Lee Bum Soo Shows Off His Fashionable Edge for Arena Homme Magazine

I’ve been a Lee Bum Soo fan since forever but it wasn’t until he returned to television in the mid-2000s after doing exclusively movies for many years that I think the international audience got a whiff of what he’s cooking up. He picked some great projects when he first returned to television, and I don’t remember if I watched Surgeon Bong Dal Hee first or On Air. I liked both dramas very much despite the typical quality lapses towards the end. My initial freak out over the casting in Prime Minister and I was more a knee jerk reaction to my past impression of Yoona than my lack of faith in Lee Bum making any onscreen pairing work. But recently I’ve been hankering to rewatch some of his older material and I realized he’s quite often paired with leading ladies that give off the same aura as Yoona and he has always rocked it with them as well. Both Lee Yo Won in SBDH and Kim Na Neul in OA are thin lithe beauties that give off an icy stand-offish impression. But the couples chemistry in both those dramas were very deliciously awesome though I must say his pairing with Yoona ended up being as awesome as the writing allowed their characters to be. If PM was a cable drama then the screen would’ve been on fire.ย I’ve had these pictures since last month but never got around to posting it but better late than never. Wuri Prime Minister-nim was in the recent pages of Arena Homme magazine sporting some Fall trends that he helped pull together with the fashion editor. Apparently Lee Bum Soo is quite the dapper dresser in real life. I love love these pictures and am glad he shaved off the pornstache chin stubble he’s been sporting since IRIS 2 when he did PM.ย Not that he looked back with it, to the contrary it made him look immensely sexy in a very sleazy way. Which is was how character was written in that drama, but for PM he’s got to look every bit the well-groomed politician. Sadly he didn’t get to dressing and undressing before his wifey often in that drama despite all signs early on with Da Jung’s imagination when she first visited his room got progressively sexier until finally she had him in his robe. I loved how her mind works but the damn drama never delivered the goods! Grrr, have such broody Lee Bum Soo here to wash away all the wasted opportunities in PM.


Lee Bum Soo Shows Off His Fashionable Edge for Arena Homme Magazine — 16 Comments

  1. glad he shaved off the
    pornstache chin stubble heโ€™s been
    sporting since IRIS 2 when he did
    PM .

    i am with u. i wish i could shaved it my self. btw our pm just become a father of two yesterday. he got baby boy. huray huray

  2. I’m still waiting for The Kiss LBS owes me from Salary man! You’re right, chingu; I would have needed a bucket of water if PM was on cable….imagine how many little siblings our Manse would have had…hehe

  3. Love him ๐Ÿ™‚ He is so, so charismatic!

    Prime Minister And I is the only drama I’ve seen him in and I’ve heard that there were no kisses in Salaryman…can anyone tell me any Lee Bum Soo drama where there were kissing scenes??

  4. There was this crazy funny kissing scene in Hong Gil Dong’s Descendants, though its a movie. Song Il Dong was in it too and the lead actress in Poseidon, can’t remember her name. Loved that movie from start to finish. Crazy characters with crazy moments. Also the comedy in korean movies and dramas is so priceless and crazy that i can’t help but laugh and love it everytime i watch a scene, number of times notwithstanding.
    Congrats on being a baby boy daddy LBS.
    And oh YES, he does look mighty fine, hehe

  5. Wahhhh,,,,,he’s soooo hot, sexy and charismatic. I love that you wrote lots articles about Lee Beom Soo since it’s hard to find information about him in English. THANK YOU very much ockoala. I also did enjoy your comments about him in other blogs.

  6. I’m a huge Lee Beom Soo fan as well. Last weekend I rewatched Surgeon Bong Dal Hee as I had a craving and I really enjoy that drama, which first got me hooked on him. It didn’t fully satisfy my craving, so I finally started Giant, which I’ve been putting off for years. It was a bad move starting a 50 episode drama on a Sunday evening and I ended up calling in sick until Wednesday. Loved it, loved it, loved it! Totally lived up to everything I’ve heard about it.

    • Me too,,,,just finished Giant last week. While many many souls love the lovey dovey Minwoo-Mijoo has in the drama, I’m not onboard. I know I’m biased here, but for me the love line between GangMo-Jeongyeon couple is more meaningful. The way they care to each other and stand up for the one he/she loves is beyond amazing. It shows how much the love still remain very strong in their heart although in the surface they act as friends for years. Thanks God, after asking Jeongyeon to follow his path, not married and live alone, GangMo comes to his sense. PD and Scriptwriter are very generous to allow GangMoo-JeongYeon shippers watching the long awaited official proposal scene!! I’m over the moon for both GangMo and JeongYeon. Especially, when he lost Sungmo and Miju choose to live in UK with Min Woo at least GangMo still has his wife, JeongYeon who
      always stays next to him through thick and thin. Hhaahahaa,,,,sorry for posting too long

  7. I have to say, I don’t think he had good chemistry with Kim Ha Neul or Park Jin Hee. He doesn’t seem to hit it off with the “icy eonni beauty” types, while more energetic or strong women work. He has often been paired with quite strong and in-control female characters in his movies and I think that works well. Maybe because he is so manly that it just makes for a nice reversal to see him being womanhandled by capable women. Or adorable, but hyper women, like Lee Si Yeong in ‘Descendants of Hong Gil Dong’. Da Jeong was like that with Yool for a while, until she got her character transplant.

    He is a wonderful actor and I like that he tries different things. Every movie and series he makes offers him something different as an actor and enables him to explore a different type of character.

    I do hope he will try cable someday. I think he is too on the old and non-flowery side for a romantic themed drama with him as the lead to work in the main stations (as proven by the core audience’s rejection of ‘Prime Minister And I’), but I think cable audiences would be in for some ajeossi romance, especially if not as prudish as this one, which we know cable is more bold with. And then there are his movies too. We get a villain role with ‘God’s One Move’ soon. I don’t trust the PD though, so he might be more of a caricature like in ‘The City of Violence’ again.

    I am hoping he will be the lead in ‘Triangle’ (he and Im Si Wan have confirmed), but I somehow doubt it. Middle bro will probably be the one, especially if Song Seung Heon confirms. But I know I will love Lee’s work in the future, as I have loved it so far. Be it in a lead, second lead or even cameo role, the man does his job and does it well.

    • Totally agree with you on that. Speechless…priceless… amazingly magnificent. He really rocks the screen. Just watched this variety show Lee Hyori Sang Sang Plus 2 whereby LBS is the main…he said after he was done with the military service, he taught college preparation course for 3-4 years. Wow…this guy is all-rounder indeed…teacher, actor, singer, husband, father, amazing guy around the house doing household chores… hmmmm…. LBS fighting…

  8. Lee Beum So caught my attention in PMI, and I’m in love with him ever since. PMI may got a bad rating domestically, but for international viewers, that would be 4 thumbs up !!! he he … I miss to see him in another drama. Great great actor … Looking forward to it …

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