Popular Star Couple Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Lead the Pack at the Sina Weibo Awards

Last week was the first ever Sina hosted Weibo Night 2013 to hand out awards to C-celebrities who have lit up China’s most popular online social networking service akin to a combination Facebook and Twitter. Even among a bevy of popular stars it was hands down the joint appearance of recently gone public couple of Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi that garnered the most attention. This is their second public outing in as many months what with last month’s appearance at the Baidu Awards. This time they were there to accept individual awards but definitely had no problem arriving as a couple and doing interviews together. Shi Shi candidly replied to the never ending questions about marriage plans by saying she’s open to when it happens naturally. Nicky ribbed the press for asking the same exact marriage question each and every time and hoped perhaps that they can lay off since he’s going to give the exact same answer anyway. I loved Shi Shi’s strapless geometric print dress for this occasion which accentuates her lithe dancer’s frame and makes her look elegant without being overly matronly. She went onstage with three other popular actresses Ni Ni (famous in her own right and now even hotter after dating Feng Shao Feng), Angelababy (herself with A-list boyfriend Huang Xiaoming), and Michelle Chen. The C-netizens and media predictably lit into Michelle afterwards for being the odd girl out in a collection of onscreen goddesses and frankly she did stick out like a different thumb. But she got to come on the arms of her onscreen co-star Chen Xiao so lucky her. Also present was C-movie star Chen Kun, preternaturally youthful Jimmy Lin who is red hot after his stint on the C-version of Daddy, Where Are We Going?, Wallace Chung in an outfit that defies the sense of good taste, and Han Geng in blue velvet. This was as odd of an excuse for an awards show as any, but heck the US did the Youtube awards last year so I guess it’s anything goes these days. Check out all the pics below and I must say the ladies easily wowed with their style over the mostly style impaired guys.

Shi Shi and Nicky will never stop being just too precious in my eyes. It’s 4th Prince and Ruo Xi, people!

This is beyond adorable – Shi Shi taking a picture for her honey as Nicky poses with Wallace Chung and Jimmy Lin.

I love Shi Shi’s dress for this occasion, it’s like a cross between the Eiffel Tower and a Provence garden

Only someone as tall and skinny as Angelebaby can pull off a full length dress like this and not seem like she’s wearing a lacy ruck sack.

By popular vote the Weibo Goddesses of 2013 and of the night from left-to-right: Ni Ni, Angelababy, Michelle Chen, and Liu Shi Shi. Three of them would be perfect to play Xiaolongnu. The one who is not is actually playing Xiaolongnu. *sigh* I actually like Michelle’s black strapless short tulle dress but unfortunately for her the goddess that is Ni Ni showed up in her own LBD and in comparison Michelle is just underwhelming.

Speaking of which, Michelle came with her costar the usually gorgeous Chen Xiao who is looking decidedly not in a blue velvet suit and borrowing Kim Soo Hyun‘s cheesy hairstyle in You From Another Star.

Somewhere Feng Shao Feng is sniggering and going “Yang Mi who?” Elsewhere the men in China are going “Curse you, Feng Shao Feng!”

The smexy Chen Kun can do no wrong. King of the Weibo? I can buy that. Shi Shi bagged the female version of this award as the Queen of the Weibo.

The male Weibo gods from left-to-right are Huang Bo, Wallace Chung, Nicky Wu, and Han Geng.

Wallace, this is just so much fail from head-to-toe I can’t even.


Popular Star Couple Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi Lead the Pack at the Sina Weibo Awards — 12 Comments

  1. WALLACE WHAT ARE YOU DOING. Each individual piece of that outfit of is so ugly, but then you decided to put it all together and make it even WORSE. Dude, seriously.

    Nicky and Shi Shi are so, so adorable together. They make me smile just by looking at them. Her dress is so gorgeous!! For once she’s not dressing too old for her age. She looks soooo lovely. I like Angelababy’s dress too, the detail on it is so pretty. Ni Ni – wow, girl, just wow.

    I think Michelle is pretty, but compared to the other 3 I see what you mean, ha.

    Lol that hair style doesn’t look good on KSH, and it doesn’t look good on you either Chen Xiao :/. I must be crazy though bc he still so, so gorgeous in my eyes *______*

  2. LongShi is so perfect together. At first I was hesitant because of such a large age-gap but seeing how happy they are together I don’t even care anymore. That dress is meant for LSS, it’s been a while since she wore something close to her own age. Everyone looked nice except for Wallace’s suit. Didn’t he just wear a houndstooth suit earlier and again for this? His stylist should be fired.

  3. OMG, Jimmy Lin. he makes me feel Shaolin Popeye and Yes Sir seem like yesterday. still super cute and adorable, and he reach 40 this year!
    FengMi? kekeke, i’m also ship them together when watching Palace but guess they’re doing great with their RL partner.

  4. This is actually the prettiest I have seen Michelle. She looks gorgeous and I think she looks better than the other girls in the pic. I prefer non-stick figures which is why I also like Suzy and Yoon Eun Hye. 🙂

    That being said, even if I like her best in here, she still doesn’t fit the role of Xiaolongnu. A character is a character. Just because you look lovely in real life doesn’t mean you’ll be the best choice for a certain character. Especially when the author made it soooooooooo clear what Xiaolognu should look like.

  5. Nicky + ShiShi = LONGSHI = the utterly super adorable lovely couple. I can sit here all day looking at them. They are getting cuter and cuter! OMG, stop it, you guys are ruin my life…hahaha not they are so blissful that makes me happy as well. Nicky, hurry it and purpose to your goddess now.

  6. I love that ShiShi’s dress is so unique. She’s so bold and gorgeous, I love it.
    And of course, NiNi is sexy and stunning as she always is.
    What’s with pretty people having names made up of repeated syllables?
    (Also, I think you mixed up Wallace and Nicky in the male gods, but it doesn’t really matter)

    I love it when you post pictures from awards ceremonies. It’s so fun to see the clothing choices of each actor/actress. 🙂

  7. Didn’t think Netizens liked MC at all, but she’s voted ahead of quite a few people so I guess there’s just a few that don’t like her. Definitely include me in that bunch since I think she’s really full of herself for the wrong reasons, but whatever. She’s Xiaolongnu and we can’t do much, so whoever doesn’t dig her, just skip. I’m doing that.

    Really like LSS’s dress, and Angelbaby carries that retro dress really well. It takes some height to do that, but she looks nice.

  8. Michelle looks beautiful! Why even talk about somebody just to say not so nice things, unnie? I don’t know much about the actress ( besides what I’ve read here), but still, why measure the value of a person by the ever-so-boring (and invalid imo) waltz of beauty standards? That’s such a useless cliché.

    I love this blog, but I guess we will never agree when it comes to some topics. 🙂

    • How did I measure her worth by beauty standards?

      In a critique of attire for an awards show my comments are neither unnecessarily harsh nor unwarranted. I actually think she looks great in that dress, hair, and make up. But it’s valid to point out that she rather pales in comparison to the other three actresses besides her. The poor girl is getting raked over in the C-media and netizens anyways with this picture getting tagged “Three Goddesses and a Steamed Bun”.

      I think she’s unsuited to play a certain character and I stand by that belief no matter how much weight she loses to try and look super skinny or all the photoshopping done to the drama stills. I also find her a really bland actresses in the same way Angelababy is also terrible at acting. These are critiques of things related to her job as an actress, i.e. the way she looks and her acting skills. Having an opinion on such is valid since its about her ability to do her job.

  9. I’ve seen the photoshopped stills of the new ROCH. It looked so unnatural and might I say borderline fake. If the director is going for photoshopping all the way, why not just make an anime version lol.

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