Gong Yoo Talks Drinks, Marriage, and Career Over Beer in Latest Interview

I had dinner with some friends last night who just went to see The Suspect in the movie theaters (one may or may not have seen it twice) and talk turned to Gong Yoo. Aside from the usual gushing one salient point emerged – the man is a specimen of perfection regardless of hair, make up, or lack thereof, and his name might actually be God Yoo instead of Gong Yoo. Catchy, huh? His movie passed the $1 million mark faster than Man From Nowhere with Won Bin which the movie pundits keeping track of the box office decreed a major achievement for this type of thriller vengeance movie. Man From Nowhere had mad legs and word of mouth kept that drama rolling at the box office for a long time which is rarer these days. Regardless of whether The Suspect ends up breaking more records, it’s already a successful film for Gong Yoo to put in his pocket and goes a long way to erasing the his failed last drama outing in Big. This week he sat down for a drinks interview with a reporter and I just love those because it feels so much more authentic like two friends chatting. The pictures in this post are from that interview and a few highlights I’ll summarize below. The reporter noted that Gong Yoo appeared very friendly and he explained that he was a skill he cultivated working in this industry but in truth there are few moments to actually be candid in conversation during a work situation which is why he treasures the people close to him that he can still share his real thoughts with. Talk turned to his marriage plans now that Gong Yoo is 35 years old. When he was younger he wanted to marry soon so that he could have a career and a family life. That time has passed and now he’s really focused on his job and being alone for so long as an actor has made him get used to the loneliness. When asked what he imagines a future family to be like, Gong Yoo’s ideal is a quiet home with a big yard. He wants to build a home in the countryside for his parents with a big yard but laughs that they are not cooperating because they love living in the city. He dreams of taking his kids to visit the grandparents in the countryside and have a big yard for them to play with and his parents wonder why they need to go move to a farm so that Gong Yoo can have his dream come true grandparents visit. Ha, this was a cute interview and Gong Yoo’s pictures are even cuter and the icing on the cake.

Gong Yoo revealed his favorite drink is somaek (soju and beer) and tolerance is about a bottle and half of soju. He enjoys the feeling of getting slightly buzzed and for awhile he drank a glass of red wine when he couldn’t sleep because his fans were sending him lots of bottles. His favorite drinking snacks are when he travels to different places to film and tries out the local cuisine.


Gong Yoo Talks Drinks, Marriage, and Career Over Beer in Latest Interview — 60 Comments

  1. I want him to star in The Joseon Shooter cause i really want to see him do historical drama and what better way to do it than in drama written by writer of The Princess Man.

    Also put Yoon Eun Hye or Moon Chae Won as his leading lady. Yes i have everything planed out lol.

    • @flore, I like your thinking and planning 🙂 😉 Thanks, Ms. Koala for sharing his interview with us. I luv him and I hope that soon we will see him on the small screen. I’m happy to hear that his movie has been well received.

  2. I do love GY. And his parents sounds hilarious. I also like when actors (male and female) are candid about marriage. There’s not a rush on any level and it’ll happen when it does. Most people marry. (My favorite star response on the subject has to be SSH.)
    Great to hear his movie is doing well! He’s an actor I always look out for, I enjoy his public persona and his acting endeavors. Reminds me I need to see his stint on RM.

  3. OH GOD He looks so good with that haircut. Also, whoever marries him will be incredibly lucky and not just because he is an all around catch and I’m just talking as a man period, not because he’s a famous actor. He’s the only (famous) man that makes me wish I was something I’m not because I imagine he would not even go near a non-non-Korean! Ah well…

  4. Twice wasn’t even enough! I miss him already. He really is God Yoo. No human looks that flawlessly gorgeous jumping into a river at a full run.

  5. A little known fact is that some of the scenes for the Suspect were filmed on my Caribbean island of Puerto Rico. Google “Gong Yoo in Puerto Rico” for some pics.

    On the topic of GY making beautiful babies 😉 I recommend he get together with Yoon Eun-hye, who in an interview said he was her ideal type. They would make an adorable couple. A Coca-Cola kiss between them would make New Year’s fireworks fickle in comparison to the explosion they’d cause. Just dreaming!

  6. Koala, what’s this posting about Yoon Eun Hye saying her fav co-star was Gong Yoo and now posting about him? I reallllllllllly want them both to find significant others (or even better each other haha).

  7. Hahahahah…a cute dream, Opa…Now, you can marry with a woman from country side or you have to find a prety woman who want to be your wife and living in the countryside with you…I wish and pray all your dream come true…waiting your new drama and movie…Fighting GY Opa….!!!!!

  8. have been delusional over gong yoo for yearssss thinking i was his wifey…huhuhu oh how i wish we can meet and fall in love :/

  9. Everytime I remember he was in my country filmingcThe Suspect and I never knew… I get depressed.

    Love him and hope he fulfill his dream with a significant other.

    • Thanks for your info. I knew that GY also talked about YEH in this interview but I’m not that clear of what he’s talking about since I don’t know Korean and just count it on google translation lol.
      GY is a good person IMO. He’s befriended with YEH for years (since CP). If they’re ended up together I will be happy but I won’t blamed them if they’re not. Hoping he get what he’s looking for in life. Thanks for sharing the article Mrs. Koala.

  10. Han Kyul, don’t wear black! I don’t want other girls looking at you! hahah. Oh My, i really love Gong Yoo so much!His smile is contagious. With the tall build and that kind of body..i am sure i am melting right now~! i hope that you will find someone too. 35 is good age to get married and settling down. Then u can have babies and join in any reality show with your kids (Maybe Dad Where Are You Going Season 6?)kekekeke. Then who knows i could catch a glimpse of eun hye at the kitchen preparing breakfast. Lol. JK. I’m just dreaming out loud. *big grin*

  11. Aahhh….I love GY very much and Coffee Prince as well since it was my first and unforgettable encounter with Yoo. I just love when he talked about marriage as if it will happen soon and I wish for that. Deep in my heart, I want him to be ended with Eun Hye since I doooo love their chemistry in CP. But if is doesn’t happen,I just appreciate them and always support GY.

  12. I wish Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye will be a real life couple. They are smart and same personality. I hope him to get marry before 40 years old, so he can have kids for his parents to play with. These old people, they do not to have a lot of need money, but they just need to have their grandchildren to play with.

  13. ..Gong Yoo never fails to amaze mjue, imagining this man being born in Busan, 2nd largest metro next to Seoul wanting to feel how it is like living in countryside, funny thing is he is relocating his parents just to have an experience of it…my thoughts however think that he is really sincerely hoping for it..

  14. I think if it is good idea to live in countryside to prevent noisy and live in nature with trees, and water. However, if it is a big family like parents, children and grandchildren, It will be fun and warm family. Only two old people, it will be sad for his parents and miss grandchildren on future.

  15. He’s a good actor! I wonder what it would be like if he was paired with Ha Ji Won? Still waiting that someday it would come to fruition.

  16. For anyone who love GY and YEH, please read on article (Fletching the Sun 2012)by Gong Yoo and read the conversation GY and YEH on Christmas 2008 radio and 2009 YEH called phone to GY.

    I wish that they can be real couple.

    Anyway, If they are not real couple, I also love GY and YEH.

    • Hi i was searching for that article unfortunately I can’t find it, please post the link =) fletching the sun! =) I am seriously shipping gong yoo and yoon eun hye!

  17. This is d 1st time i am commenting on a k-drama couple and this is bcos i strongly feel dat GY and YEH are meant to be 2gether. Dey are ripe 4 marriage so what are dey waiting for….lol

  18. i love to see GY &YEH..really hope that someday they will be real couple..btw,35yrs old is just right for a guy to settledown..and hope korean producer will make a beautiful drama with GY & Yeh as leading actor..they make such perfect match to each other..

  19. I am feel sorry for lenzganda02 to beg Gong Yoo marry YEH. I hope Gong Yoo & Yoon Eun Hye can read your message.

    I know that you are # 1 of Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye. Me too.

  20. i love this man much… his hard work and compassion… one thing i like about him is that he made me cry always when i watched him crying he made me cry so tough … so funny right… few actors can made his viewer cry but GY made it perfectly… i wish i could see you but i know im gone too far of my dreams hehehehe..

  21. I am going to throw a random girl I would like to ship with GY. That is SONG JI HYO.. lol. Because I just finished watching GY in running man. Plus a lot of you ship him with yoon eun hee. Didn’t he previously said he like tomboy/boyish girls?

    • Yah. When I read his ideal type:boyish woman and candid. That is Song Ji hyo. And now Ji hyo unnie is single, randomly shipping. Wish the two to work together. Watched them in RM but long time alr.

  22. Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye forever because they have great chemistry on screen, good friendship plus similar lifestyle and personality also similar interests

  23. Drama ‘Big’ failed?? Hmm I enjoyed watching it, and i think it did leaves me with a great impression. And gong yoo did well in the drama, along side lee min jung 🙂

  24. ♥♥♥ omg!!!! I love gong yoo and yeh together too in real life!!!! Oh GOD please hear us!….hehe ♥

  25. Today is a birthday of Gong Yoo, so I want to tease him and hope he will have a lot of funs. On article Dec 2013, Gong Yoo really likes be a single. Do anyone makes him sad? Why do he change his mind not marry? Oh, it is bad new for Yoon Eun Hye and other women those choose Gong Yoo as an ideal man. Gong Yoo is very nice man, so he does not want to make any beautiful women like YEH sad or cry. Therefore, he worked very hard in 2013. Then, he paid tax back to the government in 2014 and be a model of the early taxpayer of a country. Also, he dreams to have a house at a countryside after marry. Do all women and YEH see how a good man like Gong Yoo. Even he is not marry yet, but he prepares to be a good husband. Is that fun Gong Yoo? If it funs, please laugh a lot on your birthday. I am very funny, and I like to make other people laugh too.

  26. GY is a real catch & YEH is very adorable.i really love them together since coffee prince days.i would be glad if they become a couple in real life……Both of them are single,,,,heheheheeee….i think there is 80% possibility……lol,,,,thats my dream though

  27. I sincerely wish u to get what u want. Only few are happiness orientated and most people assume money can buy happiness. Seems like u have realised the true value of freedom and happiness. I wish u all the very best mr. Gong yoo and pray your parents change their minds in living in country side. So that u can play with ur kids when u visit ur parents and enjoy ur real life away from busy schedules.

  28. Your comment is right. Money can not buy for the happiness. Also, the time is going too fast, so we just need to do on whatever tasks that we love and think about how important to have a family. I am a big fan of Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye, so I hope that they are always happy and find their true love.

  29. GY and YEH have millions of fans hoping they will make another kdrama and wishing they will be real couple… Seeing them together in kdrama or real life will surely give happiness to all their fans…. I’m pretty sure if they will make another kdrama together IT WILL BE A BIG HIT again not just in Korea including other country because they have perfect chemistry together.
    To film makers and directors – please hear the request of GY and YEH fans…..

  30. I will surely pray that you will finally find your Future Wife Gong Yoo!!but it will really makes my heart flutter if you will end up with Yoon Eun Hye!!you really look good together!

  31. What a same journey that he had.some of his story have a same flow life like me..me,already 35,unmarried,working,still further study,dreaming to get marry early but until today same as before,n like to have a house far from the city..haha,yeah..same like him too..what a life right! 🙂

  32. Eight years late but finally watched Coffee Prince. The most romantic K drama I’ve seen and the chemistry between GY & YEH, out of this world! Crossing my finger & toes for another drama starring these two…

  33. I saw Gong Yoo in Coffee Prince and was very impressed. Living in the USA we do not get too many Korean Dramas.Since Coffee was aired in 2007 which I saw a couple of months ago ,I enjoyed watching it very much.Read your reviews on Wikipedia you’re really amazing man.Very handsome too. Just like you I love peace and quiet, I do hope you find your soulmate and the love of your life. Some of us find true love with every capability i.e. passion,chemistry,and compatibility only once in our life,some never find that. If you do,hold onto it do not ever let it go,I will say this fight for it. Fighting. Take care Gong Yoo all the best .

    A strong Admirer

  34. Actually…..coffee prince hairstyle is very suitable for u than this pic……..i am india…when i am seeing ur drama coffeee prince….i think u r da best lover i have never seen….i wish u to get a good wife nd good life….fighting…

  35. I will forever love Gong Yoo❤️❤️❤️ i hope to watch again another drama of his in KBS world coz that is the only korean station aired here in the Philippines. Gong You is my “yobo” in my dreams.. Although i maybe an ajumma to him, hahaha.. Sarangheyo !!!❤️❤️❤️

  36. Oh Lord Almighty, why there appears to be millions of Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye fans who wish, hope and pray for them to marry each other? After all these years…and they are both still single…May You grant our wish and answer our prayers Oh Lord.. please make it happen soon…let Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye become husband and wife and give them children.. make them a beautiful family, in JESUS Name..Amen and amen!!!

  37. I agree all comment fans with GYEH,if im not mistaken to what i say,i think gyeh are have a big reason so that no need to rush a relationship both of them,,but hoping still now have a communication,,bcoz if that time connot control her feelings,what for right! Is useless bcz GY enttering on army as a required,then GY come back,EH is so busy also with GY,so dont have a good timing for them,,other actor like hyun bin what happen to songhyegyo she broke up her right,,.so i think that is better of two of them,,but now i think need it the way again to how developing that past feelings to each other,,YEH is nice,smart,beautiful inside in out..if GY open again his eye’s to YeH ur so lucky,,one of the secret of strong and good relationship are have a feared in God almighty,,that is the best.. Yeh is christian protestant so i know that, just like me…thank you…may the Father JeSus cHrist bless you…

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