Miss Korea Looks Amazing with Release of Full Drama Posters and Second Teaser

Okay folks, Miss Korea continues to look fantastic. We might have another worthy contender on our hands. The full slate of drama posters have just dropped and its across-the-board gorgeous. I was already salivating over the first one featuring Miss Korea contestant Lee Yeon Hee getting primped by her two backers played by Lee Seon Kyun and Lee Sung Min. Instead of using beauty tools, the guys are using paint brushes and welding guns. Visually the poster was so pretty with the dark background and Lee Yeon Hee’s pink beauty queen ballgown popping like a flower in mud. The new posters are all different in design but similar in execution to keep the same theme rolling through. The drama is about a band of misfits and losers who band together to make their contestant the next Miss Korea. Lee Yeon Hee is Oh Ji Young, a former high school queen bee who is beautiful still but now just an elevator girl with la dead end job. She’s not a nice wilting flower but instead can hold her own against tough and rumble guys. Lee Seon Kyung is Kim Hyung Joon, a former high school classmate of Ji Young who went a couple of years being a low rent peddler of wares but has tried his hand at selling cosmetics with his band of friends.

His cosmetics venture hits the skids and he joins forces with an older gangster played by Lee Sung Min to turn Ji Young into the next Miss Korea. I guess its either to have her face endorse their cosmetics products or else for the prize money. Either way, they are vested in her winning by hook or crook. Their secret weapon turns out to be Ma Ae Ri played by Lee Mi Sook, a well-known beauty queen maker who has all the tricks of the trade. The new posters are all fresh and fun – in one Ji Young and Hyung Joon are facing the camera while a sea of Miss Korea contestants in their blue swimming suits for surround them but are facing the other way, in another the two Miss Korea contestants are surrounded by their coterie of advisers in the backstage of the competition. I think Lee Seon Kyun is the bees knees both as an actor with amazing natural range and he’s smexy to boot. Here he looks so gorgeous and together with Lee Yeon Hee they make a fantastic looking potential OTP right off the bat. This is like the second coming of Lee Bum Soo and Yoona in Prime Minister and I with the disparate age leads and acting gap, but somehow it looks like it will work. The second teaser was released this week and shows actual scenes from the drama rather than just the concept. The best scene was when Lee Mi Sook takes an aspiring contestant to the subway and makes her strut in her swimsuit. Yup, this drama isn’t going to mince around and will poke fun at all that it takes to make a beauty queen. I can’t wait!

Second teaser for Miss Korea:

[youtube id=”IrFfARL1dhs” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Miss Korea Looks Amazing with Release of Full Drama Posters and Second Teaser — 11 Comments

  1. Ahh this show has me so freakin excited. I love everything about the posters and even more the trailers. And surprisingly, I can’t seem to recall any other show in recent years that have dealt with a subject matter like this. Makes for a really refreshing story. Also love the fact that LYH doesn’t play an ugly duckling turned gorgeous. She has all the looks just not the personality in that she seems tomboyish and more of a punk. So her transformation should be amusing to watch. I’m expecting a lot so please be good, show!

  2. Omo.

    Really this is something that I ever wanted and waited for. Pretty Man is me and President and I ‘just that’ and didn’t catch my interest and captivated me. I need a quirky and original story and Miss Korea just had it. The fact that LYH act differently than she acted ice queen before just blew me away. Hope the drama can be better than the teaser which is already great!

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