Sly and Single Again Release Flirty Posters, Colorful Stills, and Boisterous Teaser

Ready or not, the the rather derogatorily named K-drama rom-com Sly and Single Again (Cunning Single Lady) is headed our way next week. It follows behind Miss Korea which was preempted one episode for the Olympics so will air its final episode next Wednesday. This drama then gets a Thursday premiere and MBC has decided to air two episodes back-to-back. Not sure if that will help its rating chances in any way whatsoever since its premiere day just so happens to be the final episode of You From Another Star. YFAS has been a ratings phenomenon, not anywhere near the ratings juggernauts of years past but having pretty fantastic ratings plus so much buzz combined makes its final episode something I don’t think any drama wants to premiere against. MBC would have been smarter to give up the night and air a drama special or movie. Cunning Single Lady stars Lee Min Jung as the titular character, a woman who married a nerdy techie out of college but ended up divorcing him shortly thereafter. She’s since been toiling away working and looking to land herself a rich second husband. Then her formerly broke and nerdy ex-husband played by Joo Sang Wook returns to her life as a transformed rich and handsome eligible bachelor. Their crossed paths obviously portends reconciliation in the end, but along the way I expect tons of carry over bickering from their failed marriage, jealousy if either one has moved on, and the messy process of re-falling in love again. Rounding out the cast is Kim Gyu Ri, Seo Kang Joon, L, and Hwang Bo Ra, with the drama directed by the PD behind Me Too, Flower! and Pasta but the screenwriter appears to be a newbie which makes for an interesting watch with no expectation. Honestly, this entire cast and story concept does nothing for me, but I’m oddly curious about the end product and want to check it out for the heck of it. I’ve passed on a lot of dramas where at least one thing has interested me so maybe my intuition is telling me this one could be a sleeper hit. I don’t need it to be as well-written as its predecessor Miss Korea, and lots of slapstick comedy is fine as well, I’m just hoping for cute drama I can hang with twice a week.

Teaser for Sly and Single Again:

[youtube id=”GxP2wNtCrLs” w=”625″ h=”445″]



Sly and Single Again Release Flirty Posters, Colorful Stills, and Boisterous Teaser — 8 Comments

  1. Joo sang Wook is so handsome. That jawline and chin is made for the camera. I also love that his nose does not look plastic. His eyes can be so souful. I am so glad to see him in a romcom. I loved LMJ is SY but since then she’s been picking the wrong projects. I am hoping she will shine here. She’s very good at playing a brat.

  2. I cannot handle the perfection that is Joo Sang Wook. *swoons.

    And oh, what character is L going to play?
    (Honestly, I always feel awkward when he shows up on screen, esp in Master’s Sun .. he hasn’t won me over yet)

  3. Unless L has improved, please keep his dialogues to the minimum…I feel bad for him though, but he does make you feel awkward watching him being so bad.
    Joo Sang Wook: Nough said…

    Not a fan of LMJ at all but I’ll watch for JSW.

  4. I will be watching… Love jsw and I never liked Lmj until I saw AAMR which a lot of people didn’t like. So I am curious how both will fair here and the storyline just has to be good.

  5. joo sang wook finally landed himself as a lead man. i cant wait for your first impression or recap lol..
    the current theme seems to be meeting ur ex after divorcing. i actually find it quite cute, from the pic i can see that lee minjung character will be adorable.
    anyway it reminds me of emergency couple, have u tried watching it? i really like how they bicker and secretly care for each other since they truly loved each other in the past.. i wonder if it will be kinda similar hm

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