Elle Korea Features a Smorgasbord of K-stars for its Charitable “Share Happiness” Campaign

The holiday season is fast approaching like a freight train and with it comes holiday cheer and hopefully more charitable givings. Elle Korea has assembled a huge group of actors, actresses, and idols for it’s annual “Share Happiness” charity photo campaign. The ginormous list of participating stars include: Jung Kyung Ho, Lee Jin Wook, Daniel Henney, Lee Bo Young, Han Chae Young, Han Ji Hye, Yoo Yeon Seok, Go Ara, Dohee, Nam Gyu Ri, Kim Ji Hoon, Taecyeon, Im Seulong, Sooyoung, Go Hara, Ryu Soo Young, Han Ji Hye, Lee Bo Young, Daniel Choi, Han Chae Young, Kim Yoo JungPark Bo Young, Jung Yumi, Ji Jin Hee and more. All the money raised from this campaign will be going to charity, and it’s not just the entertainers that participated with their time and energy, the clothing, accessories, and other sundry items being modeled in the various pictorials have been slated by the participating brands to donate a portion of the proceeds to charity. It’s not because this is a charity pictorial that I’m going easy on the critiques but this campaign is an across-the-board win on beauty and style in addition to having the heart in the right place. Everyone looks great in their pictures, and some are chic while others fun and lighthearted. Enjoy the pretty pictures and let’s keep passing on the charitable spirit.


Elle Korea Features a Smorgasbord of K-stars for its Charitable “Share Happiness” Campaign — 9 Comments

  1. They all look great but a special shout out to Yoo Yeon Seokkkkkk!! *_*

    Thanks Koala for writing posts despite being on a holiday! Much appreciated! <3

    • I love that shot of him but I want to tell that flower to please get out of his face so I can see it allll, lol

      Merry Christmas, Koala, and all of you – I hope you have a great celebration!

  2. I like Yoo Jae-suk’s pictures the most, and Taecyeon’s the least. The one with the cat is just, awkwardly wrong 🙁

    Other favorites: Go Ara’s second picture & Kim Yoo-jung’s. Edgy.

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