Suho of EXO Swings by Prime Minister and I to Cameo as Na Ra’s Crush

Um, should I be worried that a member of the latest and greatest K-boyband EXO is making a cameo appearance in my beloved Prime Minister and I? Will so-called EXOtics show up and start waving their brand of crazy around the drama. I sure hope not, and the chances are slim anything will come of it since it’s just a quickie guest starring role. The leader of EXO-K (the Korean sub-unit) Suho (aka Kim Joon Myung) will be dropping by PM playing one of Woo Ri’s band mates and also the object of Na Ra’s crush. Putting aside Na Ra being way too young to be crushing on this particular oppa, I think the story line would be amusing since Na Ra tends to like pretty shiny things. Remember also that her favorite star is idol Ruri. This will be Suho’s first acting role and I’m not all that concerned he’s going to suck since it’s likely an inconsequential interlude that will be played for laughs. This is unlike Infinite‘s L playing the younger So Ji Sub in The Master’s Sun and sucking so hard I was watching his “acting” with my jaws wide open wondering if he was doing a parody of bad acting. L’s role in TMS was pivotal to forming the personality of the male lead so having a bad idol actor mucking it up is a pretty critical drawback. Here Suho will likely be asked to look cute and that’s fine with me. EXO is of course an SM group along with SNSD so it’s no surprise to see the agency stick one of its up and coming idol faces in Yoona‘s drama. My only experience with Suho was accidentally watching my first EXO video late last year and laughing my ass off. The video is for the song “Wolf” and for those who haven’t seen it, I’ll embed it below and y’all can get some exposure to Suho before he swings by tomorrow on PM. Truth be told, I can’t tell you which guy is Suho in the video though he looks cute enough in the picture above and in the first stills of his cameo in PM below.

EXO’s “Wolf”:

[youtube id=”gAal8xHfV0c” w=”625″ h=”445″]



Suho of EXO Swings by Prime Minister and I to Cameo as Na Ra’s Crush — 33 Comments

  1. Don’t use Wolf…use Mama, Growl or Miracles in December…have a heart. Wolf is the song which is not spoken of. However, Suho has a very visible role in the second verse of Growl…and everyone looks pretty and has individual shots in Miracles in December.

    • You guys are too funny.
      I think I am more on K’s side when it comes to K-pop.
      It all makes me very very nervous watching the videos.
      I am much safer listening to the songs on the OSTs. Then, I don’t have to worry about robbery, cradles, etc.

      These guys are prettier than the prettiest girl I knew at that age.
      Seriously, as much as I hate the K-pop sweat-shop system, they know how to put out a good product. If they could break into the English market, the teens in these parts wouldn’t know what to do. The Beiber and One Dimension music would be history.

      Although, to be realistic, isn’t there more money to be made in the Chinese market than English?

      PS I really liked the dance in Growl.

      • Apparently over 50% of EXO’s albums are sold in China…so yes SM needs to quit slacking and promote EXO-M or EXO as a whole in China more often

      • As for numbers I do believe the Japanese music market has become the #1 over the US. The problem with China is pirating but that can be managed if you control your product and have incentives to purchase

    • Wolf is horrendous and should not be heard of or spoken about. Not a fan of Exo just can’t get into these large kpop groups, too old and too busy figure out who is who) but Growl is solid, MAMA was horrid (to me at least) , and Miracles in December was nice, and their album had some gems.

      As for the Suho cameo, not surprised since this is a SM C&C production and all and right now EXO is SM’s new male money maker group, but also not to bothered by it since its a cameo an not anything bigger.

      • What is this Wolf you speak of? I only know the Mama, Growl, and MID songs you mentioned. Seeing M do Mama live really made me okay with the song…they are awesome on stage…also after “The Song Which Shall Remain Unnamed” Mama is really refreshing…LOL

    • Wolf is good for laughs, especially with teasers XD
      Although extremely cringeworthy, and totally different from their later releases.

      Sounds like a harmless enough cameo role for PM&I.

    • I have to agree that Exo do have good songs but I abhor half of the title tracks they released to date namely Mama and Wolf (this one I don’t get why it even won….), History was ok but I like Miracles in December best. SM really have a bad habit of giving the worst title tracks for their artists. See: Suju’s Spy and Mr Simple, SNSD’s The Boys and I Got a Boy. And look at what they did to Exo. What would these groups do without their ELFs, SONEs and EXOTics.

  2. Can’t wait for the new episode of Prime Minister and I… It will be cute to watch Na Ra’s crush and maybe her father’s reaction:)
    Koala, do you know the web drama 20’s? It’s a cute little thing… Another Beast baby is the lead and I think he’s even better than Yong Jun Hyung.

    • Gikwang of Beast acted way before Junhyung and I can say that he is the best actor in the group & one of the idols who.can really act.

      • He was adorable in My Princess and the Baby Beast in Me, too, Flower.
        I like his style of moving up through the system with small supporting roles instead of starting as a lead.

      • Sadly I haven’t watched any of his other dramas (yes, even My Princess, but it’s on my list)… But I was pleasantly surprised by his talent. He’s so natural on screen.

    • I keep seeing it on viki but I havent heard anything about it from the blogs…is it good? hmm maybe I should add kt to my list of dramas to watch..

  3. I didn’t give EXO a chance until late last year cause of the horrible ‘MAMA’ song. But now Im a fan.

    Suho attended Korea National University of Arts pursing a degree in acting(but there are also a lot idols who also purse degree in acting and still suck at it). So, he should be okay. Maybe he will end up surprising Koala?

  4. He still looks too old to be in Woori’s grade…I guess maybe he’s a older hyung at Woori’s school. But he’s cute and EXO is cute (minus their cray cray fans) so I’m looking forward to his cameo since it’s probably just for laughs.

  5. They should have picked Kai, or Sehun…you know, someone who isn’t practically YoonA’s age??? (Suho and YoonA are barely 1 year apart) This will only add fuel to the fire of crap the main OTP gets!

  6. I can barely comment here. I am not into Kpop at all… Lack of time and way too old esp since I don’t understand it but on a whole Kpop songs are better than mando songs, the Korean version. I just think the Korean language is more fitting for those hip hop, dance songs.

    When I think Kpop male group, I think guy liner. Wow! They really like that stuff. Back to pm&i … I think cameos are cool so I am looking forward to said rock band concert. Wuri, I am sure will do great there. I hope this opens up just a little bit of the PM’s eyes into the life of his older son.

  7. Growl is the best
    When I saw and heard that song I downloaded both mb and the song and tge dance was so aweaome I watched it again and again and alsso showed to my friend she also watched it many times.

  8. Ohhh miss koala! You just touched a very sensitif nerve of the exotics, I’m not one (thanks god) but sadly my little sister is… and I swear they are BRAINWASHED!! I liked growl, hated wolf and I’m still resisting her trying to make me listen to every song they released, and also making me learn their names, faces, eye shape etc etc
    Anyhoo, I’m basically against idols being put into dramas to increase the viewing rate argh argh!
    Still, hopefully it will not alter the drama quality much and maybe, just maybe we will discover a true acting talent in him (who knows?!)

  9. This Noona loves Exo, but i admit Wolf is a single that is pretty odd… I prefer Mama as a single and i really like Growl…What i like about Wolf is the dancing, cause they rock is dances!!!!
    Im 29 and i resisted to love Exo, but after seeing them in variety they won me!

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