ENA’s New Drama The Kidnapping Day with Yoon Kye Sang and Child Actress Yu Na Doubles in Ratings by Episode 4 to 3.6% Heralding Another Hit

Small cable network ENA continues to deliver little dramas that could and the latest one is The Kidnapping Day, which premiered last week and in four episodes has managed to double its ratings. It started at 1.833% and the most recent episode 4 got 3.605% and in the interim has been racking up buzz and good reviews. Starring Yoon Kye Sang as a bumbling kidnapper and child actress Yu Na as the genius memory loss girl ordering him around, the drama is based on a novel and reminds me on paper as a less violent version of The Professional and The Man From Nowhere set up with a grizzled older dad figure and a sweet young girl forming a surrogate protector relationship. Some of the best pics for K-dramas in recent years have been those underrated prior to arrival ones what turned out to be worth watching after early viewer feedback and now that I’m done with Moving this one looks like my next fix.

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