K-dramas On Deck as Full Sun, Three Days, and Wonderful Season Hold Script Reading

Here comes the late-Winter 2014 K-dramas! I feel like this year is already off to the races while I’m still scrambling to get out of bed and fumbling for my slippers. The most high profile K-drama is the thriller Three Days starring Park Yoo Chun, Son Hyun Joo, Park Ha Sun, So Yi Hyun, Kim Young Chul, and Yoon Je Moon. It’s about a presidential assassination attempt and Yoochun is the lead presidential bodyguard trying to protect his man and get to the bottom of a vast conspiracy. I must say he looks in fine form at the script reading already and with his turn as a dogged cop in Missing You it should be an easy transition to presidential bodyguard. The PD directed I Like You while the screenwriter penned popular procedural hits like Ghost and Sign as well as the mystery Harvest Villa. Three Days premieres February 26th on SBS taking over the successful Wed-Thurs slot from You From Another Star. Also dropping in February is the melodrama Full Sun over on KBS, taking over once Prime Minister and I wraps up its 17-episode run on Mon-Tues. Starring Yoon Kye Sang, Han Ji Hye, Song Jong Ho, Kim Yoo Ri, Jo Jin Woong, and Son Ho Joon, this one sounds as straight up melo as it gets what with the leading man going to jail for a murder and then falling for the fiancee of the dead guy. It’s set in the world of diamonds and grifting and comes to us without much to compare it with since the scriptwriter has one full drama under her belt which is the major stinker Dream High 2 though she also penned the movie All About My Wife and a bunch of drama specials. I would feel a lot more at ease if Full Sun was being written by Lee Kyung Hee but she’s off doing a weekender instead. The PD is pretty talented having helmed Wild Romance and Women of the Sun so the visuals should be interesting at least. Speaking of the Lee Kyung Hee written weekender Wonderful Season (Very Good Times), it also started filming with Lee Seo Jin, Kim Hee Sun, Taecyeon, and Lee Elijah. I’ll refrain from making a crack about how much acting fail has been assembled in this one drama save for Lee Seo Jin. Put all or none of these on your watch list depends on what sounds interesting.



K-dramas On Deck as Full Sun, Three Days, and Wonderful Season Hold Script Reading — 13 Comments

  1. I watched bastketball and lee elijah was terrible in that drama. She can’t act at all.
    I love lee kyung hee’s dramas and i also like lee seo jin but i think i’ll pass wonderful season. the other casts are poor actor and actresses.

  2. Yoochun’s looking pretty well-rested and great here! And, Seojin’s costars in his drama – hahaaaaaa!! I feel awful but they’re quite bad in the acting dept. Hope all of these dramas do well!

  3. I loved Lee Kyung-Hee’s Nice Guy to bits and pieces and I was looking forward to her next drama but this cast is a mess… I mean it’s a big no from me. It’s definitely not on my watchlist. Same goes for Three Days – even though the premise sounds…err… interesting. I don’t know about Full Sun – I’m a sucker for melodramas. If it’s bad I can still drop it.

  4. Are they that bad? I hadn’t seen any of girls dramas before but I’m getting bad impression now! Too bad for Lee Seo Jin.

    None of these actually gave me vibes to watch. Though, Full Sun seems like my cup of tea except that I’m not a big fan of Han Ji hye. But truth to be said, the woman can act. And I’m getting the feeling of repetitive story here! Oh well, who cares a melo stays melo and I love it!

  5. Yoochun is looking super fine in that Rolling Stones hat. But I have to ask this again–are the rooms really cold at these cast readings because whenever I see these script readings everyone is still wearing half of their outdoor gear. It it like they came to my house in the winter; I am cheap, so we hardly have the heat on at my house. What is going on in these rooms?

  6. Not up for a melo right now and since I am already watching You From Another Star I will probably check out Three days since it has the most plot potential of the three dramas(plus I have this really big soft spot for Yoochun ). I’m pretty allergic to Taecyeon as an actor so not touching the weekend drama with a ten foot pole.

  7. I’m curious why anyone gave Lee Elijah work again. Taecyeon sucks, but I can understand why he was hired. But her…. WHY. Hopefully their parts will be easy to fast forward since they play a couple. Poor SeoJin. Avoiding that drama like the plague tbh.

  8. Definitely “Three Days”… YC’s drama choice has not disappointed me so far, and he can act. Hope Feb 26 comes sooner…

  9. Not one bit exited about any of those. Wonderful Season has a flop cast,Full Sun has good cast but flop plot, Three days has Yoochun, whom I am allergic to.

  10. I have immense love for lee seo jin but I think this weekender is just a bit too much for me. I see crazy plots all over this. Urgh!!! I am still heavily scarred form AHYI even after one year. That would be the closest that I go for watching any of these.

    YC does look rather nice here. More natural in his look. Suits him better.

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