Heirs Confirmed for a C-drama Remake to Start Filming After Lunar New Year

I actually don’t care enough about the original Heirs to have a feeling either way about this other than rubbernecking curiosity but it certainly isn’t a surprise to hear that China is gearing up for a Heirs remake after buying the rights from SBS after the popular drama wrapped. The C-drama version will also be called Heirs (继承者们) but without all the lofty preamble in the full Korean title. It’s slated to start filming right after Lunar New Year which means sometime in February of 2014. Directing will be Korean PD Oh Sang Won who worked on dramas like Sad Sonata and Glass Slippers while producing will be veteran C-producer and director Li Shao Hong who did Palace of Desire, Rouge, and the latest drama adaptation of one of the four Chinese classic novels Dream of the Red Chamber called The Dream of Red Mansions. The Heirs C-remake will be produced along the concept of merging Korean aesthetics with Chinese tastes, with PD Oh bringing the directorial flourishes while Producer Li tweaks the script for the Chinese mentality. The Chinese casting is still ongoing but the production will not leak any details which is rare since C-drama filming usually involve tons of leaks even if an actor or actress has no chance of agreeing to star. There will also be extensive location shoots but it may or may not be in the US, though this season makes sense to do it in Australia like Kim Eun Sook‘s original script called for. The final kicker is that Producer Li has said original Heirs cast members may be doing cameo appearances in the C-version. Producer Li currently has a C-drama filming called Zian Zhen Qi Yuan (The Strange Fate in Jian Township) starring Victoria Song of f(x) and Jiang Jing Fu, and prior to their casting as the leads Producer Li started following them on Weibo so now C-fans have their eyes peeled to see who she starts to follow soon as a sign of possible casting in C-Heirs.

Of course the C-version is going to be a hot mess, but the question is how big of a hot mess? Let’s Go Watch the Meteor Shower, the C-version of the Hana Yori Dango franchise, was actually watchable despite being a hot mess whereas the C-version of Hana Kimi was completely unbearable. I’m also curious how Heirs can be tweaked for Chinese tastes in dramas because I’ll still clueless exactly what are Chinese tastes these days. I’ll bring the casting as it’s confirmed but it’s guaranteed to be a bunch of young pretty faces who may or may not be able to act but can pout prettily. Think the SOP Queen sequel cast type of pretty but bland. Too bad Victoria and Jiang Jing Fu are doing the other drama, they’d be the right pretty age to do Heirs.


Heirs Confirmed for a C-drama Remake to Start Filming After Lunar New Year — 14 Comments

  1. WOW! I hope they will do a better version than the Korean one. Is this an indication of how successful Heirs (Kdrama) might have been online in China? Is this one of those best forms of flattery/compliments? This (and the fact that Heirs has been bought by 13 countries so far) might not give the writer an incentive to change the way she writes her dramas and her characters, a wish some of us had/have.
    Thank you for the news.

  2. Uh I’m way more excited for the drama starring Victoria and JJF it’s a quirky pairing which might prove to be quite interesting; the Heirs remake, on the other hand, holds no interest for me since Heirs itself was a BORING mess that had about five interesting minutes in every episode (all the minhyuk/Krystal scenes and occasionally kim woo bin when he wasn’t being a jerk). Unless some miracle happens and the show turns out to be really goodI’m probably keeping far away from the heirs remake

  3. China has only bought the airing rights (Korean voices dubbed in Chinese is the only change).

    Li Shao Hong doesn’t have the adaption rights, and it’s only the same theme. Kind of like how MBC (Jung Il Woo) had the rights to adapting Iljimae, and SBS (Lee Joon Ki)’s Iljimae was the same theme but had a totally different storyline (apart from the masked vigilante).

    http://weibo.com/4dao – the weibo posted on 27th of December, scroll down 4 posts.

  4. Forget hot mess; Heirs doesn’t even deserve a C-remake to begin with. I can only hope that the latter turns out to be better than the former, lulz… It’s a pipe dream, I know.

  5. I watched the show and think it is too soon. They could have skip 2 episode and the story would be the same. It probally could be summed up in 2 hours was that the christmas special? By the way has anyone seen boys over friends. It is on Vikki and guess what american remake that is? Definely not the kickstarter though.

  6. No more for me, I have watch all Hana Yori Dango in all different version. I’m stopping here. well, to be clear, I have not watch the Amercan one, if y’all know what I’m talking about, I saw a glimps of it on front of Viki.

  7. Nothing happens in this drama so why do you need to remake it. The only good thing is the pretty cast and without them there isn’t much else there.

  8. for God’s sake WHY ? this drama had no fucking plot or conflict. are people delusional or just crazy to think this drama is even worth something.

    • I can’t agree more. Why would anyone want to invest money or time in such a script? A script like this shouldn’t exist in the first place. The only thing Heirs brought me was Kim Woo Bin. Other than that, seriously, this script *facepalm* has no respect for kdrama or drama supporters like us~

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