydreaming about each other. It’s like jumping from point A to point Z. We can’t deny that they don’t harbor any feelings for each other. SN’s feelings for WY, I think that she thinks she feels something for WY because he was the first person to put his hands around her, he was the first one to hold her(even though she dodged an arrow for him), he was the first person to remind her that she was a woman. He evoked her feelings of what it feels like to be protected. And of course she is loyal to WY. And as for WY he’s at a plateau. He has no more development…except to free his country. I would actually like to see him with Balotu’s daughter, I think they have better chemistry 😀 but if you have been watching the past few episodes, you’ll notice that SN is slowly changing. You can tell by her eyes, ie. when TH asked her to be SN for him, to her small smile at their little 3 -step game. I think she’s slowly falling for him also but she is not going to admit it because of her pride!

  16. I’ve been thinking about Seo Dong Yo while watching this drama. Wondering about the writers’ intention regarding the 3 characters, especially WY. They could’ve just focused on how 1 rose to become a ruler and how 2 characters from 2 kingdoms fall in love, ala-Seo Dong Yo. Instead they followed the novel in adding another character (Wang Yoo). Although SN marrying TH is a given, I’m more curious to see what they have up their sleeves for SN and WY and how this’ll affect SN being the Empress of Yuan. I think WY was written here for a reason and he wouldn’t just disappear in the background even after SN marries TH. And that is what makes it more interesting for me.;)

    • I love love love Seodongyo. One of the most addicting sageuks ever, and I loved the Romeo-Juliet love story. I think they threw in WY here because the Yuan is not a Korean historical state. Whereas in Seodongyo, both Baekjae and Shilla are both Korean historical nations. So it’s okay to portray them as both good and coming together through the love of a King and a Princess.

      • Me too.:D Its my first sageuk.

        I haven’t read the novel, but was WY reinstalled as king there?

      • Not watching this drama but I loved, loved Seo Dong’s Song…even with the disastrous sound effects during battle. I cried at the end it was so beautiful imo. Ahhh, the necklace.

  17. it seems like koala updated her post a little. I’m glad she did. She should had still posted a disclaimer or something. However the rewrite is still a a strong barb and zinger against th in an unfair manner but you gotta take what you can get.

  18. Well to each his own. I have read about the praises heap on TH and the reasons given for his childish behavior. Though I do not agree with many of these reasons/excuses cited, I have not jumped on the bandwagon to put them down. Hence, I hope people will accept those who have a differing views about him, Koala’s for example.

    In any situation, the same action can be interpreted very differently. One can find an action to be cute and funny while another will just find it simply annoying. As for WY, what sort of development or chemistry with SN do we expect from him up to this point in time? He has been sent off to the war zone and was fighting for his life most of the time. He almost disappeared from the drama for a few episodes. The greater part of the screen time were concentrated in the palace about the Emperor, the empress, Lady Park’s pregnancy etc etc.

    Having said my piece, I hope everyone will sit back, relax, and enjoy the drama. We may come across comments which irritate us but its possible that we do give comments/views that others may not find favourable/rational. Hence its a give and take attitude that help to have a meaningful dialogue all round.

    There will be plenty of time, 36 episodes/4 months, for the characters to be developed in whatever way writer nim wants them to be developed. It may turn out to be the way we want it or it may not. Its a long journey for the story to unfold. So, just enjoy the trip.

  19. Sorry guys, but I totally soooo love this drama, and for those who shipped Tahwan and SungNyang, I ship them too, I sooo m uch love their OTP. I love how Ji ChangWook portray his characted because it is so effective to you guys because you are getting annoyed, meaning he did a good job. SungNyang – TaHwan OTP for the win.

  20. JCW acting is considered to be very effective because he managed to get people annoyed? Meaning: the more annoying he is the more effective he is. What sort of reasoning is that. (Note: People can also get annoyed because of his ineffective acting). Well, since we love this drama, no point going on and on about who is better and who is not for the whole cast is in the same team/boat.

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