Yoo Seung Ho Army Update and New Japanese Magazine Pictorials

I’m not usually the “ask and ye shall receive” type of writer and those of you who have written me emails over the years (some increasingly irate and/or pleading) to check out a certain drama or movie will understand that I still just write whatever I I want to as the tag line suggests. That doesn’t mean a request that happens to just hit my sweet spot won’t get answered, so here comes the mega post update on my own person Baby Jailbait Yoo Seung Ho! He’s the granddaddy of all objects of desire in ICOMYM and even if he’s vaulted past that magic marker of 20 years old still makes him much too young to moon over. That being said, screw logic and those pesky societal niceties and swoon away at some new goodies from my boy who has been in the army for the past 10 months. Oh how times flies, and in his case I’m literally screaming at time to fly faster and stop being such a lazy a$$ because boy needs to come back to my embrace. This batch of goodies contain magazine stills from a variety of Japanese magazines during the period he was promoting Operation Proposal over there. He’s really popular with the obasans and oneechans in the land of the rising sun and it’s only increased after he headlined a drama adaptation of a popular J-dorama in OP and then later worked with two other Hallyu superstars in Yoochun and Yoon Eun Hye in the tearful melodrama Missing You. Yoo Seung Ho’s “whoa momma what do we have here” entrance in that drama remains one of the most droolworthy arrivals heralding adulthood for any child star. When MBC released the first still of adult Hyung Joon (above), the heart palpitations went through the roof and I couldn’t find anything in that picture above to critique. Perfect is just perfect. He is on the slight side but his charisma and that intensity and soul-weariness in his eyes makes up for the still young visage. Below are also some recent army pics where he’s now an elder statesmen in his squad and is in charge of training the new recruits. It boggles the mind really, but this boy has consistently delivered performances that make me sit up and take notice. He left for the army on the early side for celebrities but at the same age of most recruits who try and get it over with before college. That was a smart move any way I look at it and I’m counting down the days until he’s discharged on December 5th, 2014. I’m already calling dibs on him as my early Christmas present!


Yoo Seung Ho Army Update and New Japanese Magazine Pictorials — 13 Comments

  1. Yeeeeeessss thanks unni for this post! I just suddenly missed him this past week and I was curious as to how he was doing. Marking my calendar now for his return to civilian life and hopefully a new project too!

  2. He did it the smart way… coming back – still yound enough to play heartbreaking and young roles and he doesn’t need to leave when he reaches his career peak again. 🙂

    Like Song Joong Ki. D: I would’ve loved for him to do the same.

  3. Has it really been a year already? Time flies but luckily his looks has stayed the same. Brace yourselves for those army abs though, dayum. Teehee. Can’t wait for his comeback and I hope he stays safe. Fighting oppa!

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