Guest Stars Aplenty as Oh Man Seok Visits Prime Minister and I and Yoo In Young Returns to Empress Ki

I’ve been enjoying a two-fer on Mon-Tues with the juicy love triangle sageuk Empress Ki and the satisfying contract marriage romance in Prime Minister and I. This Monday both dramas are bringing in some new faces that may shake things up. Or not, maybe it’s just to have a little fun and then swan off. The just released drama stills in PM shows Yoon Hae Young filming a scene with Oh Man Seok. As we all know Yoon Hae Young plays Na Yoon Hee, the hilarious politico wife of Ryu Jin‘s Park Joon Ki character who is currently the major antagonist in the drama, and according to the accompanying news article Oh Man Seok is doing a cameo turn as a hospitalized gangster who Yoon Hee encounters when she enters the wrong room in the hospital. She does that a lot, doesn’t she? Remember her hiding in the hotel room when Yul and Da Jung went in and then she claimed to have gone to the wrong room. Oh Man Seok is currently starring in the highly rated but apparently stupid as all out KBS weekend drama Wang’s Family (Royal Family) so perhaps he needs a change of scenery to regain his sanity. I have no complaints, I love Oh Man Seok and the stills above are already hilarious so I’m hoping even if PM takes a turn for the makjang on the story line of Yul’s ex-wife at least I can laugh at something to come. On the EK side of things, a familiar face is returning to the story line in the form of Yoo In Young‘s character of the Turk warrior princess. Her name is reportedly Yeon Bi Soo but when we met her in the teens episodes she was pretending to be her dad the General Batolu. Not sure what she’s back for but I’m guessing it’s going to involve Wang Yoo. It would be pretty funny if all the girls in this drama fall for Wang Yoo since outside the drama there seem to be more fans of Ta Hwan. Yoo In Young sure is a busy girl since she recently also did another guest starring turn in the SBS drama You From Another Star playing a rather critical character of the actress Han Yura who was the main rival of Jeon Ji Hyun‘s character and ends up dead to trigger the series of events currently happening in that story.

Yoo In Young has been a rather journeyman-esque actress for so long but maybe with all her recent guest starring roles in high profile dramas it’ll be a big break for her career. She was pretty awful as Yura in YFAS but I liked her turn as the Turk girl in EK so if she’s coming back this is the right drama and role to do it. But by all that is follicly challenged please give the girl a new hairstyle. She looks like she has the tail of a beaver draped over the front of her head.


Guest Stars Aplenty as Oh Man Seok Visits Prime Minister and I and Yoo In Young Returns to Empress Ki — 8 Comments

  1. Seems like all the girls are falling for Wang Yoo and all the guys for Seung Nyang.
    Wang Yoo (3) – Seung Nyang, the Empress and Batolu imposter girl.
    Sueng Nyang (3) – Wang Yoo, Ta Huan and sleazy brother of empress.

  2. OH. MAN. SEOK.!!!!! Thanks for the pics. Hopefully, PMandI doesn’t go the crazy route (because it is so good now), but if it does, can we have his gangster character for for Na Yoon Hee? They could end up together, him going legit and trying to get into politics and Joon Ki having to be nice to him because of the gangster connections. I actually think she is hilarious and don’t want her stuck with Joon Ki (as much as I love Ryu Jin).

  3. Ohhh my heart! Just watch skip raw episode of PMI… Saw the preview for next episode crap crap crap 1st wife is alive…. I think… I don’t know where the show is going now… I want DJ with the PM…. (Sorry for the spoiler)

  4. So in love with PMI, hopefully it doesn’t become super complicated. By the way, anyone knows what song is being played during the scene whereby Yoona meets her scandal news colleagues in ep 7? Totally dying especially their soundtrack being played.

  5. Wang Family is funny as hell. I don’t get the hate but to each his own. It’s a situatinal comedy. The best I have seen from Korea. I guess they call it Majung over there, but funny is funny. It’s not easy for one culture to find another culture sense of humor funny, so for this writer to manage to make people from all over the world and Korea laugh and cry with the Wang family is an accomplishment.

    It will always have a place in my heart, because I swore a long time ago that I will never watch anything 50 episode, I tried to change by trying many along the way and this is the first one that I actually breezed through without even noticing I am close to 50.

    Call it stupid, call it majunk and 40% of korea and myself will call it funny and engaging.

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