New Video Preview for Episode 7 of In A Good Way

SETTV is a bunch of evil mean trolls because the video preview at the end of In A Good Way episode 6 for episode 7 was such weaksauce compared to the one that just came out today. Holy moly I can’t wait for what’s coming! A game of truth or dare? Jia En and Liu Chuan having skinship during a camping trip? Yes yes yes! I want it all and I want it now. My rational side knows that we’re only on episode 7 and so early in this drama, but goodness can my OTP just have some more closeness even if it’s of the accidental variety. I still can’t wrap my mind around how cleverly this drama created the episode 1 skinship between them in the shower stall (I love how Liu Chuan actually looked up and gulped when Jia En touched his bare chest) and then followed up with successive moments to get them to get close to each other. I think that’s what’s so off-putting for Liu Chuan, or at least a major part of it. He’s so aloof and standoffish despite being a super nice guy. He’s nice when doing the right thing, but he’s not warm the way Ren Wei exudes this oppa next door aura.

Ren Wei can be rather impetuous and prone to doing wacky things, but his heart is in the right place and his spontaneity is what Liu Chuan lacks. But since Liu Chuan met Jia En, their interactions have been a series of spontaneous events starting from when he took her in to the beach to the concert to offering to dance with her. Jia En makes Liu Chuan do things that is out of character and isn’t that the very definition of when liking someone and bumbling around to show it? I wonder when the other friends around them, other than Ah Qing and Bai Xue, will figure out that Liu Chuan likes Jia En? And will she be the last one to know? Will it not matter because Liu Chuan isn’t ever going to do anything about it. Word on the street says that Liu Chuan’s mom arrives in the drama in episode 7 and I’m looking forward to meeting both his parental units and getting more color to explain why he’s like this. I think Jia En and Ren Wei’s parents are both super warm and affectionate and part of me thinks if the drama had written them as the OTP it would have made their parents so happy to have their kids end up with each other. But I think that’s been done before, and right now Liu Chuan randomly colliding with Jia En’s life is the best sort of college surprise I’ve watched in years.

Preview for episode 7:

[youtube id=”EK636b_VnoY” w=”625″ h=”445″]


The Treasure Hunting club plays a game of truth-or-dare. Liu Chuan gets one that says “the last time I told a lie”. Liu Chuan tells Ah Qing that he already declined to help Jia En find 3631, so how can he admit it now that he’s 3631. Bai Xue gets on that asks “Is the person you like present?” Everyone yells out “Happy New Year!” Jia En sleeps and turns over and slings her arm over Liu Chuan.


New Video Preview for Episode 7 of In A Good Way — 15 Comments

      • Hello Just want to say Merry Christmas and Happy new Year to you!!! 🙂 Is your daughter on winter vacation? you have a daughter right?

        Koala Unni, thank you for the preview, I am totally behind but will eventually catch up. Off to wrapping Christmas presents…

  1. I support SKINSHIP! hehehe now now what’s up with the sleeping arrangement hahaha was this a dare? because i would assume girls would be together and guys vice versa…
    but i am not complaining hahaha…JE slinging her arm to i wonder if it made JE felt alive hahahs just like a Joey and Pacey moment from Dawson’s Creek.

  2. I knew I was making a mistake. I knew I had to wait patiently. I knew it was going to be hell if I start to watch before all episodes aired. Now I hit insult to injury and whiny. Yes, I deserve it!

    It is completely clear that Liu Chuan was not going to tell Jia En the truth soon about him been 3631 and it’s clear it will take her a long time to understand that he’s into her, but what’s great about this drama is this process. So real and so beautiful piece of life for all of us. It so worth repeating 1996, if only to fall in love for the first time again.

  3. Haha you got me at holy moly. I had to watch the video right after that. Gosh I’m so excited for the next episode. Yes, more skinship please.

  4. I totally agree with how you described the difference between Liu Chuan and Ren Wei. And this preview? *Squeal* I wonder if Liu Chuan is going to just let Jia En’s hand rest on him the entire night? Are Jia En’s other limbs going to end up on him as well? haha

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