Prime Minister and I Episode 5 Baby Recap

Just an FYI that I’ll probably only have time for baby recaps in the next two weeks since I’m vacation so don’t think I’ve dropped any dramas or have suddenly gone from love-to-hate. Prime Minister and I ended episode 4 on a high note so the wait has felt interminable for episode 5 to drop and now that it’s here I feel a sense of relief and a tiny bit of letdown. Part of me understands that the circumstances and personality of the OTP means things need to move at its own pace, but the anxious part of me wants to see them fall in love and take on the world together sooner rather than later. Episode 5 provided more clarity all around on the shady motivations that have been alluded to – In Ho has a comatose younger brother and he clearly blames Yul for his condition and is there to seek payback, and Joon Ki hates Yul less for the death of his younger sister than for Hye Joo rejecting him just to stay beside Yul. I have faith Yul can handle any situation but Da Jung is so new to all this political darkness and she’s also not been told much about the bad blood around Yul so that she can have her guard up. I think In Ho isn’t being friendly towards Da Jung just to get back at Yul and he probably really likes her, but its still so meaningless to me since I don’t care about his comatose brother and his feelings are also rather paltry compared to the stakes for the OTP. Yul and Da Jung spend this episode navigating the chopping waters of marriage for show and their own personality clashes. Da Jung tries to solve her own problems, Yul wants to solve every problem. And in between are three little kids wanting hugs more than problem solving. This is going to get dicey, but all good things have to go through the gauntlet first to see if its strong enough to withstand the fire. The best part about Da Jung is that she admits her own faults and weaknesses and always tries to improve herself. Yul can do no better than her even if he looked under every rock in Korea.

Episode 5 baby recap:

Da Jung hears from Hye Joo about a spy in the mansion and goes to tell Yul but he’s jabbering on about the contract so she kisses him into silence. Once she explains about the spy, he shuts up but then later tells her that what just happened wasn’t a kiss but an accidental impact of lips much like a traffic accident. He warns her that if this sexual harassment happens again he won’t let it go. Yul goes to sleep in the study while Da Jung goes back to the master bedroom. Yul had ordered Da Jung to destroy the contract but she worries about not having documentation as to their terms so hides it in her suitcase in an envelope containing the paparazzi pictures of Joon Ki’s wife making out with Kang Ho Dong back in the 90’s. Ha! In the middle of the night, Yul enters the bedroom and goes by Da Jung’s side and she awakens thinking he’s an intruder and wacks him with a book. Yul quiets her and turns on the lights to explain he’s here to get his medication, but declines to elaborate when she asks what he’s taking. He reminds her that her “work” as the Prime Minister’s wife starts at 5 am sharp.

Da Jung dons a hanbok to look more put together as the wife and she serves breakfast to the family, her own creation of rice in a cup. It’s adorable and tasty, but Na Ra steps on Da Jung’s hem and sends her flying towards Yul and he helps steady her. Breakfast talk is a series of lectures from Yul to the kids and Da Jung pipes up about how that can’t be good meal conversation. Later Yul warns Da Jung not to contradict him in front of the kids, and in this marriage he calls the shots. Hye Joo and In Ho arrive at the mansion just as a wedding present comes from Joon Ki. Hye Joo smashes the ceramic urn thinking it not above Joon Ki to plant a bug in there or worse. A flying piece cuts In Ho’s hand and Da Jung goes to bandage it up. Hye Joo later reminds Da Jung to be aware of her position as the Prime Minister’s wife and watch how she hangs out with other guys.

Da Jung goes to her first official function, a banquet for a visiting dignitary prince, and she’s wearing the pink lace dress so now the narrative has connected with the first scene of the drama. Da Jung wows everyone by greeting the guest fluently and turns out she’s wearing a wire connected to multi-lingual In Ho who feed her the lines. During the meal, Yul successfully negotiates a technology transfer with that country along with a promise they won’t transfer it. Hye Joo is going to attend a budget planning meeting but Joon Ki waylays her and then makes it so she can’t reveal what he did to Yul since he found out she read a text on his phone since his password is her birthday. Man Se sneaks into Da Jung’s room but can’t find her so he rifles through her luggage and finds all the pictures and contract and uses the paper to folk origami frogs. He gives one to Joon Ki’s wife to give to his uncle, and gives one to his dad.

Yul compliments Da Jung on doing well today and she beams at the praise but then almost falls backward on the sofa and Yul has to lean forward to grab her and there is another close skinship moment that both quickly brush aside. Da Jung goes back to the master bedroom and discovers the missing contract and hears from Man Se about how he used the paper to fold frogs and goes into crisis mode. Da Jung discovers Woo Ri sneaking into the house before dawn and manages to distract Yul so he doesn’t find out what his oldest son is doing. Woo Ri opens a locked room, which the housekeeper had warned Da Jung earlier to never go in, and inside is a grand piano that likely belongs to Yul’s deceased wife.

In Ho visits his comatose brother in the hospital, which turns out to be the same hospital where Da Jung’s dad is staying. He asks when his brother will wake up and says that he is beside that person now and his brother will watch what he does going forward. Da Jung first tries to get the paper frog back and it involves jumping on Yul to grab it, which causes the bodyguards to once again see close newlywed affection. Yul’s frog is not the contract so Da Jung goes to Joon Ki’s place to look for it using the excuse to make peace with his wife. Yul finds another frog under the table in the master bedroom and its the one made using the contract. Da Jung can’t find it and heads back all dejected. Joon Ki opens his frog and confronts his wife since its a picture of her making out with Kang Ho Dong. He warns her that he never wanted to hear about her wild past and chews her out. His wife thinks Da Jung used Man Se to set her up and hates her now even more.

Yul finds her and hands her the frog that had the contract and lights into her for her series of bumbling mistakes from not destroying the contract to not telling him it was missing to going to Joon Ki’s place to look for it. If he had known she was like this, he wouldn’t have risked everything for a contract marriage with her. Da Jung is crying outside when In Ho finds her. She knows she deserves to be chewed out but it still hurts. Yul feels bad about what he said and is headed out to find Da Jung and In Ho sees him coming and purposely pulls Da Jung in for a hug to comfort her. Yul sees it and then goes to distract the bodyguards so others don’t see it. Da Jung goes back to her room that night and Yul is waiting for her. Yul reminds her again that she needs to watch her behavior in public and he informs her that from now on he will be sleeping in the same room as her. Before he can be a good father, he wants to be a good husband. Da Jung wakes up in the middle of the night to find Yul still working at his desk.

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  1. I was chowing down on cereal when i read the paragraph where Man Se folded paper frogs out of the contract and gave it to Joon Ki’s wife. I was so flabbergasted that i literally stopped chewing and had milk dribbling down my chin. lol

    Poor Dajung. I love the kids, though. I want them to fall for her faster than Yul so that they’ll be her little army of cupids. I can’t wait to see what shenanigans the little ones will pull.

    Thanks for the recap~♥

  2. Thank you for the baby recap Koala Unni. I will watch it with subs later on once my two boys are in bed. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!

  3. Merry Christmas!! Thanks for the baby recap. I liked the ending though… Jealousy is always welcome for the OTP, as it gets them moving along…

  4. Mele Kalikimaka me ka Hau’oli Makahiki Hou to you Ms. Koala and your family. Really enjoyed all your recaps… Mahalo nui loa, and have a great vacation.

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