Third Teaser for Full Sun is Both Stylish and Thrilling with an Accidental Death and Lots of Crying

I’m a little disappointed Full Sun (Beyond the Clouds) won’t air next Monday on KBS. Having that time slot just vacated by Prime Minister and I remain dark for a week without a new K-drama feels as blah as the way my beloved PM signed off without any sizzle. On the upside, no drama production has ever complained about getting extra time to film. The third teaser trailer has been released and it’s my favorite to date because it combines the first two. The first teaser was stylish and dark, with leads Yoon Kye Sang and Han Ji Hye enacting a very angst-ridden melodramatic brooding. There was Yoon Kye Sang walking alone in a field of wildflowers, which is a K-drama staple to show loneliness and despair. The second teaser was narrative driven and showed off the location shoot in Thailand and glimpses of all the main leads including Jo Jin Woong, Kim Yoo Ri, Son Ho Joon, and Song Jong Ho. This teaser expands on the narrative and shows us exactly how the central life-changing tragedy went down, and then ends with a very desperate snowy walk in the mountains before Yoon Kye Sang points a gun to his own head. Yeah, I think that man hates his life BAD. The male lead is the son of a conman who tries to escape his father’s legacy by working hard and studying to pass the diplomat’s exam. A diamond swindle gone bad in Thailand ends up with the death of the fiancee of the female lead. She shuts down emotionally while the male lead goes to prison for the crime. Years later they meet up again unaware of each other’s past and fall into a passionate and increasingly dangerous love affair. Kim Yoo Ri is a fellow con woman who secretly loves the male lead, while Jo Jin Woong is both the male lead’s best friend as well as secret envious rival. Son Ho Joon plays Han Ji Hye’s younger brother while poor underrated Song Jong Ho makes an impactful but short appearance as the ill-fated fiancee.

Third teaser for Full Sun:

[youtube id=”EJpGC2qu04U” w=”625″ h=”445″]



Third Teaser for Full Sun is Both Stylish and Thrilling with an Accidental Death and Lots of Crying — 3 Comments

  1. Song Joong Ho needs a drama of his own, he’s awesome in both Reply 1997 and Will it snow for christmas. I want him to lead a drama! Nam Goong Min is another underrated actor I hope to see leading a drama.
    I like HJH and YKS, they look good together. But I’m not sure whether I’m in the mood to watch this type of melodrama for now :p

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