Press Conference and Entertaining Long Preview from Weekend Drama Hotel King

With a flurry of Spring dramas starting next week onward, it’s yet another press conference season and kickstarting it all is the upcoming MBC weekend drama Hotel King with Lee Dong Wook and Lee Da Hae leading a huge cast. It’s predecessor Golden Rainbow wraps up this weekend so Hotel King isn’t premiering until next weekend on April 5th, but it’s nice to see the drama is totally on the ball and is holding its press conference relatively early. It’ll also give me time to get over what the heck Lee Da Hae showed up wearing. If this was Cancun and she was strolling through a hotel, I would say she looked fantastically stunning with a lavender bathing suit cover dress that is form fitting with a cute pleated one strap on the side. Her matching old school bikini underneath is pretty rocking on her ridiculously slim body. But a drama press conference isn’t a beach resort and she showed up wearing what amounts to resort wear and showing off her undergarments merits just a big head shake from me. At least it gets people talking and isn’t pushing the edge of super skanky, and reminds me of when Yoon Eun Hye showed up for the Missing You press conference wearing a Dolce & Gabbana couture dress made out of grandma’s old sofa covers. Just because an outfit is expensive and name brand doesn’t mean it automatically looks good. The rest of the HK cast fares much better and Kim Hae Sook made me chuckle with her sassy grandma in tight clubbing gear look. Go for it, girlfriend! Lee Dong Wook looks reliably put together and definitely rocks the chemistry with Lee Da Hae, though both leads also look great with the second leads Wang Ji Hye and Im Seulong. I wouldn’t mind some complicate fourway love square in this drama. The long preview is out and is the most interesting of all the teasers to date, I’m fully onboard now and excited to watch this drama.

Hotel King entertaining highlight preview:

[youtube id=”wsuXk-JUyDI” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Press Conference and Entertaining Long Preview from Weekend Drama Hotel King — 29 Comments

  1. I just hope Lee Da Hae sticks with this drama until the end. Preferably without any stupid “scandals” in the meantime.

    This might actually be a good drama.

  2. His freaking shoes are killing me more than her dress. It also doesn’t help that I detest when guys show their ankles in pants. That fashion trend needs to be burned!

  3. This is definitely turning out to be more interesting. As to the press con get-up… I like the sassy grandma look! hehe. Not a fan of the v-neck undershirt of LDW but glad he still looks good and LDH is really slim!

  4. sassy club grandma looks awesome, and blond too! As for LDH’s outfit, it’s a wee bit risque but in a cheeky way, not a skanky way – she totally knew her foundation garments would show through, so the choice of old school knickers and a dress just thick/thin enough to hint at the outlines of her legs, is pretty good. (I’m amazed I like it myself)

    • I think it would’ve been much with a high waisted mini skirt I think I would’ve found it much nicer. Its not about how much she’s showing, just the form of having her “underwear show” makes it less classy for the occasion. I like that top half though

  5. This fashion trend where the underwear is shown in a see-through dress needs to be banned! It looks like she forgot to wear a slip. It looks skanky to me and if you want to show your undies why bother with the dress, just wear the undies.

    • You spoke my mind. I agree with you 100%

      What is this dress thing called? The design looks like it just came out of my mom’s crochet table cloth…I fear next time it will be men walking around with see-through pants…

      • Ugh, cannot erase this image from my mind! Men in see through crochet pants *shudder*.

      • Totally ! Omggggg ewwwh what the hell is that dress and even if it were for the see through trend then come on pick another color ! Dudddeeee

  6. Da faq? All of them look…I don’t even know how to describe what happened to them from the neck down, maybe besides Im Seulong lol. Lee Dong Wook’s suit pants are too short and tight (not that I particularly mind but mehhh) and his shoes don’t work with his bright blue suit lol. Wang Ji Hye’s dress makes her look large when she’s clearly thin…I guess she was trying to accentuate/add curves. I liked Lee Da Hae’s dress from the side on the first pic, but it IS a little too revealing for me. Oh well, I’m still excited for My Girl Part 2 haha.

    • Also I think it’s adorably cute that Seulong and Lee Dong Wook are back together again so quickly tee hee bromance!!

  7. LDH is scaring me….she looks like a plastic Barbie doll. But I like that she was daring enough to go with that dress. She’s a star and stars should wear a statement dress..otherwise what’s the fun in a ho hum dress like the white dress?

  8. I actually think LDH looks the more natural in the press con… she looked really plastic in some of the posters and teasers. I have to saiy she has the figure to show off the translucent dress which would really nice if the dress is lined.

    LDW’s pants and shoes are major fail!

  9. This looks entertaining but I don’t know if I can stand the way ldh looks. She looks so plastic. I loved my girl and especially her in that show. This..ugh, disappointing.

  10. WHT has Wang Ji Hye done to her face? I thought she’s quite entertaining as second lead in other dramas, but here she just looks so stiff and can’t even move her facial mucles. Damn botox.

    The preview is kinda confusing as well…it’s like LDW and LDH are in two different dramas, one a melo and one a comedy.

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