Yang Mi and Hawick Lau Tie the Knot in a Lovely Wedding Ceremony in Bali

The lead up to the the first big C-celebrity wedding of 2014 has been nothing shy of a media overload. I was getting exhausted by all the Yang MiHawick Lau wedding preparations even though its only been less than two months since they announced their wedding, which we all remember was on the same high profile news day that Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi revealed they were dating. Which is why I was totally surprised by how affected I was when pictures came out from their very small close friends and family only wedding in Bali. It was absolutely gorgeous, sincere, adorable, and so so full of love. When they started dating early in 2013 fans predicted it was a publicity stunt and FengMi shippers railed it was going to end in flames. Contrary to the naysayers, this couple has been really open but not in your face with their lovey dovey displays while they were dating and at their wedding the tears were coming as well as all the shy smiles and giddy excitement. Even as a casual spectator, seeing such candid displays of love it’s hard not to wish them a lifetime of happiness rather than the usual predictions of celebrity marriage doom. Rumors have been swirling that Yang Mi is pregnant (and expecting twins, natch!) which is why the wedding date was so soon after the engagement news.

If that’s true then I’m thrilled for the couple, and so are both sets of parents to the lovebirds who almost stole the show with their happiness at becoming in-laws and possibly grandparents soon. Yang Mi has scores of friends in the entertainment industry but invited only her best friend Tang Yan who also served as the lone maid of honor. Mi Mi eschewed the bouquet throwing and just handed her wedding bouquet to her best friend Tang Tang and wished that her good luck in love could pass to her now. Both girls cried tears and my eyes got misty too considering everyone knows about Tang Yan’s terrible breakup last year. Hawick’s daddy the veteran Hong Kong actor Lau Dan MC’d the wedding and the guy’s been beaming like he won the lottery since the press caught the family jetting off to Bali a few days ago for the wedding so clearly he’s happy with his daughter-in-law. The ceremony was a very brisk 30 minutes as the bride and groom vowed to love each other eternally and support each other always. I thought Hawick looked amazing in his wedding tux, dashing and glowing with genuine joy. Mi Mi’s wedding dress was very demure and elegant and I swooned over her hair and veil combination. I love how old-fashioned the wedding kiss was with Hawick lifting her veil and pressing a very chaste peck on his bride rather than them making out in public. This ceremony was a total win any way I look at it.

It’s not a high-profile C-wedding without some scandal arising at the same time and this one comes courtesy of a very reputable confirmation that Yang Mi did in fact date her Chinese Paladin 3 co-star Hu Ge for a few years way back when. Hu Ge posted a congratulations Weibo to the happy couple and it turns out that three years ago on the same date he and Yang Mi broke up for various reasons and there is even a Weibo post of his dug up to lend credence to that. It also explains why Yang Mi and Liu Shi Shi, former besties, are not friends anymore to the degree that Shi Shi wasn’t even invited to the wedding. I’m glad everyone moved on and it’s water under the bridge. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Lau and go make pretty babies now!

Hawick and Mi Mi’s wedding ceremony:

[youtube id=”AqCIvwMVkcE” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Yang Mi and Hawick Lau Tie the Knot in a Lovely Wedding Ceremony in Bali — 25 Comments

  1. I have to admit I’m one of those who totally thought this would never work out long term. I take that back cz they seem so in love and blissful. Congratulations to the newly wedded couple! Wish them eternal happiness.

    As for HG and YM’s relationship… Wasn’t there tons of report back then linking them? I kinda believe those so I’m not surprised at all. It’s a pity she isn’t close with LSS anymore though. It would’ve been nice to have both ur besties as the wedding. Here’s to hoping TY is the next in line; she has a pretty brutal breakup I’ll be so happy if she finds a guy worthy of her.

  2. I keep thinking since the first time I’ve been introduced to Yang Mi’s new beau Hawick Lau that he looks so much like this HK family drama character I’ve seen when I was younger. A 4 year long drama will definitely leave some mark on you.

    I only just decided to check it out, and omg, he IS the Xiao An from Qin Qing (Kindred Spirit) that was about how two sisters are reunited after a lot of years in young grandma level age and have both their own families and how the two extended families collide. I just can’t think of anything else than how did that dorky Xiao An get such a big star??! The stills, just, brain cannot compute D: He definitely lost some baby fat, but wow, effects of drama.

  3. Their wedding is filled with such sincerity and love. I like how generous they are with the media coverage too. Wish them a lifetime of bliss and love.

  4. Congrats!!!! Preggo with twins?? Best of luck… Can they even make that kind of stuff up? May they enjoy a lot of wedded bliss.

  5. Sweet. He is going to be a very doting husband and father. Wish them the best of luck.
    The ceremony looked lovely with the exception of all the photographers.

  6. Beautiful. Short and intimate, rarely seen these days of celebrity weddings. Congrats to them and if the pregnancy rumors with twins are true, best of luck lol. Yang Mi looks very ethereal and gorgeous.

  7. Well wishes to the newlyweds!

    I have an admiration for RL YangMi, she has such a bright solid brain under all the glitz, making very clever tactful moves both in her career and now I trust in her marriage.

    It was so heartless I thought of the press to dig out past romance on this auspicious day especially feeding that craycray GeMi fandom cheering on HuGe to ‘steal the bride’. For the sake of a super happy beaming glowing Lau Dan and all things holy, they should just shut it for fear of karma, it’s way way wayyy old news anyway.

  8. Congrats! Ok, I’m going to admit that I’m a FengMi shipper and I badly wanted them to date in real life. Though my wish did come true with Nicky Wu & Liu Shi Shi!!
    I’m really happy for this gorgeous couple and wish them all the best.

  9. I want to know too..I thought “the aren’t friend” was just rumor. This make everything so weird. Please don’t let HU GE be the reason. He is not worth it.

  10. Hu Ge and Shi Shi in fact are bbf and also under same company, Tagren. That’s explain a lot why Yang Mi and Shi Shi not bff anymore. Remember the three of them colabs in Paladin 3, Yang Min/Shishi/Hu Ge …

  11. But koala I just checked shi shi’s weibo… She posted a wedding card with yang mi and hawick signstures. She congratulate and @mentioned them tho

    • The card is not an invitation. In fact, nobody from the entertainment business got invited except Tang Yan (who’s the maid of honor). It was only families. They said they would treat their friends to celebrate when they return.

      Liu Shi Shi and Yang Mi are still friends, but not as close/bff as before according to Yang Mi when interviewed recently. Also, they still mingled whenever they were at the same award events. You can see the videos on youtube. Yang Mi still is in good terms with Hu Ge, you can see them chat at award event also. If they dated, it must have not been for long, probably during CP3, went to Egypt together and probably broke up shortly. Yang Mi and the producer of CP3 got into a fight. That’s probably when Hu Ge and Yang Mi broke up in 2009. Probably that’s when Yang Mi and Liu Shi Shi distance from each other since Liu Shi Shi belong to the same company that produces CP3. The distance between them have nothing to do with Hu Ge, it’s not like they were fighting for him or anything. It also probably have something to do with Liu Shi Shi too. It seems like in every event that I saw videos of, it’s Yang Mi that make the effort to go to her, whether in waiting room or seating area. It’s not just Yang Mi, it’s with her other friends in the entertainment also. They always come to her while she just sit there.

  12. Friends know I seldom watch tv so I am so behind celeb news although I know Yangmi and Hawick tied the knot that year. The broadcast of Lady and Thief in Singapore made me look up for the latest news on them and I found your blog. Thank you for sharing their lovely pics and I really wish this lovely couple much wedded bliss with their growing family (aware they now have a daughter). 🙂

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