Seung Nyang is Pregnant with Wang Yoo’s Royal Goryeo Baby in Empress Ki

Looks like the novelization narrative of Empress Ki is finally aligning a bit with the drama. Episode 22 took a turn for the hilariously makjang, or as makjang as it gets in sageuk land. I’ve always found EK to be rather pulpy though entertaining and sleek enough it’s been an easy watch. Its been a dizzying never-ending volley having this story constructed on a fictionalization of the life of Empress Ki, who we all know married the Yuan Emperor Huizhong in the history books, but then creating a love triangle with the Goryeo King out of it. It’s taken 22-episodes and finally Ta Hwan is starting to grow a pair and trying to climb his way out from under Yeon Chul’s tentacles, making it one of the longest maturation processes ever for a male lead. The other male lead Wang Yoo is for all intents and purposes actually doing something about his deposed station as the former King of Goryeo, but then his romance with Seung Nyang progresses in fits and starts since he’s mostly away doing stuff. First he subdues the Turks in the Yuan border, and now he’s back in Goryeo dealing with an incompetent dad and a scheming uncle. Thanks to the magic of potent sperm, Seung Nyang is officially carrying her hubby’s royal baby and viewers of this drama are either going to rejoice or scream holy hell. Looks like Lady Park isn’t going to drop her Ta Hwan baby since she gets cut down at the end of this episode, and then it ends with Seung Nyang in a cave all by herself either about to miscarry or deliver the earliest term baby in the history of gestation. This drama is now hilarious in ways I enjoy immensely since I’m not invested in it emotionally. Let Seung Nyang have her baby, have her Goryeo King hubby to the side, and then become Ta Hwan’s Empress so she can rule the world.

Dok Man keeps Seung Nyang’s pregnancy from Ta Hwan:

[youtube id=”-Q-xzZ4vc7Y” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Seung Nyang finds out she’s pregnant:

[youtube id=”vwelrNHWL0A” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Seung Nyang in a cave:

[youtube id=”Al12sDi96PA” w=”625″ h=”445″]



Seung Nyang is Pregnant with Wang Yoo’s Royal Goryeo Baby in Empress Ki — 44 Comments

  1. What the heck, I blinked and SN is preggers and has the kid already! I hate the baby plot! Oh well, I had high hopes for this drama. Lady Park has been pregnant forever and SN gives birth first. Oh well, I had high hopes for this drama.

  2. why the rush? This is 50 episodes drama. I prefer the steady progress even if it was boring than the unexpected illogical plot twist. They are obviously going to keep the baby alive, otherwise why bother impregnate her.

    They must be living in the speed generation excluding lady park! the poor lady must be isolated..

  3. Haha I knew this was going to happen the moment I read that Wang Yoo returns to Goryeo. It’s the perfect opportunity for second lead male to swoop in and lay claim to all.

  4. Oh Lord. It’s so nonsensical I’m lost for words! I’m fine with a drama when my bitterness results from my ship not sailing, because then, I know that it’s just my bias and that it has nothing to do with the story. But This? It’s ridiculous. I’ve been on WY team since the beginning, and I can’t even cheer for this. So now we have angry fans on both camp: good job writers!

    Now excuse me while I go re-watch The King 2 Hearts to wipe this out of my brain.

    • LOL..I definitely don’t care about you! Your comment just doesn’t make any sense to me that’s why opted to reply. Your’e saying that you lost interest to this sageuk/drama,but why are still reading a recap about it if that’s the real case? LOL..

  5. Wow, that was one quick pregnancy. I guess for the sake of TH not finding out, they had to make her give birth fast.
    Great, now I hope they don’t go the route of SN pretending that they baby’s is TH’s. Well, WY’s gonna be happy now that he has a child, even if he loses SN to TH in the future.

  6. This drama lost me at the last episode where it seemed clear to me that appeasing both sides of the fandom was more important than the seemingly unimportant storyline. If it’s going to go makjang in sageuk style, it should just go all out.

    The baddies steal the goryeo royal baby, raise it as their own… Mother SN thinks the baby is dead. WY daddy never knew he had a son until some dramatic reveal happens later on. Lots more revenge and misunderstandings ensue of course. Throw in a few other cra-cra things like paralysis or blindness into the mix to keep it interesting. Then we can create another chart that has who has whose kid, who is raising whose kid etc. sigh…

    • Appeasing the fandom is absolutely necessary in any drama! Who would watch it if the writers go against everything that the viewers want to see?! Empress Ki still manages to capture the hearts of the viewers, may it be Koreans or International fans. This is evident with their still soaring ratings and high demand from the International fans. If it’s a terrible drama people won’t watch it. But people are still watching it,right?! With a well-written storyline,top-notch actors and actresses,good pd’s and writers,nothing could go wrong. I love watching Empress Ki because it’s so damn unpredictable! Definitely not your typical lame and boring sageuk drama! Every scene keeps me on the edge of my seat! I’m just wondering.. If you really lost interest about this sageuk/drama,Why are you reading a recap about it?!

      • If appeasing fans is so important, why don’t the writers leave their jobs to the viewers? What about books and movies? If the writers, producers, artists went only for the taste of audience we’d have tons of crappy stuff in hands to be sure. That is so not the point of art of storytelling. The writers sometimes might budge a tiny bit or add little stuff but they can’t change story arcs and important story points for fan service. That would be atrocious. You can drop a book if you don’t like the direction it takes, but you can’t expect the writer to change it for you lol. That’s why there’s something called fanfic.

  7. I knew I was right not to watch this before it was over. I don’t care how good it was to start with. Poor Ha Jiwon. Only 28? more episodes to go!

    • It’s still good and worth watching! Empress Ki is an incredibly well-written,unpredictable,fast paced epic sageuk/drama! Plus the actors and the actresses are AMAZING! HA JI WON IS SUPERB!

      • I’m too scared to invest in the time to watch right now because I see the suffering of the fans lol. It’s definitely on my list when finished though. Most dramas are easier to get through once you don’t have to wait a week to see what happens next.

  8. I wrote my comments at soompi about this episode etal. The whole sonic speed gestation period never cease to amaze me, its worth ignoring ands so typical k-drama style. However, I believe this child has to die in order for the lead character to start the execution of her revenge against the people and a nation. I am totally ignoring the novel here, for them to mix it (fiction & reality) would make better sense as in a way it would appease both shippers and make a better flow of the story.

  9. if she really is giving birth in that cage, how do you hide the belly for that long? haha~ the crazyness that is makjang

  10. I loved the first 6 episodes but after i decided to wait until the drama reaches episode 30 because I could not deal with the weekly anticipation. After reading people comments ,I am not sure anymore if I want to watch it.

    • I’m still enjoying it Marthoula. You need to watch Korean shows with a certain mindset – it’s entertainment and not art, mainly abd relaxing at the end of the day. Try not to over analyse and enjoy the ride.

  11. It was shown in the episode that 4 months had passed since Seung Nyang found out that she was pregnant. That makes her 6 months in her pregnancy. So there’s nothing weird and wrong if she has a very visible baby bump! People are overreacting for nothing! Empress Ki is such an awesome and unpredictable drama! I love it!

    • But Lady Park’s pregnancy resembles that of a cow elephant in duration.

      Every writer should really honor the timeline of his story…

      • When Seunyang first learned of her pregnancy, the NaeShi informed her that she was three or four months along. So if four months had passed since then, it is still entirely feasible that she deliver a premature child at 7 or 8 months of pregnancy….

        It seems silly and inconsistent for Seungyang to give birth before Lady Pak(whom I can only presume is about 9 months along) who seems to have been pregnant forever but when you piece it together, it isnt an entirely preposterous scenario. Really, people are making a big whooping deal out of this one perceived inconsistency and using it to actually discredit the entire drama. While the time progression of this drama throws me off as well(as a few days often seems like a few months..) I still acknowledge it as a good drama and choose to focus on its many positive qualities. And my feelings don’t spawn from this condescending belief that all Korean shows are merely shoddy entertainment and should simply beenjoyed light heartedly and are never to be taken seriously. I still sense legitimate artistic value in many Korean dramas and Isaac who says otherwise.

      • While I also find the time progression of this story to be confusing, Seunyang gives birth at 7 or 8 months. That would make her child indisputably premature but its feasible so the writer technically respects the timeline although it feels crazy for the girl to give birth so early.

  12. Seung Nyang having a super baby! she can deliver much earlier than Lady Park. I would say she is more likely to have a miscarriage than a delivery. Making senses or not, I still like it.

  13. The oddest part of episode 22 were the candles in the cave with sungyang at the end. Where the hell would she get candles?? Magically appearing candles like super potent sperm??? LMAO!!! Aside from that odd crazy inconsistency, I’m enjoying this drama a lot.

  14. Hi,

    I just started watching this movie, can someone please explain the fate of king Wang yoo with Empress Ki. Did they marry? I would love that.

  15. I havent finished it but i learn that wang yoo dies in the end. Well that makes me super pissed and depressed. Good job writers for making us root for WY and SN only to kill him in the end. I never liked the emperor’s character, he was so selfish like plotting to kill wang yoo, and he was weak and childish.

  16. And i heared that Ta Hwa died at the end..then who last with Empress ki Nyang..aarrgghh this drama is so pathetic???

  17. I can’t belive myself searching for answers! I just started episode 23 and i feel like should i watch more?!!
    I can’t get the “perg. time line” or the “coming_soon_baby” or even the “creepy candles in a cave”!!!
    What is wrong with the screenwriter, or with the director?????

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