Written and Video Preview for Episode 15 of Prime Minister and I

It’s safe to say that the shit is about to hit the fan in Prime Minister and I. Episode 15 will be a pivotal episode as the two people most affected by Na Young’s not being dead find out the twist in the story, namely my OTP of Da Jung and Yul. If K-dramas haven’t let me down so often in puttering to a nonsensical conclusion, I would actually be more pumped about this plot twist. I would have preferred it not to exist but seeing as the drama set it up from the very beginning with all the newspaper articles referring to Na Young as missing, I can live with it since it has created one of the biggest obstacles to any OTP being together. Other than perhaps the OTP being unsuspecting siblings and real incest is going on. Right now Yul is technically still married to Na Young, unless by virtue of her being presumed dead for the last 7 years means she’s legally dead as well under the law. I don’t think he’s registered the marriage to Da Jung yet which is the only relief that he’s not about to become a bigamist. I do think the whole “man is already married” conundrum is a genuinely sticky problem and let’s all hope and pray this drama doesn’t go the way of I Summon You, Gold and have the couple stay together for the sake of conservative societal preference. I’m all for married couples working it out which sometimes includes sucking it up but Yul and Na Young have moved sooooo far beyond that. She tried to leave him for another man resulting in that man becoming a vegetable. She then stayed missing for 7 years because of guilt and regret. I doubt there is any love left between them and their three kids have come out of the worst of it just fine and found joy in having a new step-mom. I hope this writer has a way up her sleeve to resolve the obstacle she create. The worst denouements come when the writer created a problem without having a resolution handy. In the end everyone loses. I love this drama so much I want a win-win solution for all the characters. I want Joon Ki to repent and make his marriage work. I want Hye Joo to find an awesome guy worthy of her who loves her back. I want In Ho to make it up to Yul for trying to back stab him a few times. And I want Yul and Da Jung to have a happy marriage and hopefully another baby of their own to expand the family.

Written preview for episode 15:

Da Jung is in pain and leans against Yul to cry. She finds the fallen ring but lies to Yul that she couldn’t find it. Da Jung is emotionally shattered and wants to speak with Na Young directly so asks In Ho for a favor. On the other hand, Hye Joo hears the news about Na Young and wants to tell Yul but Yul tells her first that he wants to make his marriage with Da Jung a real one…..

Preview for episode 15:

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Written and Video Preview for Episode 15 of Prime Minister and I — 31 Comments

  1. aigoo bring all the angst and let all settled in less than 10 minutes at the very end of episode 17. so typical, huh, doh, blahh *puke*

    miss K, u asked too much. i only wish one way to end it, i will love to kick na young from top of the hill. sayonara

  2. btw i am wondering with the flower shop scene, is it happen before or after yul meet na young? i didnt remember i see it on ep 14

  3. I hope they settle that ny problem today and we don’t have to see her shit angst face anymore.I don’t pity nor care for her.please let the last 2 episode a happy nkating time for our couple and we can have the fun like earlier episode and I’m sure the ratings will be up a bit though I don’t care about it but just to give the cast and crue some love

  4. Whats goingg onnnnnnn????? I feel disappointed with what its happening. The writers of this drama should better give us a really really good ending!

  5. I don’t think the writer will let Yul stay with his first wife. But I could be wrong, but so far I am not worried. Hopefully in episode 15 everything is resolved with Yul and his first wife. Either Yul’s first wife dies in some sort of accident or she leaves. Why would she stay? She already made her choice to leave Yul and the kids. She gave up her family for another man. There is just no reason for her to stay.
    Maybe she is just checking to make sure that Da Jung will be a good wife to the Yul and be a good mom for the kids.

    • things make me positive with this drama, the tittle is prime minister and i, not prime minister and the wife. so, definitely i = da jung, the story all about kwon yul and da jung, not with one of the wife LOL.

    • unfortunately, I think it’s hard for the drama to go out with a bang at this point with the OTP unless PM steps it up and sacrifices something in return. It’s a really tough bind to write out of unless someone or something gives (and I don’t think first wife will go kaput again…sadly).

  6. to people not liking the story anymore, what exactly is it about the drama that is problematic? because the writing and directing is still tonally the same… each episode is still ending with KY and NDJ, making it obvious that they are the OTP. plus each episode still has a lot of OTP moments together that is just too adorable for words! the story is interesting, the execution is interesting too.

    is it the fact that the OTP is encountering conflicts that prevent them from being together right now? this should not be it. all kdramas have angst and problems.

    or is it the fact that the first wife is alive? why is this a problem? why is this conflict not preferable over everything else? why is this considered to be off limits? and isn’t it a good thing that this is being explored?

    • i guess viewer put their mind on NJ’s shoes, so whatever inside her mind, heart they also affected, feel the same way

      we just love NJ so much and wish all the best, happy ending with her and less sad. sure the plot will be boring if from the begining till the end all same happy witty story.

      all drama has its angst, up and down, it’s how you taste kimchi, sour spicy but still delicious.

    • I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, so don’t keep reading unless you’re okay with sitting through a miffed opinion of the show:

      I actually stopped watching the show (I still glance at recaps and whatnot–like this) because I felt like the show did a bad job with carrying all the maturity it claimed to set up. I like the chemistry between DJ and KY, but as for DJ herself, I’m not a fan. She’s just too naive for me to handle, and her character development is sacrificed for the sake of KY and his story, which seems to be the central focus of this show (KY is the center of the posters, has the most character development, has all the baggage, etc.). Na-young could have been a great point of contrast and a way to humble the “perfect man” KY, but that was put to waste for makjang backstory, not to mention that NY’s only purpose seems to be to convince the audience that DJ is the only one for KY by making NY as artificially unlikable and pathetic as possible. I remember in the beginning that some were complaining about PMAI being unrealistic. It wasn’t unrealistic then–it’s unrealistic now. It’s so sad to see an independent, self-confident, dream-filled woman be reduced to a romantic interest, kids turned into pawns, and bad parenting being perpetuated because “it’s cute” and brings the OTP together. Truly disappointing. I wish it didn’t lead me on in the beginning.

      • this is probably more on “NDJ’s choices (parenting/dreams/etc) as something NOT for you,” but for the most part “NDJ’s choices (parenting/dreams/etc) as somethings that is right for her and the people around her.”

        it might not be the life you want for yourself, and you might not agree with the choices she makes – that’s okay. but at the end of the day, it is her life and it is her choice – and she will live it the way she wants too. you can do the same for yours.

        some people do dream of a life as a wife and mom. they are not wrong. and there are people who dream other things too. they are not wrong too. different people make different choices in life that is right for them.

      • @sassysuzy: I’m all for women who want to be homemakers, that are happy and do it because they feel like that’s the life they want to lead. DJ however, was given no choice in the matter. KY says jump, DJ says how high. When she is questioning why she’d bother to care for WR, she says it’s because she loves KY–which is great from the romantic standpoint, but if you then consider that DJ wants to be acting mother for these kids and her only motivation is love for the kids father, it leaves me ambivalent about her role as the kids mother. She seems like she’s playing doll house rather than taking on the responsibilities associated with being a mother. She doesn’t connect with WR and NR the way she organically connects with MS–yet we’re supposed to believe that WR and NR believe that DJ is the center of their world. I personally can’t believe that.

        Again, I don’t want to take up space explaining why I don’t agree with how DJ was handled. Honestly, my expectations were so high that the only place to go was rock bottom. My thoughts shouldn’t deter anyone from enjoying the show for what it is. PMAI just isn’t the show for me–I care about it, but I don’t actually like it.

      • @Anonymous
        i think nam da jung is one of the better written kdrama heroines… but it is probably a difference in interpretation though.

        it’s cool. things speak differently to each one of us.

      • everyone is entitled to their opinion.everything is a matter of perspective. for example, american hustle won the best motion pic in golden globe where i got a head ache and boredom with the convoluted deceptions. i think 12 years a slave is better.

  7. Please let it be a happy ending. Three more episodes to go and I hope that with it’s end yul’s first wife goes to . Nam da Jung you cannot loose. Fighting!! 🙂

  8. I’m not sure why everyone is so worried. It will have a happy ending IMO. I just thought that this whole NY thing was so unnecessary. while I know there are these kinds of woman out there, but really… it would have been nicer for the children to have seen their mom in a good light. too bad she was a piece of work and that’s me being nice. She is one horrible horrible mother.

    This show isn’t even about this, but I will say I think given the trauma and memory loss, if she were actually repentant of what she had done, I don’t think she should be completely excluded from the children’s lives. At least she should be given visitation rights and see if the kids & her can mend their relationship in due time.

  9. Hope dj leaving not for long before ky drag her back and make her believe that ny can live and be damn but ky will not take dj leave him again.hope tonight episode will be the end for ny to have a scene of Ny we can say bubye loser.

    • Youre very right Frans i really wanted to pull the hair of NY reappearing and interrupting what should be a … very tender and romantic chapel scene for KY and DJ.. writers pleaseee make us viewers happy for the remaining 3 episodes…

  10. Whilst I also am not too happy to see Na Young back – I do think that it is necessary to close that chapter. I don’t really know how it works and stand corrected, but
    – if Yul has NY declared dead after 7 years and registers his marriage with DJ – wouldn’t NY’s resurrection still make him a bigamist? Technically?

    – if that is the case than having her come back and once for all sever ties with Yul is not a bad thing – they could maybe legally divorce and then have Yul and Da Jung remarry/renew vows.

    I just hope that Yul and Da Jung stay as open and true to their characters so far and work out this new obstacle together.

  11. well well well…….
    looks like the writer are have dead end idea, so they go despereately makjang #mode on, in other way, this kind of story just makes me very very dissapoint. Do they have to go those path ? Didn’t they have any other stroy idea that almost as good as before ?
    Writernim !! jinja !!!…
    How about Scherazade ? How bout ‘The Nanny ? or maybe just give a light to Joon Ki and wifey to get their own stories mingles with missunderstanding Scandal News team mess up with Da Jung dad going to PM Mansion ???

  12. To those who fear about the OTP due to the subject of motherhood in Korean society, we have to remember that, as much sense as it may make for society, a development has to make sense for the plot too.

    If Na Young would have been brought back as a wife, she would have been given more screen time. We would have seen many flashbacks of her and Yool, she would have been 100% painted as a victim, they would have revealed her sooner and characterized her better.

    So from a scriptwriting point of view, there is no way in heck that this development of her becoming his wife again will make sense or be consistent in terms of storytelling.

    Meaning, if they *do* go there, it will be a forced decision by the channel or the KCC, not something which the writers planned, since they have done nothing writing-wise to incorporate the possibility of such an outcome into things.

  13. Hi…newbie here!

    Since everyone seems so indulged in this “what might be ending scenario” of PMAI, I just wanna share my two cents.

    I personally want DJ and KY to end up together since they totally got me hooked, lined and sinkered with their overflowing chemistry onscreen. However, we cannot truly predict on the writer’s idea about this drama especially on how it’s going to wrap up. It just occured to me that “what if” they don’t end up together? What if the title itself could speak for what the outcome might actually be? Prime Minister and I…uhmmm…it seems like DJ saying it in her own POV. I just suddenly remembered that DJ dreamt of becoming a writer herself before she went into becoming the PM’s wife. What if the writer was planning from the very beginning that DJ is the one actually narrating her story through writing as a famous novelist? I’m totally okay with that but the question is, is she writing it because they are currently together happily married or is she just writing it as somehow an experience she could forever hold in her heart even if they ended up with separate lives or is this just a part of her creative imagination as a frustrated writer? If you remembered Lovers in Paris, that was actually what happened and it totally broke me, although the title itself was totally different.

    Well, I’m still hoping against all odds that my assumption is wrong…keke! I’m still 100% sticking to this drama no matter what! PMAI fighting!

    • It’s not going to go there at all. DJ and KY are at 97% probability of being endgame. This increases further by 1.7% because of Man-se.

      And now, we are essentially certain that OTP will survive. You can even tack on a .4% for Nara for good measure.

      • hehe! Well that was just my POV anyway but I totally agree with you on that 100%! 🙂

  14. OMO! it really breaks my heart for this development… just crossing my finger that i will not hate the writers of this drama… i’m a hopeless romantic and i want a happy ending.
    Yul had suffered so much for the last 7 years and it’s about time that he should be happy with DJ…

  15. It’s just sad to know that the kids have this kind of mother not. What will happen now if she comes back and the kids get to see her? This family is finally moving on for crying out loud. Now that all knows she’s not really dead, she’ll have to see the kids too right? -SIGH- She owe it to them to ask for their forgiveness, give her kids the love that they deserve and you know, just be there for them. She’s after all their mother (whatever she did in the past). But man, that will be another emotional roller coaster ride for the kids (and for our OTP too..huhuhu!).
    But, I still think this whole NY thing is unnecessary to this drama. They could have solved this affair through other means like SH waking up or maybe delved in other matters for the main conflict. It breaks my heart to watch them go through with this issue with just 3 episodes left.
    I also agree with Anonymous that DJ character development was not highlighted as with that of KY. I hoped that a journey towards her dream of being a writer was also given emphasis in addition to her interaction with the kids. With 3 episodes left, that ain’t gonna happen for sure.
    Still, I CANNOT bring myself to let go of this drama. I’m totally in love with our OTP, KY and DJ and their family. And HJ too, she rocks! As much as I don’t like the plot twist, I just hope that the writer has thought of a very good resolution for the NY-not-dead thing for our OTP and the rest of the Kwon family.
    KY and DJ – fighting! (“,)

  16. i think the not so dead wife is there to ask for forgiveness from yul and do her good byes to the kids. but, it will not come easy. she needs to show up and past pains will arise. watching the pmia from 1-14, i think the coming and leaving of the na young wont do a 360 of our otp. as i said pains will be there, but the pm will sort it out to keep his new found love.

    dj needs to leave bec in her heart though how much she loves the pm and the kids, is not her place yet to stay maybe until her marriage to the pm is legit.

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