The Pretty Faces of SETTV Dramas Playfully Welcome the Holidays for December Spop Magazine

There won’t be any new SETTV drama premiering in Taiwan from here until year end so the network has rolled out its annual Year End Drama Awards which is an audience vote prize that is clearly based on popularity. Other than unexpectedly falling madly in love with the just started In A Good Way, the only other SETTV drama I watched all year was King Flower (Substitute Princess) and Just You (Just Want to Make You Fall in Love with Me). Two Fathers was an adorable sitcom that I watched off-and-on without any commitment nor distaste. A Hint of You had a steamy OTP but the story was filler while Second Life was a makjang mess of a sitcom if I ever saw one. Love Around and the current Deja Vu are just straight out bad whereas Love Family is decently cute. I think what SETTV has is a solid stable of actors and actresses most of whom range from good to bearable – Roy Qiu, Chris Wu, Nikki Hsieh, George Hu, Annie Chen, Chris Wang, Aaron Yan, Puff Guo, Lin Yo Wei, Lego Li, Kristen Jen, Xiu Je Kai – while a few others need to leave my screen and never ever return – namely Cyndi Wang and Yao Yuan Hao who just need to get married and go have babies somewhere far far away. Sonia Sui was their biggest actress last year after A Fierce Wife but she broke up with the network when it started casting her douche ex-BH Yao Yuan Hao in dramas so its totally SETTV’s since she’s a phenomenal actress now. SETTV publishes the popular SPop Magazine and for the December issue it has all their regulars making cute funny faces and goofing off to lighten the mood for the holidays. Overall it was a bad year for TW-dramas with SETTV leading the pack still in idol drama ratings but also leading the pack in the general decline in quality.Check out all the cute pics of the big 2013 SETTV drama leading ladies and gentlemen.


The Pretty Faces of SETTV Dramas Playfully Welcome the Holidays for December Spop Magazine — 8 Comments

  1. The only good thing about Love Around was making me appreciate the hotness of George Hu. Nothing ever happened in Just You but as always, Aaron and Puff were adorable. Honestly, I’m beginning to think most dramas could just be cute pictorials and random kissy shots, cause plots don’t seem to matter much. And while the first episode of Deja Vu was a bonafide music video at best, I don’t mind it. Yao Yuan Hao doesn’t bother me and though I do shy away from Cyndi, it’s mostly her voice. Believing negative relationship news is fruitless (regardless of tearful press conferences or smoke/fire idioms)– for a relationship is between two people, not a nation. These people are actors and I can’t shake the idea that if a camera is on, so are they.
    I’m glad that IAGW is lovely and I’m loving it, as long as I can. I’m hoping that regardless of the drama’s outcome, I continue to adore seeing Lego and Kirsten together and they don’t allow the fan fervor to ruin what seems like a comfortable working environment and an adorable friendship.

  2. Cute overload here. How come everyone seems to be so huggable and squishy in these shots? Off to save pictures for days when I’m sad.

  3. Besides Yao Yuan Hao, I can’t stand Roy Qiu anymore as his personal dating life is a mess and I just can’t see him as the character he’s playing without thinking that he’s a douchebag.

    Yao Yuan Hao is actually quite a good actor and so is Cyndi Wang, but maybe because I wasn’t following the Sonia Sui’s scandal too much that I am indifferent about them. I don’t really care as long as they deliver good dramas but I can’t say I like them either..

      • I know but the thing is, I’m talking about Yao Yuan Hao being quite a good actor despite disliking his personality. Roy Qiu is also a good actor but I also dislike his personality so these two are douchebags imo.

        But because I wasn’t following too much of Sonia’s scandal, I am more indifferent towards Yao Yuan Hao and I’m still ok with watching his shows, which is only 1 show btw. I’m glad I finished Office Girls before Roy’s scandal with Tang Yan broke out. I’ve no opinion on Cyndi Wang cause I’m holding Yao Yuan Hao more for the mistake.

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