K-ent Discussing Changed Looks of Hong Soo Ah and Lee Soo Hyuk


Whenever a K-actor or actress makes the news for looking different, it’s always hard to look away since news coverage usually means something drastic as opposed to the usual and widespread nip and tucks. Recently the spotlight is shining on supporting role K-actress Hong Soo Ah and rising model-turned-actor Lee Soo Hyuk. I’ll leave it for folks to make their own judgment call on whether any knife work was done but I’m leaning towards Lee Soo Hyuk gaining some weight and a new hair color for why he looks different, whereas Hong Soo Ah is basically a different face human being that I wouldn’t even recognize as her if no one told me. Holy shizniz, so that’s what it’s light to just up and change a face in adulthood. Continue reading

C-drama Billion Dollar Heirs Releases Hilarious and Self-deprecating Slappy First Teaser

China might have a new drama industry to mine – copying popular K-dramas and making a ridiculous parody out of it. There was the absurd but fun Heirs From Another Star, but even before that project got off the ground there … Continue reading