K-Actress Hong Soo Ah Joins C-Heirs and Rounds Out the Main Four Leads

The main cast is complete for the C-drama Heirs (C-Heirs), which is NOT a remake of the Korean drama Heirs from last year but its own take on a bunch of emo heirs to billion dollar fortunes dealing with their pretty people angst. I enjoyed K-Heirs but the popularity of that drama is probably inversely proportional to the story actually making a lot of sense or having a meaningful takeaway at the end. Starring Korean actor-singer Choi Si Won, rising C-actor Yu Xiao Tong and promising C-actress Kan Qing Zi, producer Li Shao Hong seems to want to even out the foursome to have two from each country as Korean actress Hong Soo Ah has been confirmed as the other female lead. She’s already in Beihai, China filming with the rest of the cast. Her character is reportedly Choi Si Won’s character’s first love and ex-girlfriend, and other male lead Yu Xiao Tong will be nursing a one-sided love for her. She grew up in the countryside and is described as down-to-earth and harboring an optimism towards love. Her life starts to change when her father falls ill and she needs to pay his medical costs and strains to even pay the rent on her apartment. Her character transforms from a girl who doesn’t even dare dream of a greater world outside her little village to someone who gets involved in the world of the rich heirs and their inheritance battles. The two male leads are also related as Choi Si Won and Yu Xiao Tong will be playing half-brothers who have the same father but different mothers. Despite this being a C-drama, directing will PD Oh Sang Won who co-directed Sad Sonata and Oh! Pil Seung Bong Soon Young. Director Li will be taking producing credit this time rather than getting behind the camera and she wants this drama to really have a Chinese sensibility but a K-drama aesthetic. That means expect either trainwreck oddness or a brand spanking new way to mash together drama styles and produce a tasty new treat. As for Hong Soo Ah, she’s made plenty of K-dramas and movies but the only one of her works I’ve watched is the Kim Sun Ah movie She’s On Duty. My recollection is that she’s serviceable albeit rather unmemorable. In which case it might serve her well here since Choi Si Won will be taking up the entire Super Junior idol fame quota.


K-Actress Hong Soo Ah Joins C-Heirs and Rounds Out the Main Four Leads — 3 Comments

  1. Choi si won IS super junior !! Ahhhh cat wait my two favorate k actors doing pretty much the same drama and I get to see both !!!!!

  2. I love to see how Hong Soo Ah will do this! I mean i love her in Heroes shes so cute and bubbly but as an actress I dunno… will look forward to it!

  3. I do not know who this Hong Soo Ah is. How does one K-actor get cast in a C-drama, anyway? Do they ask to be in one? I imagine it would do wonders for your global career to be seen by that many millions of buying people.

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